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Happy 3rd Anniversary


Happy 3rd Anniversary.

Oh, in case you are wondering, I'm refering to ORD 3 years already. 3 years.....
3 years is enough to complete another diploma.
Time really flies.

Still remember 3 years ago, holding a mug of beer and shouting "ORD LOR" with a few army friends. Still remember opening the envelope with my pink NRIC inside. Still remember putting my IC near my nose and smell it. aaahhh... the smell of freedom.

Don't know why, feel like shouting "ORD LOR" again. Its the words that every male Singaporean take pride in when shouting. This simple phrase contains lots of joy and happiness which many people couldn't understand. Its the kind of joy that some famous pianist will never get to experience.

ORD Loh!! =D

Damn.. you ORD one day earlier than me... LOL..

That's because I went in 1 day earlier than you.... hahaha

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