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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Auld Lang Syne

2005 is coming to an end in a few hours. I always spend the last day of the year looking back at what happened.

Looking back, 2005 is a year of missed opportunities for me. So many chances just slip pass my fingers. And I just stare at them, seeing them go by me one by one. In the end, I curse myself for letting the chance slip pass.

Should there be only one resolution I going to make for 2006, it will be to seize every opportunity that comes by.

Auld Lang Syne
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne?

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne,
We'll tak a cup of kindness yet,
For auld lang syne!

Click here for the full lyrics.

Happy New Year everyone. I'm going Mt Faber for countdown tonight. Hope the rain stop.

Should I go?

Was chatting with H last night on MSN about where got countdown. She said she might be joining her friends at Canon's Mt Faber countdown. Or maybe join her other group of friends at esplanade. Or stay at home help her parents. She was still undecided.

I also pretty undecided. Its was either I go esplanade alone or stay at home alone. So I told her that I should be going esplanade alone. If she going esplanade meet her friends, then we could meet up.

H SMS just now saying she is going Mt Faber with her friends. She asked if I wanna come along. I'm still thinking and haven't give her an answer yet.

Somehow, got some reservations......

I really wish I could spend the countdown with H. In fact, I was quite surprised that she extend the invite to me. But the problem is she is going there with her friends. 9 of them and I don't know a single person. And I'm going there alone. Feel like a loser with a capital 'L'.

So how? Go there and countdown with her (plus 9 of her friends) and look like a loser, or go esplanade alone....... and still look like a loser.

Wait..... either way, I still look like a loser with a capital 'L'. T was saying my chance has come, should grab it.

DK, DK..... what are you waiting for?

Tonite I won't be alone

1997/98 count down
My first countdown to the new year spend outside. It was with a IRC friend. She was out with her group of friends and I tagged along. We went Suntec for the countdown. They closed the road around the fountian. We hang out at Marina bay overnight and had breakfast at Clementi McDonalds.

1998/99 count down.
Was with my year one poly classmate. Had an ad hoc BBQ at my friend's condo. Without planning, we just buy food and BBQ by the poolside. Stayed overnight at his house, drinking and playing games.

1999/2000 count down.
Was with my ex-buddy and a few friends whom we met online. Went Suntec again. We were partying like crazy. My ex-buddy and another net friend left after the countdown, leaving me with another gal whom I was abit attracted to that time. We stay out overnight, walking along Orchard road. The road was closed to all cars for a big party. Went CCK McDonalds to have breakfast and buy hello kitty dolls. She become my gf few weeks later. (and broke off few days later too)

2000/01 count down.
Memory blocked. Can't remember where I went that year. All I remember was I'm with my gf. Can't remember the exact details. But I was happy that she was by my side.

2001/02 count down.
Went countdown with ex-buddy and few friends. Left gf at home. Quarrel the next day. Broke off few month later. I guess not spending new year eve with her was the final straw. Regretted until today.

2002/03 count down.
Out with ex-buddy and his gf. My 1st new year eve with driving licence. Drove my dad's car out. Wish i could spend it with my ex-gf then.

2003/04 count down.
Went esplanade with ShanShan to see fireworks. Join her friends at Embassy after the fireworks. The place sucks. No wonder it close down.

2004/05 count down.
Went esplanade with my gf, thinking that there will be a countdown and fireworks. The countdown was being toned down and the fireworks was cancelled because of the Tsunami. Was disappointed that there was no fireworks. But still glad that there are signal flares from boats far away. Broke off with my gf 5mth later.

Funny..... can't find anyone to hang out with this year. Perhaps this will be the first time in 8 years that I stay at home on New Year Eve. Maybe not. Most prob I'll be going out, even if I can't find company. Should be going esplanade. Be in the crowd.

Bon Jovi's Song echoing in my mind.....
Tonite I won't be alone
But you know that don't mean I'm not lonely

Friday, December 30, 2005

Colour like no other


You got to watch this commercial by Sony BRAVIA.

Cool huh? At first I thought they were computer generated. That should be simple. Just take shots of empty street, go studio and create bouncing balls with computer. Then I notice shadows.... hmmm... not bad, they go into the details too.

UNTIL I saw this......

OMG.... They use REAL BALLS..... 170K of them......
imagine standing at the bottom of the slope. OUCH.... pain like no other.

How to work today?

Everything is going very slowly today. It's another of those eve of holiday eve. You know, the festive mood is there, but the 1/2 day leave is not. How to do work?

Actually got quite some stuff on hand. Tried to clear one task in the morning. It was a simple task that usually took 15 minutes. But it took 1 hour to complete today. I decided it is not worth the effort to anymore work today. Everything seems to take 4 times longer to complete. Might as well wait next year then do.

Mini boss was checking my progress just now. Told her that I still got many big big arrow uncompleted. She thought I've already finish it. But to be frank, I haven't even started on it and the due date is next Wednesday. Can't do it today as the task should take up one whole day to finish. And based on the timing taken for the previous task, 15min task take 1 hour to complete, 1 day task should take 4 days. Might as well do it next week.

I think I'll need to do OT next Tue.

Value Life, Act Responsibly


Another guy jumped down the MRT track on Wednesday. Look like the signboard they put up by the side of the track isn't working. "Value Life, Act Responsibly". I like the part where they say "Act Responsibly". Jumping down the MRT track isn't a responsible action. You'll cause disruption to our world class transport.

But I think the SMRT staff are doing a great job. They are able to handle the situation well, clean up everything and get the train back in service within 50 minutes. Someone in forum exclaim that they all experienced already. This is one experience not to be proud of.

For god sake, please find other means of dying if you really have to. Jumping off a building is good. Just make sure nobody is below. Drowning is also good. Choose swimming pool instead of sea/river so that at least it is easier to recover your body. Or try eating a lot of panadol. Add alcoholic drink for more kick.

You see, there are 101 ways to commit suicide. Jumping into the MRT track isn't a responsible way.

I wonder if they would come out with a voice recorded announcement for this:
"Dear passanger, for the sake of other passanger, please do not jump down the tracks. Value Life, Act Responsibly. If you really must die, please contact our staff for a more responsible alternative."

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dialling the correct number

The new gal wanted to see if I'll jump out of the building if she push her luck too far. I think she almost did. But I'm sure I'll throw her down first before jumping down. Maybe she can be a cushion and break my fall.

She isn't exactly new actually. She has been here for nearly 4 months already. But she is the freshest we had. We have other nicknames for her, but I'll talk about it other day. Anyway the "new gal" was covering another colleague who is on leave. The job is simple. All she need to do is to do some coordination stuff. People raise request, she consolidate everything and get director to approve them. The problem is, our director is on leave yesterday, so she have to find the directors from other teams. Simple task right? So she consolidate everything and send the email out to the director, keeping me in the CC loop so that I could babysit her incase something goes wrong.

30 minutes down, no reply from the director. I ask her to give him a call to see if he is at his desk. Few minutes later, she walk over to my desk and told me a Malay guy pick up the phone instead. (The director is a Chinese) I told her that she must had dialed the wrong number. She insist it was the right number. So I looked up the address book for the director's phone number and ask if that is the number she called. She say yes, but it was a Malay guy who picked up the phone. Wrong number.

It can't be possible. The address book should be updated. I told her repeatedly that she must had dialed the wrong number, but she insist that she had it right. Seeing that there is no end to the argument, I picked up the phone and dial the number. The director picked up the phone and I told him that we have a request that need his approval blah blah blah. The "new gal" slowly waltz back to her desk while I'm on the phone with the director.

After I put down the phone, I lose my cool. Had this rather loud conversation with her. I was at my desk and she was at her desk which is at the other corner of the office.
Me: You dial the wrong number lah
Her: No, I'm sure I dial the right number.
Me: You got the number from outlook?
Her: Yes.
Me: I also got the number from outlook. How come I can get him but u got a malay guy?
Her: I don't know.
Me: Than means you dialed the wrong number lah.
Her: Can't be.
Me: Why can't be? Maybe you dial the wrong number accidently.
Her: I'm very sure I dial the right number.
Me: Then explain why like that?
Her: I don't know, I'm sure I dial the right number.

This can go on forever. I gave up. Almost wanted to puke blood. Went toilet to wash my face and cool down, bump into a colleague and pour my frustration at him. It is common to make mistakes. Who don't make mistakes anyway? Besides, it is just a small mistake of dialing the wrong number. Why the need to deny it? Why can't she just admit that she dialed the wrong number? Is it very hard to admit your mistakes?


The training budget for next year financial year should be out soon. I'm looking out for course that she would suit her. Something like "How to dial the correct phone number" or "Admitting mistakes when you make one". Do they have such course?

I'll surely recommend my teamlead to send her to attend these course if there is really one.

Maria on holiday

Maria went Vietnam for holiday. That means I have to do all the house chores myself. Actually also nothing much. Just some washing only.

Sophia used to do all the house chores by herself before she got married 5 years ago. Then Maria and I took over the house chores. Maria did the washing and I did the mopping. Which explains why your white socks will turn black after walking one round in my house. We seldom cook at home. But if we do, Maria will do the cooking and I'll do the dish washing. Sometimes my dad will wash the dishes. We iron our own clothles.

I think it has been a long time since Maria went for long holiday. I don't really remember when was the last time I have to resort to washing clothles myself. Must be at least a year. I admit that I always don't appreciate things I have until I've lost it. Maria's Vietnam trip make me appreciate the washing she done for us for the past 5 years. I never have to bother about dirty clothles. All I need to do is to throw my dirty clothles at the washing corner and it will find itself back into my cardboard, clean and fresh. It is just like Object Oriented programming. You pass a variable to the object and it returns you the results, ignoring whatever process that took place inside the component.

I've washed the socks on sunday and clothles yesterday. Now washing the 2nd batch of clothles. Well, at least I'm lucky that we have a washing machine to help. Our loyal washing machine is near the age of retirement and should be withdrawing money from his CPF account. Or rather my bank account. I can't really remember when we got the washing machine. But I do remember playing with Maria inside the box that comes with the washing machine. NOW, that is a very very long time ago.

Should get a new washing machine soon.

Beginning to miss Maria. Other than miss her washing, I also miss the breakfast she bought everyday. She always buy bread for breakfast the night before and I always have a share. Now that she is on holiday, I go to office with a empty stomach. She should be back on friday, unless she extend her trip. I hope not....

I guess I have to start geting used to such life. Maria will be getting married maybe end next year, leaving only dad and I at home. This home will soon be without any female creature to nag, whine, scream and do house chores.

I think I seriously need to buck up and find a maid wife.

BTW: I'm actually refering to my sister..... in case you don't get it

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Table Calendar

2006 is coming. Its once again the time of the year that we replace our table calendar. My company gave us the year 2005 table calendar last year. But it appears that they are not printing any for 2006.

So the hunt for a table calendar begins. Table calendar is an important deco on every office table. Whenever there is a discussion at someone's desk and there is a need to fix a deadline, his/her table calendar will be the centre of attractions. Therefore it is important to get a decent looking calendar. After all, you wouldn't want your colleagues to comment on those ugly scenery on your calendar whenever they try to plan for a date.

I have 2 calendar on my desk. A one month per page standing calendar and a one day per page Baby Blues calendar. Already got the 2006 Baby Blues calendar as a X-mas present. Now I'm looking for a one month per page calendar.

Actually I got a calendar from hush puppies when I bought my shoes last month. But the models in the calendar quite plain looking. Decide to keep it as backup. If I can't find any good calendar, then I'll use that. My sis gave me a calendar too. Being a financial planner, she will print and give out calendar to customers every year. But this year's calendar design is kinda ugly. Some ugly scenery. Yaks. I'll never place such ugly calendar on my desk. Over my dead body.

You see, finding a table calendar is not a simple task. It is something very important. Afterall, the calendar is going to be on your desk for the next 365 days. How do you live with a ugly calendar on your desk?

My teamlead have been giving out calendar to selected colleagues every year. The calendar he give out every year is from the same construction company. Think his brother works for the company or something. Anyway, he don't have too many calendar on hand, that why only some people get the calendar from him. We always joke among ourselves that those who got the calendar are those high profile members in the team. Those people who are in his good books and will receive more arrows for those tougher request.

To my horror, my teamlead gave me the calendar this year. Look like I don't need to hunt for calendar already. Teamlead give you calendar, die die must use.

Chem..... this time die liao. Why I ganna this year? -_-'''

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Fire Drill

Think there will be a Fire Drill again later this afternoon.
No announcement has been made. It is suppose to be a "surprise" fire drill to catch everyone unprepared.

But if it is suppose to be a "surprise" fire drill, then why would I know there will be one? Ah ha, here is DK's 2 sign that there will be a fire drill later.

Sign 1: Signage pointing to where the assembly area are being put up along all corridors

Sign 2: The assembly area, which is also our building's open area carpark, was being fenced up to prevent cars from parking there.

I always complain that it is useless doing such fire drills. How would the building management people put up the necessary sign and fence part of the car park hours before hand in cases of a real fire? What if there is a real fire and there are cars parked at the car park? Can they handle the situation? If really want to have fire drill, then those people from building management should also have a "surprised" one too. See how they react during emergency.

Anyway, time to do some warm up exercise. Later need to climb down that stupid long flight of fire escape staircase again.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Mission accomplish

Completed my santa's mission of giving out all the X-mas present. Okie lah, this year was simple, after all, I only bought 5 presents.

Come to think of it, I still got a old X-mas present in my drawer. I bought it in 2003 for my ex. Didn't get to meet her during X-mas period. I think I did meet her a couple of times few months after X-mas, but I forgot to bring the present along. Then I tot of re-using it for 2004 X-mas. But I still didn't get to meet her.

Now 2005 already. What should I do with the present? Treat it as X-mas present for 2005? or keep in that box of mine where I store all my memories of her.

(Nope, I cannot use it myself because its a card holder for ladies)

Boxing Day

Today is boxing day.

Ok, I know, not this kind of boxing. Anway, anyone knows why the 2nd day of X-mas is call boxing day? I don't know, I check wikipedia but it also didn't give me a exact answer. Nobody knows exactly the origin of boxing day. No, there is 100% no boxing matches on 26 Dec.

Anyway, got a few very interesting X-mas present this year. I've mentioned the Mari Mari Marimo in my previous entry. But I forgot to mention that ShanShan, Audrey and Anders also gave me a cute cute greenie soft toy too.

Thanks for the presents guys. Cute hor? But I find that red tag infront of it abit stupid. Got this urge to cut it out. Hahaha....

On top of the Marimo and softtoy, they also gave me an "espresso machine"! Just like what I wished for in my X-mas wishlist. But only problem is, this espresso machine no power plug 1. :(

Got 1 question.... How to use huh? Anyone know?

Then ZhenZhen gave me a present wrapped in a very shiny wrapping paper. My eyes almost ganna blinded by it.

It is a Baby Blues calendar!! Yippie. Just in time. My 2005 Baby Blue Calendar is finishing soon. Xie xie ni.

So will I get the 2007 Baby Blues calendar 365 days later? hee hee :D

Thank you everyone for the lovely presents.

Si Bei Friendly


I don't read sporting news. But Ah Gu posted 1 article which caught my attention.

Soccer: New S.League club Sporting Afrique plays sparring match with Korean team

Soccer team Sporting Afrique from Africa will be the latest addition to next year's S.League season.
The team was in action on Saturday against a visiting Korean team called Bugs Sports Corporation.

Played at Jalan Besar stadium, the friendly game attracted about a hundred spectators and ended in a 2-2 draw.

And while the Africans took an early lead, that was not the highlight of the first half.

What took the spotlight was the sending off of the Korean goalkeeper for handling the ball outside his penalty area.

And as the Koreans came without a replacement keeper, they had to use the African's reserve keeper.

After the break the Africans increased their lead.

Not to be outdone, the Korean outfit which has plans to play in the S.League scored a goal minutes later and later levelled the score at two goals each due to a defensive lapse by Sporting Afrique.

Still Sporting Afrique, comprising players from 6 African countries, showed that they would be capable of some entertaining football come March 2006 but have set a modest target.

Collin Chee, President, Sporting Afrique, said: "For me top 6 I will be very happy. Anything more than top 6 would be a bonus for us. Our mascot is a flamingo and we call ourselves flamboyant flamingos." - CNA/ch

Really very friendly. No replacement goalkeeper can borrow from opponent. Where can you find such friendly matches? haha....

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Mari Mari Marimo

ShanShan, Audrey and Anders seems very excited last night while waiting for me to open my X-mas present. They were saying it can make my iBook wish come true. Or my dream lover come to me. It's everything I ever wish for.

I was wondering, how did they managed to put everything I wish for in a box. After all, I didn't mention to many people that I also wish for a Lexus SC Hardtop Convertible. Let me filful my iBook wish 1st.

Anyway, I open the box and found a bottle of Algae. Not a ordinary Algae, but the Mari Mari Marimo. You know that green green ball algae from Japan. It is suppose to be able to reset your future with a sincere wish. Dreams will come true. (Ok, I had a very bad nightmare last night, please that one don't come true ok?)

The ibook is a misinterpretation by Anders. What iBook? The bottle is pink colour lor. Pink stands for Love and Relationship. Yellow for Wealth. Green for health. Red for success.

Wait.... WHY NO iBook!?!?!?! They should come out with a white bottle for iBook.

And so, they were telling me if I must take good care of it, then let it grow big so that my wish of finding my dream gal will come true. Err... guys, that thing grows at a rate of 5mm per year. At this rate, I don't know when will I meet my dream gal. Maybe I'll see her infront of my grave.

Perhaps I shouldn't make a wish infront of it. What if it die 1 day? Like that I'll never be able to meet my dreamgal!?!?!

I'm seriously thinking if I should give it a name. I wonder if it has any gender too. Maybe I should bring it over to the shop and ask the salesgal if they can tell me what gender my Marimo is. And it look kinda lonely in the bottle by itself. Perhaps I should find it a partner. The owner lonely, doesn't means the "pet" have to be lonely too. I can't find a partner myself, but the least I can do is to find a partner for it rite? Or anyone wanna help my poor Marimo find a partner? Today is only the 1st day of X-mas. Still got 11 days. :D

Anyway, I went online and do some read up on Marimo. Found some interesting sites. Malaysia Bloggers are talking about it too. Why their bottles more chio than mine???

Found another article by Martin Kelly. The real name for Marimo is Cladophora aegagropila. (How the heck do you pronounce it anyway?)

This raises the question, what really are these plants that are turning up in our shops and on our showbenches? If they truly, are Cladophora aegagropila. which are supposedly protected in Iceland and Japan. then where do they come from? It they're not, they must be of the hand rolled variety, in which case the aquarist should be wary.

So what exactly is it? Is it really a Marimo or a Algae hand rolled into a ball shape? Hmmm.... Perhaps the Japan embssay can help. After all, I got their Natural Treasure in my hands.....

Thanks ShanShan, Audrey and Anders for the wonderful present. Now I need to give it a name. Any suggestions? :D

Merry X-mas

Merry X-mas everyone.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten,
and children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white


Friday, December 23, 2005

Who is working actually?

Seriously, they should make today a 1/2 day. I know, today is just the eve of Christmas eve. But who has the mood to work anyway? Party everywhere how to do work?

Just sitting at my desk, waiting for 5:30 to come.
Oh ya, almost forgot, I got a bottle of wine.

Merry eve of X-mas eve everyone. :)


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Annual X-mas eve Wine Appreciation Session

It has always been a "tradition" for the gang in my office to drink red wine in office during X-mas eve. This year is no exception.

Here is the invite I've send out.


You are warmly invited to our Annual Christmas Wine Appreciation Session. This year, we will be tasting a bottle of Margaux from Barton & Guestier 2002. This is a classic red wine with rich black fruit aromas and flavors and has a long, lingering finish.

The Wine Appreciation session will be held at the canteen on 23 Dec 2005 (Friday). Time is 4:30pm.

Please confirm your attendance.


Wondering if 1 bottle is enough.


The Leopard and his spot

Sometimes I wonder, can a leopard ever change its spot. I don't know.

Recently, I've discover that sometimes, it is not whether the leopard wants to change its spot or not. It is whether the people around the leopard want to let him change its spot or not. And seriously, I doubt people are so kind to allow me to change.

I joke around with people. Sometimes my jokes go overboard. But just because I keep joking with people doesn't means I want to be a clown forever. Sometimes, I want to be serious. Sometimes, I wish people will take me seriously. But nobody gave me the chance. Is it so hard to just believe for once that I'm serious?

I suppose the impression is already fixed in most people's mind. I hate it when people come out and start putting words in my mouth. Just because I'm always kidding in the forum and buaya-ing gals for the joke of it doesnt mean that I'm a real buaya. And it doesn't mean that I will buaya every single F***ing gal that comes into the forum. Stop coming out and say I will buaya this gal or that gal like you all know alot about me. I'm sick of all these sterotyping. I'm not in the mood to play anymore. Leave me out. Leave me alone. I have enough.

The leopard wants to change its spot. It can change its spot, provided that the people around him allow him to do so.....

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

RT 2 days after...

Went for RT again. Today was 2 days after the guy collapsed and die.

Anyway, instead of the usual warm up, we were told to gather for a briefing by the encik. 1 hour briefing! Ok, he is famous for giving long talks. The good thing is, his talks are always entertaining and inspiring. The bad thing is, he can keep talking all day and you don't need to go home.

Anyway, he didn't say what exactly is the cause. In fact, he didn't make reference to the case at all. All he said was, we should had know that matter by now. And he goes on talking about safety stuff. From the way he said, it seems like the guy was sick that day as the encik keep saying if we are not feeling well, we should not carry on. I'm not quite sure exactly what happen.

It seems like many people have this misconceptions that RT is very xiong. I'll like to say is, it can be rather relaxing if you want it to be. As mentioned previously, the PTI only encourage you to put in your max effort. If you don't they also won't push you. But if you don't put in any effort in training, you don't gain anything.

Things are alot better as compared to BMT 5 years ago. RT is really a physical training and not terkan session. From what I can see, all safety measures are in place. The guys at Maju had put in alot of effort to ensure safety. As such, I don't see why people should be shooting at them. They had done a very good job. But sometimes, accident do happen. We can't prevent all accident from happening, but we can reduce the chances of it happening.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

T43 not bulletproof

Actually, I thought the IBM T43 would be bulletproof. It look tough and strong. But I guess the magnesium alloy lid is still not strong enough to block a bullet.

And someone actually proofs that T43 is not bulletproof.

So if someone wants to shoot you with a gun, don't bother using your T43 to block.

Monday, December 19, 2005

NSman collapses and dies during remedial fitness training

SINGAPORE : A national serviceman has collapsed and died after remedial fitness training at Maju Camp.

The Defence Ministry says 35-year-old Lance Corporal Ho Wah Yeng was immediately evacuated to the National University Hospital when he collapsed after 11am on Sunday.

He died about an hour later.

Mindef and the SAF extended their condolences to Ho's family.

Mindef is investigating the incident.

Ho is the fourth serviceman to have collapsed and died this year; two had died in June, and another full time serviceman collapsed during a street soccer game in September.

Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean told Parliament in July that there were 19 such cases of sudden cardiac death in the armed forces in the last decade, an incidence rate lower than the national figures of such deaths.

He assured that immediate care was available in such emergencies, but such deaths were hard to prevent. - CNA /ct

Source from ChannelNewsAsia

Felt abit strange after reading this post. I was at Maju camp RT too on sunday morning. But my phrase 2 batch left the camp at around 10:30am. I guess the guy must be from phrase 1. They were still having their health and fitness talk when I'm walking out.

The weather was good for exercise today. No sun and not too hot. RT is not like BMT or NSF. The PTI treat you like a trainee unlike BMT where they treat recurits like animals. They won't force you too much. They don't tekan you. It is purely training. They would only encourage you to put in your max effort. I have no idea what went wrong.

Wondering how much report the PTI have to write now. Poor guys.

I hope they won't do any stupid changes to the current RT arrangement. Everything about RT is just nice. This should be an isolated case. There is no need to carry out extra preventive measures.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Kids talk

Had dinner with my family today. My 2 year old nephew brought along 2 toys, a batman and a police action figure.

Below is a conversation between my nephew and me:
Me: Who is this? (pointing at the batman)
Nephew: BATMAN!!!
Me: Then who is this? (point at the police)
Nephew: MA-TA! (Police in hokkien)

And everyone laughs.....

Kids, they never fails to amaze you with the things they learnt. Oh ya, BTW, this photo was taken by my nephew.

陈奕迅 -圣诞结

Funny, I posted this song last year during X-mas period. Although I'm attending a X-mas party, but I knew I was going to be lonely that X-mas eve because I don't know most of the people attending the party.

This year is perhaps worst. Don't know where to go and what to do during X-mas eve. Maybe I'll just stay home, face the cold lifeless monitor and spend my 1st X-mas eve in 8 years alone at home.

Perhaps play this song on my PC too.


我住的城巿从不下雪 记忆却堆满冷的感觉
思念的旺季 霓虹掃过喧哗的街 把快乐赶得好远
落单的恋人最怕过节 只能独自庆祝儘量喝醉
我爱过的人 没有一个留在身边 寂寞它陪我过夜

Merry Merry Christmas Lonely Lonely Christmas
想祝福不知该给谁 爱被我们打了死结
Lonely Lonely Christmas Merry Merry Christmas
写了卡片能寄给谁 心碎的像街上的纸屑

电话不接 不要被人 发现我整夜都关在房间
狂欢的笑声 听来像哀悼的音乐
眼眶的泪 温热冻结 望著电視里的无聊节目
癱在沙发上 变成没知觉的植物

Merry Merry Christmas Lonely Lonely Christmas
想祝福不知该给谁 爱被我们打了死结
Lonely Lonely Christmas Merry Merry Christmas
写了卡片能寄给谁 心碎的像街上的纸屑



Saturday, December 17, 2005

Paper chase

My teamlead ask me into a meeting room today. He wanted to transfer me to some new project because the other person in charge is moving to another project. I'm pretty fine with the arrangement. I don't know exactly what is the new project about. But it look quite interesting and have pretty much space for personal developement.

Then he ask me when will I be getting my degree. You see, I'm currently holding a Diploma. All diploma holders are Junior Officers (JO) in my company. Degree holders are Senior Officers (SO).

The thing is, although I'm a JO, I'm actually doing the same stuff that SO are doing. Actually, kinda expected it also. Before I completed my diploma, I've already heard that the only difference between diploma and degree holders is the salary. Their job is the same. Just that you will be getting lower pay than them because you study lesser than them. Ya, how true.

Well, my teamlead wanted to recommend me to be promoted to be a SO, but in order to do so, I need a degree first. Its the company policy. Diploma, JO. Degree, SO. No matter your skill level or number of years working with them.

End of the day, it is still that piece of paper that matters to employers. Haiz.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pet Missing and earthquake

Nope, I don't have any pet. My dad have a louhan fish, but doubt it will go missing.

But, did you guys notice an increase in number of pets going missing? Lately, there are a couple of posting in the forum looking for their pets. There are also quite a lot of posters around the place on missing dogs.

Which reminds me of an article which talks about the increase number of pets going missing before a earthquake. Quite an interesting read. Someone can actually predict earthquake base on the number of missing pet ads in the newspaper and correlating relationship to lunar-tide cycles. He claims that it is almost 75% accurate. Better than no prediction of the next earthquake right?

Wondering if there would be another earthquake on 26 Dec. There have been earthquakes for the past 2 years. I hope there won't be another boxing day earthquake again.

Oh, before I forgot, there is no earthquake in Singapore. No need to scare.

Bash the whole country because of a group of idiots?

A Singaporean was attacked and robbed in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. That bastard attacked him with a parang and he need 19 stitches on his head. This blog was written by his good friend. Warning, the blog contains picture of the 19 stitches. Rather disturbing to watch.

Following the blog came a bunch of comments by Singaporeans attacking Malays, Malaysian and Malaysia. But wait a minute, let me get the facts right.

The attacker is a Malay, most likely a Malaysian and the crime was committed in Malaysia. But does that means all Malays are robbers? Does that mean all Malaysians wack people with parang? Does that mean Malaysia is full of criminals?

I know everyone is frustrated with such a cruel crime being committed on a fellow countryman. I know the crime rate in JB is rather high. I know that some policemen are corrupted. But there are still good people in Malaysia. Why are we condemning the entire country and population?

Condemn the attacker. Condemn the act. Condemn the crime. But leave the rest of the country and population alone. Don't one bamboo knock the whole boat of people

BTW: I'm a pure Singaporean. Don't flame me for speaking up for the rest of the law abiding Malaysians.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Fig 12 Target boards?

Saw these Fig 12 Target board along Bukit Timah Road, near Six Ave. No idea what ads is it for. SAF? Too colourful. Some disco? No idea.

One thing for sure, this ads is from Moove Media. Why do I say so? Cause they planted cows all over Singapore early this year. That is a state land. Only a GLC is able to get the permit to do so.

Ordering sashimi in a Chinese Restaurant

Got a call from a colleague from marketing dept today. Apparently, she need us to do some configurations to the system to meet a special requirement that one of our smart alex Account Manager gave to a 'special' customer.

My first question to her was "Since when was the system able to do that?". She say she know the system cannot do it, but the AM already promised the customer. Contract already signed. Then I told her to ask the AM to do it herself.

It's like going into an Chinese Restaurant and order sashimi. It's not in the menu! What kind of crap is that? The system cannot do it, yet she told the customer that she will be giving it to them. PLUS, already sign contract already. Well done. Now they want us to think of a work-around solution. I'm in total no mood to entertain them. I told them, to ask the AM to request for the data report and do the calculation manually. None of my business.

They were saying this customer was using a competitor's service and the only way to win them back is to give them such special plans. Before you give such plans, did you check with us if the system can support you for you fantastic plan? Nope. Ok, since the AM is going to get the commission, then its about time she work for it. Do the caculation manually herself. Simple as that. I'm not getting any commission. My pay remains the same with or without that customer. Why should I be working hard because you give special stuff to customer just for your commission.

We have come to a point where I wonder if those AM will sell their body just to win back a customer. I'll not be surprised if they would, I'll not be surprised...

Cafe Startup

Saw this interesting blog in

It's about 4 people setting up a boardgame cafe near boat quay. Interesting read I must say.

Suddenly, it bring back my daydream of setting up a cafe. A nice cosy cafe at some ulu place with lots of sofa seats and beanbags. A well kept secret which serve great cheese cakes and nice coffee. A quiet cafe with great ambience, playing soft jazz.

Yes, I do daydream about setting up a cafe like that.

Then reality sets in. Where do I get the money for startup? Where do I get the cheese cakes from? How do I brew coffee? Employ how many staff? How much is the monthly cost? How much can I earn per mth?

I have totally no experience in running a cafe. How do I make it work?

Haiz..... Don't you just hate it when your daydream goes into details?

Time to stop daydreaming. Perhaps I should start saving up 1st, learn how to make nice coffee using espresso machine, then plan the rest. Perhaps I need a partner or two.


Monday, December 12, 2005

Disturbing News


It is rather disturbing after hearing that a race riot broke out in Cronulla, Southern Sydney.
There are two things that kept me worrying:
1) Will the violence spread to Melbourne.
2) Does Singaporean/Chinese look like Middle Easterner?

What is exactly wrong with these people? It is really sick when a race target another race. Can't they accept differences? It's just the skin colour. Look at the big picture, we are all humans.

I hope she is fine in Melbourne.

Happy 3rd Anniversary


Happy 3rd Anniversary.

Oh, in case you are wondering, I'm refering to ORD 3 years already. 3 years.....
3 years is enough to complete another diploma.
Time really flies.

Still remember 3 years ago, holding a mug of beer and shouting "ORD LOR" with a few army friends. Still remember opening the envelope with my pink NRIC inside. Still remember putting my IC near my nose and smell it. aaahhh... the smell of freedom.

Don't know why, feel like shouting "ORD LOR" again. Its the words that every male Singaporean take pride in when shouting. This simple phrase contains lots of joy and happiness which many people couldn't understand. Its the kind of joy that some famous pianist will never get to experience.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Why like that?

The guys are getting on my nerves lately.

It has been nearly 2 months since I first da bao for her. But the guys just cannot stop teasing me over it. I'm actually quite fine if they tease me about it. But I just cannot stand it when they do it infront of the gal too. What was she thinking when she hear about all the things they say? I don't know.

I'm 25 yr old already. Is there anything wrong with being nice to a gal? You guys are all older than me. Shouldn't you all be more mature than me? I know, you tease people once in a while. But it just isn't nice when you guys do it infront of the gal. She is a gal. People will paiseh 1.

You guys all have gf already and getting married soon. I'm still single. I just merely want to make friend with her. But how do I do it with you guys behind teasing us everytime I talk to her? Give me a break. Do you guys really want to see me fork out $10k and go Vietnam to buy a wife? What is wrong with me talking to gals? argh....

I'm really sick of all these teasing. I don't know when will I lose my temper and shout at you.


**WARNING: Not suitable for people on diet**

Saw a blog on thursday talking about Chippy at Far East plaza.

I've pass by that place several times, but didn't try the food. Actually I didn't really notice their menu. Just took it as another small take away counter and give it a pass. I'm attracted to the ShiLin crispy chicken next to them.

So I decided to give Chippy a try on friday night after work. And it turns out that the food there was great. Had their Beer Battered Fish (BBF) and cheese sausage. Yes, I was hungry that day. Their BBF was great. They claim that there are 12 pieces, but I got this feeling there are more than 12. Can really taste abit of the beer favour. Very nice. Not as good as the Beer Battered Fish and Chips from Handle Bar, but at $4++, its worth the money.

The Cheese sausage was nice but not cheesy enough for me. Perhaps my expectation for cheese sausage was too high. The cheese sausage is 15cm long and comes with mashed potato. I didn't know that sausage dip in mashed potato taste quite good. Give it a try next time you pass by.

Notice that they serve also serve Fried Mars Bar. Yeap. FRIED mars bar. Now that is something I'm going to try the next time I visit that place.

Come to think about it, isn't it amazing how much influence a blog can cause? If I didn't read about Chippy on that blog, I wouldn't had tried their food. If someones says something good about a place in their blog, most likely it would be truthful. After all, what benifits does the blogger get for introducing a place which serve horrible food? Blogger don't get paid to write food reviews, unlike magazine and newspaper writers. Thus, I feel that they make fairer reviews based on their personal opinion. Right?

Okie, I'm going to visit this blog often. Quite alot of good food reviews.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I'm too chicken little

Some joker send me this link and ask me to watch. I'm glad I checked the filename before opening the file. The filename says SingaporeIdolStevenLimWeb.wmv. Isn't that the moron that strip until left a yellow underwear in the Singapore Idol audition?

That is 1 file I'm never ever going to open. It's not a virus. In fact, I rather it be a virus file. Virus can be removed by Anti virus program. Worst case can be resolved by reformatting the PC. But nothing can cure the amount of trauma you get after watching the disturbing video from him. Horrifying images of him stripping on national television until left one yellow underwear is still at the back of my head. I don't think I'm able to take another shock like this. I'm too chicken little.

Anyway, someone told me this was a video of him "dancing" to the tune of Dragostea din Tei by Ozone. Obviously he's been inspired by the movie Chicken Little and also Gary Brolsma who popularized the song. I don't want to have flashback whenever I hear Dragostea din Tei. I'm too chicken little.

I still wanna retain the image of a something nice when I hear the song.

Oasis no more

Its been almost a month since I WIFI at my Oasis on friday night. Something has changed since my last visit.

Firstly, the place is very crowded today. I don't know why. I don't remember ever queuing behind more than 3 person for a cup of ice blended. But today, I queued behind at least 8 people. No, this is not Starbucks and they are not giving away free coffee. The place is so crowded and noisy that I can't really enjoy my coffee peacefully.

Then its the WIFI network. I admit I've been tapping into unsecured WIFI network everytime I'm here. Anyway the WIFI network that I've always been using has been secured lately. Can't access it anymore. I have to use other WIFI network which is further and not as stable as the one that I've been using. Keep getting disconnected from the network.

Perhaps tonight be the last time I come to this Oasis. Will need to hunt for a better oasis. Anyone got any place to recommend?

My requirements are pretty simple:-
1) Must be a Coffee Bean. (Ok, I'll also accept if they serve good coffee)
2) Must have free WIFI access
3) Open till past midnite.
4) Have night rider for me to go home.

Is there any place that meets my requirement???

Things I don't mind people doing after I die.....


Been reading about the arguments in regarding how the editor reacted after idler pass away. I didn't managed to read all the comments. They are quite unreadable. Too much flaming, to much anger. It is very saddening to read those comments. It is worst than reading blogs by Nguyen supporters bashing Singapore's human rights. Its like a civil war where Singaporeans fight Singaporeans. And they are not fighting for someone's life, they are fighting for....... eerr.... What exactly are you guys fighting for anyway? I got no idea. Its all senseless.

What is wrong with these people? Is there really a need for those flame war? We all have different point of views and ideas. But is there a need to flame someone just because their point of views is different from yours?

Sometimes, I wonder if these people are really fighting this flamewar because of idler or because they simply wanted to start a flamewar. Try to imagine how would she feel if she know all these flaming because of her. If you guys really care for her, then please stop all these flamewar.

I don't want to debate who is right or who is wrong here. Its a grey area. A grey area that can be avoided if we state in our blog what we want to do if we die. If idler stated what she allows and disallow people to do after she pass away, perhaps all these flamewar will not occur.

So let me start the ball rolling by writing a "open will" here. Not those kind of will which says my money go to who and my gadgets go to who. But the kind of things that I don't mind people doing for me after I die. Perhaps everyone should write a "open will" in their blog to avoid another flamewar.

Things I don't mind people doing after I die....

I don't mind people posting pictures of me online. BUT please choose a nice picture of me. Don't post those picture of me digging my nose, sticking out my tongue or scratching my backside. Please try to look for picture of me in poor lighting. I look good in poor lighting. (Meaning I don't look good lah)

I don't mind people revealing my name to everyone. But make sure you spell my name correctly. My name have double 'r' in it. And my name ends with 'l' not 'y'.

I don't mind people informing my family members about my blog. In fact, I WISH you guys will inform them about my blog. At least they still have some memories of me.

I don't mind people compiling my blog into a book and give it to my family and friends. But can you also burn a copy for me?

Well, just do whatever thing you want. I'm already dead already. As if I care so much. If I mind anything that you in your blog post after my death, I'll visit you personally at night and ask you to remove it.


Wait a minute... Who the hell do I think I am. As if I'm a popular blogger in the blogsphere that someone would compile my blog into a book....

oh well... just in case lah.....

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Ex-President I hardly know

Former Singapore President CV Devan Nair has died in Canada on 7 Dec 2005. He was 82.

Like most young Singaporeans, I hardly know him at all. I knew we had a president after Benjamin Sheares and before Wee Kim Wee. Can't really remember his full name and don't remember how he look like. All I know is that he resigned because of alcoholism. Or rather, this is what they claim. How true is it, nobody knows.

It's funny, he was hardly mentioned in our history textbooks. We learnt quite abit about Yusof Ishak and Benjamin Sheares, but hardly anything about Devan Nair. Which is quite weird. Even if he really left office due to alcoholism, he was after all still the 3rd president of Singapore. Why is it there were hardly any mentioned of him in the history textbook? Surely he had contributed quite alot to Singapore. Why is one small mistake covering all his achievements?

Don't think the govt will be flying the flags at half mast.

Sir, rest in peace.

PS: ChannelNewsAsia has a long writeup about him.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Porn Company for Sale???


It seems like almost everything can be found on eBay.
The latest interesting stuff on eBay got to be this. An entire porn company for sale. This is no joke man. Starting bid at USD$100,000.

And from the look of it, it seems like quite a good investment.

1. This company is in the Green. 100% Debt Free

2. You will own the rights to all our intellectual property which includes the masters to all our movies, archive footage, photo shoots and a remaining inventory of 12,000 DVD pieces. All paid for. All yours. The intellectual property along with the remaining inventory is worth over $350,000. Remaining inventory of DVDs are all current, all shot and produced in 2005.

3. A complete set of movie making equipment. Including two Panasonic DVX-100As, Ariflex lighting system, Sennheiser sound recording system, boom, portable lighting system for cameras, complete soft-light kit, steady-cam, C-stands, sandbags, custom made cases for both yours cameras and much more.

4. An industry editing system. State-of-the-art system which you will need to edit either your archive footage for compilation re-release, or for your future projects.

5. Our entire fleet of corporate office equipment delivered to where ever you please. Including premium custom made computers, printers, etc…

6. An invaluable list of nearly all Distributors-Wholesalers/Adult Bookstores, and International customer network. This network of distribution is used by other Adult companies such as Red Light, Vivid, Wicked, Adam & Eve, etc..

7. A pre-paid credit with an Adult Entertainment Lawyer with over 25 years experience.

8. An established real estate network which allows you to use upscale locations for your future shoots. These locations can be seen in television shows and movies. One such location can be seen in MTV’s “Kill Reality.” Other houses are used by rappers like Ludicris as party houses and much more.

9. A pre-paid marketing network aimed at maximizing distribution sales. All paid for. Just hop on the bandwagon.

10. Residual royalties from established VOD and rental companies like and XrentDVD. Paying you to use the rights to your movies.

11. An established relationship with all your favorite and current Adult Stars. Company records include there real names, addresses, phone numbers and other personal information. These records are kept because of Federal laws.

12. An established relationship with Playboy XM satellite radio. A relationship which will also be passed onto the new owners for future marketing needs.

13. An instructional course in Adult Entertainment from a professional Adult Entertainment Director. You will learn everything you need to know to direct and produce the very best in Adult Entertainment.

Seriously, it looks quite good. Too bad I don't have USD$100k. Else I might consider buying it. I don't think any bank would give me the loan, esp when I say I'm buying over a porn company. I bet they will roll on the floor and laugh their heads off.

Anyone interested in a joint venture? :)

This is our country.

We all have different views on human rights and death penalty. This issue can be debated for years and have no outcome. Sometimes I wonder, why bother to debate? Why can't two group of people with different view co-exist in this world?

I strongly believe every country has their rights to set their own laws. The law of the country should be set by its govt and its people. Not by another country or organization. You may comment about how you feel about my country law. But you have no rights to order us to change our laws for you. We do not bow to any superpower. Throw whatever sanctions you have. Send in your troops if you want. We will stand firm on our ground. We rule our country. Not you.

This is our country. We live here. We choose our member of parliament. We decide the laws suitable for our country. Not you. You don't live here. You don't contribute to our country. What makes you think that you have a say on how we run our country?

End of the day, the laws here is going to affect us more than anyone of you out there. If the law is too lenient, the crime rate will increase and it is the people of Singapore that suffer. Not you.

If you want a say in how we run our country, then please apply for a Singapore citizenship before insisting we abolish the death sentence.

This is our country. We decide how we want to run it. Not you.

Colleague touring Melbourne


One of my colleague is going on a holiday trip to Melbourne this coming Friday.

Instead of being excited or happy, I felt kinda worried for her. Worried because for the past few days, I've been reading alot of blogs by Australian who are against the hanging of Nguyen. The anti-Singapore sentiment is very strong. I'm kinda worried for her. Not sure if there would be any Anti-Singapore demostration or not. Not sure if there are anyone targetting Singaporeans in Australia. She is traveling with 2 female friends and a tour group of roughly 20 people.

This is perhaps the 1st time I'm worried for a friend who is traveling to a developed country. I'm not sure exactly how strong the anti-Singapore sentiment is over at Australia. Judging from the blogs that I've read, its pretty bad. Wanted to tell her to cancel the trip or delay it. But on 2nd thoughts, it's pretty unfair to the rest of the Australian who are not Anti-Singapore. After all, nearly 50% of the population feels that Nguyen should be hang. We shouldn't change our travel plans just because 50% of the people are against our policy.

Having said so, I do wish her a safe trip. Maybe there might be a few places that refuse to service when they found out that they are from Singapore. But it's alright. They have the rights to choose who to serve, we have the rights to choose who we patronize. But I hope nobody makes things difficult for them. After all, I believe Australia is a place of law and order. I believe the Australian are civilized people.

Monday, December 05, 2005

What else can you do? fire the first shot by banning all Singapore IP. So what is next?

What else can you do? You expect a country to change its law just because its citizen cannot use the service of a website? What a naive thinking you have.

To For your info, there are currently 58 countries that uses hanging as a form of execution. Do you dare to ban all 58 countries? I doubt you have the guts to do it.

To all fellow Singaporeans: We can always use YouSendIt

**Update on 5 Dec 2005**
The discussion thread reading this issue has been removed from their forum. All Singapore IP address also banned from posting in their forums. Perhaps they are not getting the reaction they are expecting. Perhaps the discussion pointed out several flaws in their boycott. Their motive is not against hanging, they are just out against Singapore. Perhaps they can no longer control what is being posted in their forum that they have to delete the thread and ban all Singaporeans from posting further.

So this is how the western power's Freedom of Speech works. I'm truely amazed.....

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Perhaps we made the wrong move....


I've been reading a lot of blogs commenting about the hanging of Nguyen. 49 out of 50 blog were blasting at Singapore for hanging him. Everyone is cursing and swearing at Singapore. Call us barbaric, call us cesspool or call us whatever horrible name you can think of. Boycott optus, stop flying SIA or cancel all trade ties with singapore.

Perhaps Singapore really made a wrong move.

Perhaps we should just let Nguyen pass board the plane to australia with 400g of Heroin. Perhaps we should even advice him of a better way to hide the drugs so that he can get thru the Australian Airport safely. After all, he is doing that for a good cause. He is doing all these to help clear his brother's debt. How could we arrest and hang a robbin hood like him? Singapore is so wrong.

Why did Singapore bother to stop the drug from reaching Australia soil? Its is clear that those drugs are just in transit, heading for Australia and not Singapore. It is totally none of our business. Why do we interfere with Australia and their human right. Why don't we just let him go and bring the drug to Australia? After all, its the Australian who will use the heroin, not Singaporean. Its the Australian who die of drug overdose, not Singaporean. Why do we bother so much?

Why did we stop someone who is smuggling drugs to help his brother? Why didn't we assist him? Help him deliver the drug safely to Australia and save his brother. Never mind the hundreds of drug abusers who die of overdose, Nguyen's brother need to be saved. Nevermind the harm that those drug will bring to Australia, Nguyen's brother is more important. Who cares about those drug abusers? Let them buy the heroin and die of drug overdose. Nguyen's brother is more important. Nguyen's brother needs to be saved.

Perhaps the police officer on duty that day should just close one eyes on Nguyen and let the drug reach Australia soil. Singapore, you killed robin hood. You killed a good man who is trying to help his brother. You killed Australia's national hero.

Damn you Singapore. Damn you.

Cannot take photo in MRT station meh???

KennySia wrote about his encounter with a SMRT officer who claims that there is some regulations that say no taking photos of MRT station.

What crap is that? Are we so scare of terrorist nowadays that even taking photos is considered a threat? What harm can a few photos of MRT station do? If the terrorist really want to plan an attack on the station, he don't really need to take photo. Just go there and look at the surrounding will do. Or he can even take photo secretly and not get notice.

And this SMRT officer is really full of crap. Which little kid is he trying to fool? What a disgrace.

Don't let terrorism change our way of life.

PM Keep walking

Don't think this will ever get published on our local Newspaper.

An embarrassing mishap happened at chancellor Angela
Merkel's first reception of a foreign guest with
military honors: During the passing of the honor
formation, Singapore's Prime Minister failed to halt
on the red carpet and to bow in front of the German
flag as is international protocol.

Merkel, dressed in a long dark coat, had welcomed the
guest in front of her office during clear skies and
freezing temperatures. After the two national anthems
had played, the two had begun to pass the honor
formation while walking next to each other.

In the middle of the formation Merkel halted and bowed
according to protocol in front of the flag. A short
call to the prime minister apparently went unnoticed
as the head of state simply continued to walk far
away. Only a protocol officer was finally able to stop
the guest of honor so that the two could continue the
passing of the formation.

I bet he been drinking Johnny Walker before the reception.

Keep Walking.....

All I want for X-mas 2005

Sorry for being 1 week late than last year. Anyway, I don't mind if your X-mas present come 1 week late. 1 month late also nevermind, so long as got come can already. :D

So, here is my X-mas wishlist for 2005. Hope it can help lessen your burden when choosing X-mas present for me. :) (See, I so good to you all. Hee hee)

1gb Thumb Drive
512mb DDR RAM
SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus USB 1GB
Black 4GB iPod Nano
17 inch iMac G5
12 inch iBook G4
Baby Blues 2006 Day to Day Calendar **Chop Already**
Espresso Machine
USB Powered Air Dart
60gb Portable HDD
Sena Case for Palm TX
Ministry of Sound - The Annual 2006 CD
Bean Bag Sofa
Sony PSP
Laptop Bag

Will update when I can think of more. :D

PS: **Chop Already** means someone going to buy it for me liao. Xie Xie. :D

Saturday, December 03, 2005

USB Powered Air Darts

This look cool. A USB powered Air Darts which can be controlled by a mouse.

The child in me begin to think of all the possible places to deploy this nasty weapon. My computer desk, my office cubicle or even extend it to my front door.

Perhaps it should also come with a webcam to see where you are aiming. Add recording feature to record the death of your victim. Hee hee.

I want this for X-mas. :D

Call us barbaric if you like


I spend a few hours reading up on Van Tuong Nguyen online. I bypass the local news agency webpage because it is pretty censored. Went straight to Technorati and found hundreds and hundreds of blog writing about him. A new one appears within a few minutes. There is even a wikipedia on him.

I feel like crying after reading those blog. Not because a life was lost, but how everyone reacted to this case. Campaigners held a vigil outside the prison before his execution, church bell in Nguyen's home city of Melbourne tolled 25 times and a request for an official minute's silence to honour Nguyen. While fighting for human rights, everyone seems to have forgotten that Nguyen is a drug trafficker, not a national hero.

Many blogs gave hundreds of reasons why Singapore shouldn’t hang Nguyen. But for every reason they give, I could give another reason to rebut.

Call us barbaric if you like, but we have a law to uphold.

Singapore could grant clemency to one Nguyen, but how many more Nguyen do we need to grant clemency? If we grant him clemency, then we will also need to grant clemency to the next foreigner drug trafficker. End of the day, clemency for all drug trafficker. Then what for do we have the law? We might as well abolish the law on drug trafficking since we can’t uphold it.

The law clearly state mandatory death sentences for drug trafficking. Even if the Australian boycott our products or impose trade sanctions on us, we still have to stand firm on our ground. This is our law and our rights to uphold it in our country. If we fail to uphold it, then what peace and order can there be?

I wish the Australian and everyone around the world would respect our law, the same way they want us to respect theirs.

Friday, December 02, 2005

If I die one day....

Read from mrbrown's blog that idler has passed away. I do not know idler personally, neither have I visited her blog while she was alive. But can't help feeling sad when I read about her. Life is so short. Death may come so sudden. It is not always like Grace Chow where you know you will die soon. Sometimes, death just come without any appointment or reservations.

Reading about this news make me wonder, what if I die suddenly one day? My colleague and I always feel that we would be killed by lighting on a bright sunny day because we been doing too many evil things. What if lighting really strike me 1 day? What if I just die suddenly? Would anyone online find out about it? Or would my blog just stand still, and visitor just pass it off as an abandon blog? Or would my siblings log into my blog and announce to all my online friends that I'm dead and my wake is from when to when? Would they know how to post an entry on my blog? Or would they even know that I have a blog in the 1st place?

What will my last post on my blog be? Who will I mention in my last post? What topic would I touch on? Who would comment on my last post? What will my last reply on the comment be?

Who would be the first person to find out that I'm dead? Will anyone post an entries on his/her blog talking their memories with me? Would anyone miss me?

The thought of sudden death is scary. If I know I'm going to die maybe a week later, at least I can still make some arrangements, bid farewell to everyone who reads my blog. But what if I were to die suddenly? Would everyone know that I'm dead? Or would they thought I'm just lazy to update my blog?

Perhaps I should start writing some notes or something to tell my siblings what to do if I were to die suddenly one day.

Coincidentally, I overslept today. Think I must have killed the alarm clock and went back to sleep. I could had overslept the whole morning and not report for work. Luckily Zhen Zhen called me on my handphone to wake me up. You see, I always SMS her in the morning to bother her with my "Good morning" greetings and chat on SMS while traveling to work. When she didn't receive any sms this morning, she knew that I must had overslept.

Well, at least if I were to die suddenly one day, she might be my 1st friend to know. Isn't that something heartwarming to know. :)

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