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Singapore PHP User Group Poster Boy

I became the poster boy for Singapore PHP User Group's PHP Bootcamp kick off.

Too bad I can't attend this event. Got another InteresThink event to attend.

I'll have an autograph session during the next Singapore PHP User Group meetup. Do bring along this poster if you want my autograph. Haha :)

(WAH CIAO.... BHB leh)

haha yah lor. everyone inside i know de. Wonder if its possible mic put my contacts inside also too.

I'm inside too! haha... 2nd time poster girl. :P

Tianhong: PHP Grp got more guys than gals lor. You want to pass your contacts to guys? Hmmm... hahaha

Nicole: Wah.... Autograph pleaseeee... :D

BHB user group?


Wow, ntt is inside too!

yeah, you both in there!

Hahaha.. yea man.. DK looking all handsome and stylo (look at the pose).. :p

Why is there someone playing with facebook in there?

Rinaz: eeeerrr...... eeeeerrr....... eeeeeerrr...... Learning programming PHP for Facebook? -_-'''

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