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Monday, November 28, 2005

What's the diff?

You go Geylang find prostitute.
Pay a small sum of money.
Bring her to hotel.
Have sex with her for a few hours.

You go Vietnam Brides Matchmaker find a "wife".
Pay $10,000.
Bring her home.
Have sex with her till the day you die or she die.

What is the difference?
I can't see much diff. These vietnam brides matchmakers are getting out of hand. In the past, the guy need to travel to Vietnam, choose the gal, spend 1 day to get to know her and perform the wedding ritual before bringing her home. Now the matchmakers are bringing the vietnam gals to singapore, let them sit in the office and wait for guys to come select them. I don't know, the whole thing just cheapen the woman and make it look like a season ticket prostitute.

Something need to be done to stop this.

Tell me what's wrong with society

The Australian government is considering calls from church leaders and some government lawmakers to hold one minute's silence for Nguyen Tuong Van who will be hung on Friday.

But isn't he a criminal? Why is he made into a national hero?
This reminds me of the song by Simple Plan call Crazy.

Is everybody going crazy?
Is anybody gonna save me?
Can anybody tell me what's going on?
Tell me what's going on?
If you open your eyes
You'll see that something, something is wrong

Something is seriously wrong here.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

My 2 1/2 year and 10 cycle is worth $5000

I always believe that it is the duty of every male Singaporean to enter National Service and serve in the Army for 2 1/2 years (recently reduced to 2 years). After all, this is our land. If we don't defend it, who will?

And after the 2 1/2 years of full time national service, we will get another 10 cycle of reservist (used to be 13 cycle), where we put down our work and return to army camp and refresh our combat skills. Every male singapore citizen is ready to pick up a M16 or SAR21 and defend singapore whenever there is a need.

But it sadden me to see people faking illness to escape army. I simply look down on these people. Yes, there are some people who cannot serve the army due to some medical conditions, it is still ok. At least they do their part for the country by doing some admin work in the army. But there are some who are physically fit, yet fake medical condition to escape army. These people, to me, are cowards. I've always hated these people.

But, recently, I got to read about 1 guy who is much worst than chao keng people. His name is Melvyn Tan. He was a singaporean who went to UK to learn music and refuse to return to serve the army. He stayed in UK for 28 years, playing piano and making a name for himself.

And now, he is coming back to play piano and take care of his aged whom he deserted 28 years ago. He was fined $5000 for defaulting his national service. No jail no nothing. This is just crap.

How many people were thrown into Detention Barrack for AWOL? Yet this guy got away with a $5000 fine. To add to the insult, National Arts Council invited him to be a jury member of a piano competition. And he is going to perform in esplanade. Its as if a hero welcome for a defaulter.

Yes, he is good at piano. So? Big FU*K? He escape from national service. Why should we welcome him back like a hero? Who is he to deserve such welcome? I don't care if he can play piano with his dick or whatsoever. He AWOL, he should be thrown into jail or made to serve army. And not get away with a $5000 fine. My 2 1/2 yr of blood and sweat is just worth $5k? What about loyalty? Is he loyal to singapore? Or will he be on the 1st flight out of singapore should war break out?

This is our land. Not yours. Crawl back to the country where you have been hidding for the past 28 years. You are not welcome in our land. Don't call yourself a singaporean, you are a disgrace to all those who served the army before.

I don't serve my national service to protect this coward.

Am I wrong?

Feeling sick for the whole week. Not those need to see doctor type of sick. I'm sick of some stuff happening recently.

For the whole week, I've been accused of starting a quarrel, being over-sensitive, busybody, harrassing somebody, causing a pregnant woman to have contraction, overly-concern and creating unnecessary misunderstanding.

What I merely did was to stand up and defend my friend who was being attacked by words in forums. She claims that she was just replying in context, and not targetting at anyone. But anyone who know what happen behind knew that her fingers are pointing at my friend.

I'm sick and tired of all these. Now I got 2 less friends. The attacker and her husband. And a whole long list of things that I didn't do.

Which makes me wonder. Am I wrong to step out and defend a friend?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

I saw an angel cried last night

I saw an angel cried last night. She was feeling down. Someone must have hurt her too much.

She told me she was in a bad mood the moment we met. I knew something is wrong. We had dinner, we chatted. Everything seems ok. But shortly after dinner, she just broke into tears. I guess it was too much for her to bear.

I saw an angel cried last night. And I almost wanted to cry too. Why would someone want to hurt an angel so much that makes her cry? How could someone bear to hurt her?

I saw an angel cried last night. And I stood there feeling hopeless. I don’t know what I can do to comfort her. I don’t know what I could do to cease her tears. I wanted to hug her while she cried, to lend her a shoulder to dry her tears. But I didn’t as I know it would only add more tears to her eyes.

Instead, I cracked a lame joke.

“I say break up means break up. Stop crying. Crying won’t bring me back to you. It’s over between you and me”

And she laughed. The sight of an angel laughing, with tears of sorrow still in her eyes, is the most beautiful thing on earth.

I wish I was the person who made her cried last night. At least I can stop what I’m doing so that she won’t cry anymore.

It really hurts to see an angel cry. Why would someone make an angel cry? I rather the person hurt me instead.

I saw an angel cried last night. I wish she will never cry again. But if she ever cried again, I wish I’ll be right by her side.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More good news

It seems like we are getting good news almost everyday.

#1: Buangkok MRT station will be opened by mid January.
#2: Committee recommends more cash incentives for NSmen
#3: LTA lowers rates at 11 ERP gantries for school holiday period

Oh ya, these are not election sweeteners. They are all these are just coincidence.

More coincidence will be coming..... Boy am I excited..... :)

Update: JanJan say LTA reduce the ERP charges every school holidays. This 1 REALLY coincidence.

Peeping and Pimping


The blogsphere is full of interesting stuff. We got a peeping tom being caught by a blogger. Haha. Tough luck dude. There are so many gals wearing mini skirt in Singapore, yet you choose a blogger's mini skirt. Bad selection of target. Now your picture is all over the net. Next time, check if the person is a blogger before you take upskirt picture of her. (After you released from changi chalet)

Another interesting stuff I found is a girl pimping herself. You are right, pimping herself on a blog. And mind you, she is not bad looking. In fact, I find her rather good looking. I bet her gmail must be flooded with tons of emails from guys. Nah, don't wanna join the crowd. So many people already, don't think she will even bother to read my mail.

Come to think of it, perhaps I should also pimp myself on my blog. Afterall, I'm already 25 and still single. Maybe I should do something like that too. But it's not so simple. After all, I'm not a gal and not good looking. Its not going to be easy to pimp myself.

Must I post a picture makeover picture in order to pimp myself? But I've never taken any makeover pictures. Picture of face on table can or not?

The JR Gang

I was looking at some old photos taken back in March. I see a group of people playing games in settler’s cafe, having lots of fun.
Unknown to most people, this group of friends hardly knew each other at the time when the pictures were taken. They knew each other from the forum. They met each other for only a couple of times before that gathering. Yet they seems like close friends. Like friends who know each other for many years.

And this group of people started to hang out more often. They had almost weekly gathering, going to Funan to have WIFI session and follow by dinner and coffee. They started to know each other better. They call themselves the JR gang causes they hang around a thread created to guess JR’s real name. They celebrated each other birthday by giving them a surprise birthday cake during the gathering. They seem to form a friendship that would last forever.

But as they know each other more, problem occurs. Maybe it is because they know each other more, and found each other shortcomings. Arguments within the gangs began to occur one after another. What seems close friends in the beginning now seems to be breaking up. They begin to meet lesser and lesser. They talk bad about each other behind their backs. They started heated arguments in forum one after another over small matters.

Maybe ignorance is bliss. Perhaps if they don’t know each other so well, then all these arguments won’t occur. Maybe they would still be able to sit down at settler’s cafe and play another game of taboo.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Singapore Rebel


Singapore Rebel is a film by Martyn See about opposition politician Chee Soon Juan. This film has been classified as a Political Film by Singapore Censorship Board. In short, this film is banned in Singapore.

Watch it if you are mature enough. Watch it with a open mind. I believe if we are mature enough to have casino, we should be mature enough to watch film of such contents.

I'm not promoting Chee here. In fact, I don't like this guy at all. Should he come to my GRC this coming election, I'll rather void my vote than cast a vote on him. He has no respect for the law. Even if the law is unjust, it is still the law. And the law need to be respected. How do you expect me to vote for someone who doesn't show any respect for law? I don't want to see Taiwan like parliment in our country.

There was one scene in the film where they show him being arrested for making a speech outside the Istana. I feel ashamed watching that portion. Ashamed to be a Singaporean where people don't have the freedom to speak up. Reporters from other country are fliming those scene and sending it back to their country, showing how lack of freedom Singapore is. This is so disgraceful.

But still, I have no respect for Chee. The police has already given him a warning and ask him to leave. The law says no public speech without a permit, yet he has no respect for the law. I support your call for freedom of speech, but I do not support your action. You are a disgrace to the opposition party.

Watch it if you are mature enough. I hope I'm not breaking any law here.

PS: Its actually quite shoik to watch a banned film, feels like watching porno.

**Update: Links removed**

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Changing face of terrorism

The Changing Face of Terrorism

A Two-Part Exhibition
Central Lending Library, Basement 1,
National Library Building, Victoria Street
(beside Bugis Junction)
Opening Hours: 10 am - 9 pm
Admission: Free
Part I ~ 9 Nov to 3 Dec
Part II ~ 5 Dec to 17 Dec

I must say, I love the posters for this exhibit.
"Don't let terrorism change our way of life"

Indeed, very well said. The moment terrorism change our way of life means that we've lost. Destroy another WTC if you can. Bomb another bali if you dare, we will still live our life as normal. Nothing that you low life terrorist do can make us change our way of life! We will contuine to live life as normal like what we did before 911. We will survive this battle.

Terrorism will not change our way of live.

Now, can someone return us the dustbin in all MRT station?

Signs that elections are coming


Sign #1: Buangkok MRT station will be opened by mid January.

Transport Minister Mr Yeo Cheow Tong says it is not an election sweetener as they have been looking into this issue for quite some time.

Yeah, right. We believe you Sir.

The simi Rose show

The SMS conversation between Iris and me:-
Iris: Want to watch movie tonight? Horror movie, I think you will like it.
Me: Oh, the Simi Rose show issit? I want! I want!
Iris: It's The Exorcism of Emily Rose lah.
Me: Anything, I go GV website book the ticket.
Me: Hey, go look at the GV webpage. Some jokers book the seats until there is a cross now.

**Well done guys**

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

**Contains Spoilers**

Went to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Not a bad movie. Finally a horror movie with somewhat better story line. But they sure need to work on the scare portion. Those sudden loud noise type of scare are just too lame. Perhaps the Americans can learn something from the Japanese or the Thais.

But the movie was far from the real story. Emily Rose's real name was Anneliese Michel. She was a German, not American. She was believed to be "possessed by demons" for several years and Bi-Weekly exorcisms was conducted over several months before she died. While the movie says that only the priest was charged in court, in real life, both the priest and her parents were charged and sentenced to 6 months jail.

Nowhere was there any mention that the defence lawyer and the priest was also being attacked by the devil. No mention of a doctor who was present during the exorcisms. They are just there to spice up the story.

So much for a "Based on a true story" movie. Perhaps they should say "Inspired by a true story" instead. My take is, watch the movie, enjoy the story and forget the "Based on a true story" tag. Maybe the upcoming Movie Requiem by German director Hans-Christian Schmid would tell a better true story.

Singapore welcomes A380


Welcome to singapore.

It must be quite an amazing sight to drive on the road when the A380 is crossing above you. Cool.

More pictures can be found in HWZ forums.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Clowning me

Those who knows me knows that I like to joke around, crack stupid jokes etc etc. I just enjoy making people around laugh.

But perhaps I’ve overdone it. Someone told me to grow up today. It’s like a knife stabbing into your heart. Does joking means that someone is still immature and needs to grow up? Does it mean I have to be serious all the time and stop joking?

Perhaps I should stop. You keep joking until people think you haven’t grown up.
And to make things worst, when I say something serious, people still think I’m joking.

Perhaps I should cut the jokes. Stop being a clown myself.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Lady with saxophone

A lady playing saxophone is always sexy. It’s not the way she dress or her looks. It’s the beautiful music coming from her saxophone that makes her so sexy. The way she stood there with confidence, playing the saxophone so well. Every note seems so seducing. Every tune seems so intoxicating.

Nicole, the sound of your saxophone captivates me tonight. That sweet sound still echo in my ears hours after I’ve left the esplanade outdoor theater. Wish to have the chance to see you perform again.

I’m digging out all my Kenny G CD that has been collecting dust for the past few years.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

To Mac or not to Mac??


Bump into this site.... FlyakiteOSX

FlyakiteOSX is a transformation pack that will transform your Win XP to look like Mac OS X.

Cool huh? Even the website look like a Mac OS Desktop.

Now... question is.... should I or should I not.... hee hee....

The sound of silence

I don't usually listen to podcast. Still prefer reading blog actually. Sometimes it just feel weird listening to people talk. Some of them are good, but some sound very unnatural. Sometimes, it's better they continue to write instead of exploring podcast.

But 1 new podcast caught my eyes, or rather ears. It's call silentpodcast. Like what its name say, it, well, err... a silent podcast. Yeap. You are right. SILENT.

No sound no nothing. Absolute silent. Don't bother adjusting your volume control or check your sound card/speakers. They are working fine. Just that the podcast is silent. Pure silent. What a great feature.....

Now, why would I ever wanna listen to a silent podcast? hmmm....


Never understand why some people like to criticize others on their blog. Why can't these people just move on? If you don't like it, don't read it. I've already stop reading a few blogs that I personally don't like. OK, I admit I'm guilty of scolding them once in a while, but I won't keep attacking the person. It's just pointless. It only increase my blood pressure and the person doesn't even lose a hair.

I've been on the receiving end before. My old blog was a target of some bloggers who oppose to the subjects that I post in my blog. I was merely posting what I feel at that time, so what is wrong with that? Which till today, I can't understand why such reaction. If you don't like me, why do you keep coming to my blog?

So I've decided to place more personal matters in another blog, only giving the url to my friends. But, so long as you put it online, someone will bump into it. So be it. Who cares anyway. There is a time when one should move on.

Looks like the critics didn't move on, but chewonit has... I love that blog as much as I love the comic on the sunday Straits Times. I don't know exactly what happen that cause him to close down such wonderful blog, but I respect his wishes. I've enjoyed reading his every post for the past 1 month. Wish him all the best.....

Friday, November 04, 2005

2 case since 20 Oct 2005

Wow.... Didn't know they actually come out with a big banner to count the number of people who got dengue fever. 2 person..... out of so many blocks on this street.... is there a need to worry?

Just wondering. Did the 2 person ganna bitten by dengue mosquito in our area or at other area? Maybe they walk by a dengue mosquito infested area and got bitten there. After all, there are so many blocks along this street, if the breeding ground is here, surely there will be more people who caught dengue fever. Right?

The breeding ground is not here but somewhere else lah. Don't worry.

Nevertheless, please do your part to stop dengue mosquito from breeding. If you see a mosquito lavae, ask if it is a dengue mosquito 1st before killing it.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Pirates of the New Hill

It's actually nothing new. We all heard about how the pirates in JB provide delivery service and stuff. You can call them to place your order. And they even got a online catalog of all the CDs they have.

Check out their website before the ISP blocks it.
username: sgzen
password: alfa

Steady 1 okie, still need password to access.
They categorize the CD into different groups and even got a help and feedback form. Cool huh? Too bad they don't accept credit cards. Haha....

Disclaimer: I'm not promoting this website
Dear readers, please be responsible. Do not buy pirated CD. I'm posting this thread here merely to show everyone how pirates embrace technology to conduct their crimes. I wish all of you will not buy pirated stuff.

Be original, be cool. Stop piracy.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Google, man's best friend

10 years ago, searching information on a topic or subject usually involves going down to the library. But nowadays, with the internet, everything is at your fingertip. You just need to find a way got grab the info. That is where google comes in.

I've always said: "If it exists in this world, it can be found on the internet." That's why if you ask me to name the greatest invention of all time, I'll say it's the Internet.

Two of my colleagues are doing some testing on the system today and they need to freeze the sysdate in the server. They knew one guy done it before, but that guy is on leave today. So one of the gal came and ask if I know how to do it. And I have totally no idea too.

But not wanting to disappoint the gals, I went online and google for answer. Within minutes, I got few hundreds of websites on this issue. So I read up on it and forward the website to them.

Google, man's best friend. Helping guys impress gals since 1998.

iPod vending machine

Isn't it cool? It seems that everything can be sold in a vending machine nowadays.

We got soccer ball sold in vending machine. We got Handphone sold in vending machine. And now, we got iPod sold in a vending machine.

This iPod vending machine was spotted in Atlanta airport. Nope, not Japan, the land of the vending machine. Cool huh?

Imagine buying a iPod before boarding your plane to impress the gal sitting next to u. Open the package and wait a minute..... There is no songs in the iPod. Okie, no worries, maybe you got a laptop to upload new songs to the iPod...... BUT, the batt level is so low, it can only last you the most 1/2 hr.


54 days to go.....

Another X-mas tree under construction.

Somebody save me. Isn't it still too early for X-mas?

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