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More good news

It seems like we are getting good news almost everyday.

#1: Buangkok MRT station will be opened by mid January.
#2: Committee recommends more cash incentives for NSmen
#3: LTA lowers rates at 11 ERP gantries for school holiday period

Oh ya, these are not election sweeteners. They are all these are just coincidence.

More coincidence will be coming..... Boy am I excited..... :)

Update: JanJan say LTA reduce the ERP charges every school holidays. This 1 REALLY coincidence.

aiyahz... LTA lowers gantry rates EVERY school holiday period...

p.s. chew on it is done and out...

Give you sweets first, then after election, whack you like crazy.
Aint it getting common after several elections? :)

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