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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bloody hell also cannot....

Ads run foul of Singapore rules
By Nassim Khadem, Canberra
March 1, 2006

SINGAPORE will get a censored version of Tourism Australia's "So where the bloody hell are you?" campaign because the advertisements do not comply with its strict censorship laws.

When the $180 million campaign is launched in Singapore, a series of Xs will replace the word bloody in print advertisements. The television version will not be aired there.

But the advertisement already appeared uncensored in Singapore's Straits Times last week, when the newspaper ran a story about the campaign.

So far 45,000 foreigners, including 24,000 Americans and 10,000 Britons, have logged on to the campaign website. Tourism Australia spokesman Sasha Grebe said extensive market research had shown the advertisements were a hit.

The Advertising Standards Bureau has received three complaints about the advertisement and it would go before the review board for a decision on whether it breached advertising's code of ethics.

Meanwhile, the Association of Australian Commercial and Media Photographers president North Sullivan said the decision by the advertisement's creators, M&C Saatchi, to use a British photographer to shoot the print advertisements was a "slap in the face for Australian creative talent".
Source: The Age

Bloody hell!

"Bloody hell" got too vulgar meh? Why cannot use "Bloody hell"?
What the bloody hell are you all thinking?

Bloody hell!!!!

The Scene

The Scene is an online mini series about the piracy underground where 99% of pirated movies, songs, video games, etc start out.

The show is quite interesting. There is little acting. Most of the time, you find yourself reading what is being typed on IRC and MSN. Cool huh? And the plot is rather interesting too.

Oh, check out their sound track. Nice song they have. And best of all, everything is free and legal for downloading. :D

I wanna complaint a Ma-Ta!!!

Got this link from mrbrown's blog. It talks about how it is impossible to get a police complaint form in some part of Miami.

Wah... must see the video clip leh. The undercover ask for complaint form only, the police show gun liao.

Why don't they just do it the Singaporean way? Write to the newspaper. lol....

ON FEB 16 at 11.15am while I was driving along the PIE at Simei exit, I noticed a police car QX4545 hogging the road and swaying from left to right on the extreme right lane.

Near the PIE Bedok exit, it nearly grazed a blue Toyota Corolla which was in the middle lane.

The police car continued to road-hog at under 70kmh on the extreme right lane until it reached Kallang exit, when it started to sway from left to right again.

As it was unsafe to drive behind the police car, I overtook it by taking the middle lane.

I looked at the police car and saw two men in civilian clothes. The driver was talking on his cell phone in his left hand.

I continued driving in the middle lane and as I was about to filter out at Stevens Road exit, I looked at my rear-view mirror and saw the police car still hogging the extreme right lane with other cars tailgating it.

Under what circumstances are police officers allowed to use their cell phones while driving?

If it is an emergency call, shouldn't the other police officer sitting in the front passenger seat be answering it?

The police should set a good example by being courteous on the road.

To see a police officer using the cell phone while driving is shocking.

Roslan Rahim
Source: Straits Times Forum 18 Feb 2006

And of cos, actions will be taken.

I REFER to Mr Roslan Rahim's letter 'Police used phone while driving' (ST, Feb 18).

We have identified the officers involved and are investigating. The officers will face the same consequences as any other motorist if they are found to have violated any of the traffic rules.

We will not tolerate any of our officers who act irresponsibly and endanger the safety of other road-users.

We thank Mr Roslan for bringing this matter to our attention.

Audrey Ang
Assistant Director (Media Relations)
Singapore Police Force
Source: Straits Times Forum 22 Feb 2006

I wonder what will happen to Roslan if he stays in Miami.

Saturday, February 25, 2006








Friday, February 24, 2006

Coffee and skipping lesson

Got lesson today, but don't feel like attending. Somehow, my mind couldn't concentrate on anything. Going lesson is a waste of time.

So I went to Suntec Starbucks for a cup of coffee. I still prefer coffee bean to starbucks. But the Starbucks at Suntec is a great place to chill out. I'm not talking about the Suntec Starbucks near the overhead bridge at the main entrance. There is actually another starbucks hidden in one corner of suntec.

Not many people know about this place. And there are a lot of Sofa Seats. A great place to chill.

Its right behind Nike by bird. Sssshhhh......

Bo Liao Me

Spend 2 hr infront of the PC doing something damn bo liao.

Yawn.... go koon liao. Nitez....

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Punished by heaven

Everyone is talking about this now.

She is not only the top search item in search engine. The top 5 search item are all about her!!

This is crap. Real crap. I look at my blog tracker, and discovered that there is a jump in number of people who came to my blog via search engine. I didn't mention her name in my blog at all. They came to my blog after searching for these keyword.

Get a life guys. Get a life.
And if you notice, I purposely didn't mention those "keyword" here. I don't want such traffic. I hope other blogger will not make use of the current situation to gain popularity.

Its not good to do evil stuff. Heaven will punish 1.
Was having a conversation with T today while walking out for lunch.

T: Eh, you have that video or not?
Me: Why everyone thinks I have that video?
T: Because you resourceful mah.
Me: Even if I have, I also don't want to spread it.
T: Why like that?
Me: Wait ganna punish by heaven.
T: Someone emailed me the picture today leh. Just want to see the video clip. Send to me lah.

All of a sudden, it started to rain. And we are in the middle of nowhere with no umbrella or shelter.
Told you will ganna punished by heaven liao. Don't believe me. Wah ciao!!!

One stone, two birds

Met Z after her exams to collect my Melty Kiss. Thanks a lot!!

The box abit dented, but still alright. After all, its the last box. I think this is going to be the last box I'll ever get to eat until winter season. Doubt there is anymore stores out there that have leftovers.

We went Fishermen's Wharf for dinner. Saw a review about this place here, so decided to try it out. I told you all that these food blogs are evil. Luckily for me, I went jogging in the late afternoon. Z didn't do any exercise again. Hahahaha.....

The place is big and empty. Maybe because it is weekday and we reach there at 9pm. Something seems to be missing. The place is too quiet. Too too quiet. They did not play any music or anything. Something seems not quite right.

The fish and chips are quite good. Esp the chips. Can really taste the potato. But sad to say, Handle Bar's fish and chips still taste better. Handle Bar is still my "Best Fish and Chips" place in Singapore. Should go there again sometime. **Handle Bar Fish and Chips craving on**

The Fish and Chips serving is also quite small. Or maybe its normal serving, but I'm feeling very hungry today. Didn't eat much for the whole day. So I suggested going to Siglap Cheesecake Cafe. :D

Been a long time since I last went cheesecake cafe. The peach with jelly cheesecake still taste as good as before. Best cheesecake in Singapore.

Tonight really One Stone, Two Birds. Got my melty kiss and cheesecake. If only got go Kenny Rogers for dinner. Or Handle Bar also can. aaahhh.... 2 cravings down, 1 new craving come in.

Brains and Brawns


Its nice to go for a jog after doing assignment for the whole day. :)


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

National Vertical Marathon 2006


National Vertical Marathon 2006
Date: 12 March 2006
Time: 0700 to 1800 hours
Venue: Suntec City

I've always wanted to join a vertical marathon. Still thinking if I should join this. But no kakis leh.

I got until 3rd March to decide.

Oh ya, I'm taking my IPPT on 2nd March. Should be able to pass this time. My RT phrase 3 is showing results.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

NCB Reading my blog?

What the heck?

Is NCB (now known as iDA) spying on me? Or someone working for iDA feeling bored at 7pm and surf upon my blog?

If you don't hear from me for the next few days, that would means that I've either fleed the country or arrested by ISD.

Melty Kiss

When somebody told you that she found the last box of that limited edition chocolate in a store and bought it for you, the 1st thing you want to do is to meet her ASAP.

These are no ordinary chocolates.

They are limited edition chocolates made by Meiji, and only sold during winter season.

Why only winter?
Ask any Japanese person why Melty Kiss is only sold in Winter and the answer will be alarmingly uniform. It is commonly believed that Melty Kiss would, well, melt during any other season but Winter and Japanese people will tell you this with a kind of wide-eyed madman’s stare that lets you know of their absolute conviction.


I had my 1st box of melty kiss during X-mas. It was also from Z. I soon become addicted to it. But somehow, I just couldn't find it in the stores anymore. Still pondering if I should order from this online website. Do they send to Singapore? And 1 box cost US$3.50 (excludes shipping). WOW.. that is expensive.

Anyway, Z saw a box in a ulu store at Dover MRT and bought it for me. How I wish I could rush down to her home now to get the chocolates.

Here the problem. Z is having her exams and I have my assignment to do. The earliest date she can meet is on wednesday night after her paper. But I need to do my assignment.

Solutions? Take leave on Wednesday to do assignment then meet her at night. HAHAHAHA..... I'll do anything for the things I crave.

Now that I've settle my Melty Kiss craving, got to think about how to settle my Cheesecake cafe cravings. And recently revisited "Kenny Rogers" cravings.

And they were saying only pregnant woman have cravings???

Visually addictive

DK --


Visually addictive

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Stop staring at me!!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Insensitive and Irresponsible Journalism

I pondered for quite some time before writing this entry.

The reason why I hesitated is because of the party involved in this whole issue. I don’t want to go too much into details, but I’ll just give you the background. I cannot stop you from researching this unfortunate event. But I will try to keep my entry vague so that it is not easy to dig.

A gal uses her handphone and took video clips of her having sex with her bf. Her handphone was stolen, and now the video clips is all over the web.

I got to know about this news thru some news aggregator which post links to a blog saying the details of what happen. It seems ok, just simply revealing the school the gal is from. But what makes me sick was that this entry prompted more digging and someone even trackback another blog that reveal the gal’s name, school and CCA. Yes, well done Sherlocks Homes. You managed to dig out so much information about her and expose her to everyone. It is alright to write about the news. But what was your intention when you put her details on your blog? To show everyone how good you are at digging someone’s dirty laundry? Or to further humiliate the gal? Or for that few minutes of fame your blogs get? I don’t know.

I was quite pissed off by the news aggregator’s editors who allow such posting to be posted. What if the gal is your friend? What if the gal is one of your editors? Why was a blog revealing the identity of the gal allowed on the news aggregator? Why didn’t the editor prevented this gal from further humiliations? This news aggregator is being read by thousands of Singaporeans daily. The list of editors contains some of the big names in the local blog scene. Yet such irresponsible post was allowed to happen. They often defended themselves that they are just volunteers. But being editors of a large news aggregator, they should do things responsibly. I’m sad to see such irresponsible actions.

To add on to the problem, our national newspaper also publishes the story today. I guess the reporter might had gotten the news from the news aggregator. What shocked me was that the article contains her name and school too! Even drug addicts get fake name and mosaic face when they appear on news. What the heck is the reporter thinking? What if the gal’s relative reads about it?

Her name is currently the top search topic in some search engine.

The blog, the new aggregator and the newspaper are all insensitive and irresponsible. While there is a need to report the fact, there should also exercise some care while dealing with such issue. The identity of the victim should be kept secret. Yet nobody bothers.

I do not want to debate if the gal is right or wrong about keeping her sex video clip in her handphone. It is her personal choice. Even if it sounded stupid, she doesn’t deserve her identity to be written all over the blogsphere.

I'll stop for nothing...


Except red lights......


Sunday, February 19, 2006

All for that piece of paper

School started for 2 weeks already and the 1st assignment is due this coming Thursday. Stupid. So fast got assignment liao. No mood to do assignment. In fact, no mood to study. Can't seem to find the motivation.

Sometimes I wonder why am I studying. I don't see myself learning anything that can be useful at work or can apply in outside world. I am studying IT. But I find myself studying modules that are too indepth into the topic until there is no real life application for it.

In fact, I was beginning to feel this since my poly final year. I personally feel that you just need to learn the basic of programming. The if else, the loop and function call. Rest of them are easy to pick up. There is no need for these chim chim theory. Most likely you don't need them in your workplace. Even if you need them, they can be easily picked up by looking up the net or manuals.

I'm not learning anything useful. I'm just chasing that piece of paper. For what? A better pay? A better job? A better life?

Why should the salary of a person be judged by the qualifications? If a Diploma can out perform a Degree holder, why should his pay be lower?

Just feel like running


Just feel like running.


Writer block

I stare at the empty blogger textbox.
Somehow, I can't seems to convert my thinking, feelings and ideas into words.

Its just feels like constipation....

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The inflexibility of human

Don't understand why some people are so inflexable.

Someone in forum suggested going for a cycling outing on 26 March. Another person misread the posting and thought it was 26 Feb. So he started a "attendance list" to see who is able to make it on 26 Feb.

Couple of people state that they will be able to come on 26 Feb until someone pointed out that the initial plan was on 26 March and not 26 Feb. So some suggest sticking back to 26 March since the initial plan was March.

Since got people can make it on 26 Feb, why not just stick with the mistaken date? We can always have 1 in Feb and 1 in March. Its not that we can only go once. Why die die must stick to the initial plan?

Why you all so inflexible? Why? Why? Why?

Eat my own words

I must always remind myself not to say things too fast.

My contract is ending soon. I knew that the company will renew my contract. Just that I don't know how much bonus and pay increment will I be getting.

I keep telling my colleagues that no matter how good your new contract terms are, never ever sign the contract straight away. There is always room for bargaining. You see, if the company desperately wants you, they will give you a better contract terms to win your heart. If they don't have the budget or thinks that you are not worth so much, they will still ask you to re-consider. The company will not just let you leave like that. They will always try their best to hold you back.

You see, there is only a draw or a win. There is no lose situation.

So I went to the HR today. Inside my mind, I got myself mentally prepared for the so called "standard" bonus and pay increment that most people got. But when I saw the new contract, I was shocked. I didn't get the "standard" bonus and pay increment. My contract terms are much better. In fact, they are around the figures that I've wanted.

I signed the contract on the spot. Didn't bargain or anything.

Eat your words, DK...... Eat it......

Friday, February 17, 2006

if only everyone blogs....

Sometimes, I really wish she has a blog. So that I can understand her and know her feelings. And not sit there and guess what she is thinking.
But sad to say, she doesn't have 1.

Nevertheless, I've given her the link to here.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Food Blog

Warning: Not suitable for those on diet.

Found this food blog by a Californian based in Singapore. Full of write ups of good foods. Wow. Amazing. Its like he eat good food everyday.

Must book mark this blog together with the baker's blog.

This 2 blog contains lots of mouth-watering food pictures. You have been warned.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

[Lyrics] You Ke Lee Ling - Ocean Deep

Hope I don't have to sing this song again next year.

You Ke Lee Ling - Ocean Deep

Can't you see I'm alone
Can't you give this fool a chance
A little love
Is all I ask
A little kindness in the night
Please don't leave me behind
No don't tell me love is blind
A little love
Is all I ask
And that is all

Oh love
I've been searching so long
I've been searching high and low
A little love
Is all I ask
A little sadness when you're gone
Maybe you need a friend
Only please don't let's pretend
A little love
Is All I ask
And that is all

I wanna spread my wings
But I just can't fly
As string of pearl
And pretty girls
Go sailing by

Ocean deep
I'm so afraid to show my feelings
I have sailed a million ceilings
Solitary room
Ocean deep
Will I ever find a lover
Maybe she has found another
As I cry myself to sleep
I know this love of mine
I'll keep
Ocean deep

Can't you hear when I call
Can't you hear a word I say
A little love
Is all I ask
A little feeling when we touch
Why am I still alone
I've got a heart without a home
A little love
Is all I ask
And that is all

I wanna spread my wings
But I just can't fly
As string of peral
And pretty girls
Go sailing by

Ocean deep
I'm so afraid to show my feelings
I have sailed a million ceilings
Solitary room
Ocean deep
Will I ever find a lover
Maybe she has found another
As I cry myself to sleep
I know this love of mine
I'll keep
Ocean deep

So hard for me to say it
You're the only one I love
Just can't revel it
Maybe maybe
Maybe she has found another
As I cry myself to sleep
I know this love of mine
I'll keep
Ocean deep

Security and Outsourcing

Warning: this is some rant over office matters.

We outsourced some of our work to China around 1 year plus ago. It is cheaper over there. There is a saying, you can employ 3 Malaysian or 5 Chinese or 7 Indians with the pay you are paying to a Singaporean. (And there is also a saying that you can buy 3 bowl of rice in Malaysia or 5 bowl of rice in China or 7 bowl of rice in India with the money you spend to buy 1 bowl of rice in Singapore)

I always hated outsourcing. In the beginning, the quality from them was horrible. Full of errors and we have to correct the coding ourselves. But the standard improves. They employed more people lately. The company in China belongs to our company and they only serves our company's assignments. They had full access to all our LAN folders. We did also of file sharing, esp excel where everyone updates to 1 excel document.

Then some smart alex said that the current arrangement is still not cost effective enough. So they had a re-org. The company in China no longer belong to our company. Or rather, no longer directly belongs to our company. It became sort of a new company by itself and thus also accept works from other companies.

Because of this reason, the morons at security dept decide to remove their access to all our LAN folders. Meaning they cannot update those shared excel files. Like that how to work?

"Its for security reason. The china side are no longer our company and they are also doing request for other company. It is not safe for them to have full access to our LAN folders blah blah blah......"

Hey, fuck off lah. Wake up your bloody idea. The info we send to them to work on are all confidential stuff already. They don't need access to our LAN folder, all they need is to forward the emails we send them to our competitors and we are all deadmeat. So how? Don't outsource lor. Since you fuckers have no trust in the people you outsource the job to.

Idiots. So what? China side do the codings, and send back to me and I go update the shared excel files? WTF? Just give them the bloody access to the LAN folders lah. Its not machim you got gold inside.

Lim peh not some school kids doing part time data entry job.

ARGH...... 23 days left..... My blood is boiling.....

[Lyrics] The Corrs - What Can I Do

Happy Valentine Day.

The Corrs - What Can I Do

I haven't slept at all in days
It's been so long since we've talked
And I have been here many times
I just don't know what I'm doing wrong

What can I do to make you love me
What can I do to make you care
What can I say to make you feel this
What can I do to get you there

There's only so much I can take
And I just got to let it go
And who knows I might feel better
If I don't try and I don't hope

What can I do to make you love me
What can I do to make you care
What can I say to make you feel this
What can I do to get you there

No more waiting, No more aching
No more fighting, No more trying

Maybe there's nothing more to say
And in a funny way I'm calm
Because the power is not mine
I'm just gonna let it fly

What can I do to make you love me
What can I do to make you care
What can I say to make you feel this
What can I do to get you there

Love me..

Monday, February 13, 2006

Last post for Ms Alarm Clock

Tick Tock Tick Tock.... Ringgggg!!!!!!

Time's up for me... DK decided too throw me out of his blog after today... He keep saying that his guest blogger bo zou gang (never work). So I shall have to bid farewell to all of you today... :P

I have to admit I seldom post in his blog lah... But... but... but... I am too busy to blog for him lah... I don't even blog in my blog frequently lor... Where got the time to blog for him? :P

Idiot DK keep saying that I will definitely fail in losing weight. I know you slimmed down liao also dun need to be like this one mah... :'( I will definitely slimmed down one.. You just wait and see... By then, dun complain and say that you rather I be fatter... Bleah...

Last note... Happy Valentine's Day to all~! :)


Moonlight running


Its nice to have company while jogging.

Even though she is so far away.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Flowers for V-day

I've lost track of the number of people asking me to buy flowers for H this coming V-day. Some of them have lobang for flowers. Others hope I'll get out of singlehood soon. I know they all mean good to me. But then, there is a problem.....

Actually, I wanted to send flower to her office. But I'm scare that my action will freak her out. You see, we are still far from courtship. It is more like getting to know more about each other stage. I did let her know that I'm a bit attracted to her, but I'm not sure how she feels towards me. I think it is too early to send flowers.

Maybe next V-day I'll have the chance to send her flowers.

Anyway, went to my old multiply blog and dig this article that I've copied from Straits Times last year. Its a nice read.

Valentine's Day becomes a competitive sport as women compare prices and sizes of bouquets
By Sarah Ng

Who says money can't buy love? How about $50? Yes, it's that time of the year when men say it with flowers.

But that minimum order of six stems on Valentine's Day tomorrow will not buy romance with many working women these days.

The workplace now has a new sport on V-Day. And size matters in this race to be the object of greatest envy.

'Do you know how good it feels to have the whole office looking at you with envy?' said civil servant Irene Lim, 29, recalling her thrill at receiving a dozen red roses topped by a heart-shaped balloon last Feb 14.

'It may not be that special for an attractive woman used to getting attention all the time, but for a plain-looking girl like me, it is magical.'

Few will deny that feel-good feeling although shipping executive Susan Ng, 27, takes a dim view of the blooming competition.

'I had an ex-colleague who would put her giant bouquet in a prominent spot on her table and then lament loudly, 'Aiya, why must he send to the office, very malu (Malay for embarrassing) for me', but we all knew that she was enjoying it. It's so shallow and childish.'

Perhaps, but it's not peculiar to Singapore.

According to The Times of London women in Britain too love this game of one-upmanship: Whose bouquet is bigger? Whose present is more extravagant? Who is being taken to a more fashionable restaurant?

Like them, many women here view these displays of affection as a barometer of love. Marketing director Ling Tan, 31, is typical. She recalls her disappointment last year waiting and waiting for that bouquet from her boyfriend of nine months.

'My heart would skip a beat every time a dispatch rider walked through the door. I was hoping that since it was our first Valentine's Day, he would do something special, like send flowers to my office.

'But nothing came till I left at 6pm,' she said.

What made it worse, she added, was watching two colleagues become the centre of attention and the memory of previous boyfriends dutifully dispatching bouquets of red roses or white lilies to her office.

But an hour later, he surprised her. At dinner, in a posh hotel, he handed her half a dozen red roses.

Ms Tan, like many, is keeping her fingers crossed that tomorrow, big blooms will arrive at her office. 'Sure, it's shallow but which woman doesn't want to feel like a princess, especially when most around her are getting special treatment.'

Florists concur, saying eight out of 10 men want the bouquets delivered to their beloved's office. Said a Greeting Cuts spokesman: 'The wife or girlfriend is in the office most of the day... If the flowers are given when they meet for dinner, the day is almost over and it would seem a bit pointless.'

Raising the ante for the bachelor girls are husbands like Mr Kelvin Yeo. Said the 30-year-old advertising and promotions executive, who spent $150 on a dozen red roses last year: 'My wife doesn't demand that I send her flowers to the office, but some of her colleagues' boyfriends do, so I do the same. Better play safe and make her happy.'

Whatever the reason, love sure makes money for the petal pushers. On Valentine's Day, prices are doubled, with a standard bouquet of six roses starting at $50, one dozen from $80, and 999 stalks from $2,000.

They are also convinced that it's young love that sparked off the sport. 'It's usually in the beginning of the relationship when the guy wants to impress the girl. They say they want to make the girlfriend feel proud among their colleagues,' said Mr Kenneth Chee, 46, owner of Joachim Florist & Gifts.

But there is no denying the stress. Florists tell of single and unattached women sending flowers to themselves and spending beyond $100 on red roses, tulips or lilies. But they are rare, said Ms Sheila Salim, 39, customer service supervisor at 'Their reason is that they don't want to feel left out.'

Then there are those who get more than their share of attention. For these women, money certainly buys love. Said the owner of Dove Florist in Cineleisure Orchard, Ms Yow Lai Keng: 'When a woman calls about the value of bouquets, she often got flowers from different men.'

The hunt for jobs


I'm not hunting for steve jobs. I'm hunting for a job. A new job.

25 days to end of contract. HR haven't call me up to discuss new contract. Base on my experience and other colleagues who had renewed their contracts recently, I know their conditions (pay increment and bonus) are not going to meet my expectations.

It has been a long time since I last look at jobsdb and related pages. The pages seem so alien. The requirements seem so weird.

I see a company making 4 job ads posting.
Male sales executive
Female sales executive
Sales Manager
Sales Manageress

At first I thought the pay is different for male and female. But they are the same. Everything. So why didn't they put a job ads saying looking for sales executive and sales manager instead? Still wondering....

Looking at those online job site. Couldn't find a good job.
Anway, what other good job website are there? I'm currently looking at:-

Jobs DB
Job Street
Job Seek

Perhaps I should also start looking into those big company's website.

SanDisk Ultra II SD plus


Look ma, I'm a SD card.

Look ma, I'm also a USB Thumb Drive

I think the card reader is going to be out of job soon.

Finally found the SanDisk Ultra II SD plus at Harvey Norman. I knew I want it ever since I saw the card online 1 year ago.

Error at Cartel

Sir, your order will be a waffle, pan fried macaroni, potato wedges and crispy combo.

Eeerr..... should be. I suppose. Basically, I wasn't paying much attention when HJ is taking down the order. In fact, I wasn't even paying much attention when the waiter was repeating the order. Somehow, my brain didn't register that combo is something huge.

That will be $57.90 Sir.

What the heck did Iris and HJ order? 57 bucks? Wah.... Feeling something is wrong.
Still, the brain didn't really register that a disaster is on its way. And I paid for the items......

Will walking back to the seat, I feel something is wrong.... Wait..... I remember someone say want to eat salad. Why I don't remember hearing salad? I look at the recipt. Wait.... what is this crispy combo thingy? $36???

FUCK..... something is wrong. Nobody ordered that crispy combo. HJ wrote the wrong number on the order list. And the stupid sotong me just paid without thinking.

Tried to cancel the order, but they already started preparing the food. Cannot cancel. How are we going to finish so much food??? The combo is meant for 3 person. We got 3 person, but we also ordered other stuff.

Damn myself. Firstly, I just simply bo chap what they are ordering. Assume that what is written on the paper is correct. Then I never think when the bill chalk up to $50++. It is so obvious that there is something wrong with the order. Yet I just didn't do anything to stop it. Feeling shitty.

DK..... you need to change. Cannot be so bo chap anymore.

Anyway, the crispy combo quite good. The wedges is overcook but still ok. The waffle taste good and the pan fried macaroni suck big time. NEVER EVER order that pan fried macaroni. NEVER.

Well.... the 3 of us managed to finish everything san the horrible tasting macaroni. My exercise for the past few weeks all gone to waste.

Tonight damn sinful...... And Iris keep saying "Sinful" while dipping her food in that fattening wasabi mayo.

Iris: we seriously need to go for a jog next week. Too bad HJ live AMK. Else drag him along.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

That little things that piss me off.....

Do you have a list of things that will piss you off? I have. There are a couple of little things in life that piss me off. Maybe I'll list down all of them 1 day.

Anyway, there is 1 thing that T like to do that never fail to piss me off. Sending me a nudge in MSN. Or rather sending me a nudge first thing he sees me on MSN. Even before sending me a msg or anything. And I'm at my computer when he nudge me.

Sometimes, i'm fine with it. But when someone over-done it, you get pissed off easily. It has even reach the stage that whenever I saw him come online, I knew he will send me a nudge soon.

There are times when you are listening to MP3 or watching video and turning the computer volume up to try to catch the words. Then this irritating noise comes along. And there are times when you are in a foul mood and the last thing you want people to do is to nudge you for no reason.

There is a purpose for nudge. Nudge is to alert the person when he didn't reply your msg. It is not a greeting. Its rude. Its like pressing the car horn at people. (BTW, I hate it when people horn at me too.)

I told T many times that I hate it when he does that. But he still continue to do it. Everytime....

So yesterday, I was on msn when I saw him come online. And I knew he will send me a nudge again. And he did.

Pissed off, so I ask him this question.

Me: If someone tells you that he hate something, will you:- 1) Keep doing it. 2) Stop doing it.
T: Option 3.
Me: What is option 3?
T: Do it sometimes, don't do it sometimes.


Friday, February 10, 2006

So obvious meh???

Having ultra late dinner with shanlin at NYDC now. Haven't met her for couple of month. But she seems quite updated with what is happening in my life as she is reading my blog.

**Oh ya, I'm blogging with the free NYDC WIFI while waiting for her to finish that ultra big farmboy salad. Told u all that the salad is huge liao, don't believe me**

Anyway, we were chatting and she changed the topic to H. Why all the gals who eat farmboy salad at NYDC like to ask about H? But I'm quite surprised that she managed to guess who H is. OMG.....
And she was saying it is quite OBVIOUS.

Obvious meh? Die..... even someone whom I never met for so long can guess who is she.

Make me wonder, who else knows here managed to guess who she is?
WAIT.... who is reading my blog in the first place?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Familiar phrase

If you read the comments, you would had noticed Iris commenting that the phrase look familiar. Of course it look familar lah. I've been listening to that song over and over again on my K750i for the whole day. Repeating so much until the words I say seems like those from the song.

Iris is like a MP3 virus. Every song she recommends will be infected to my MP3 player and put on repeat mode for weeks. Maybe it is because she always happen to recommend songs that suits my current mood.

That i love you
I have loved you all along
And i miss you
Been far away for far too long
I keep dreaming you'll be with me
And you'll never go
Stop breathing if
I don't see you anymore

Decaf my life


Sometimes, I feel that life is like a cup of coffee. There is the sweet aroma, the rich flavor and also the sleepless night cause by the caffeine. To enjoy the rich taste of the coffee, you must also bear with the after effect of caffeine. That is coffee, and that is life.

Then some people come out with decaf. With decaffeinated coffee, you can continue to enjoy the rich flavor coffee has to offer and do away with the sleeplessness.

If only there is also decaf in life. Keep the happy feelings and do away with the troubles and unhappiness. Wouldn't that be great?

I like to have large mocha life, decaf please.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Your attitude towards me is like a rollercoaster.

Sometimes it is above cloud 9.
Sometimes it is six feet below.

You are controling my everyday mood. I can be happy one moment, and moody next. Just because of little things you said or do.

I keep dreaming you'll be with me
And you'll never go

Went for a late run


Too late....
Too little....

Just like what I'm experiencing in life now.

But perhaps too late and too little is better than never.....


Ang Pow

My director gave me ang pow today. Not 1, but 10 ang pow.
To be exact, my director gave me 10 new ang pow packet. No money inside.
I don't really expect my director to give us ang pow with money inside. Afterall, our team is rather big.

My company will print ang pow packet and give to customer every year. Usually the marketing dept will have tons of these ang pow. They would distribute to customer and also take some for themselves.

We low life beings at IT dept seldom get the good stuff. Unlike marketing side whom always got Ang pow, bak kwa, dumplings, mooncake etc etc etc...... I suppose IT dept staff not quite human.....

Sometimes, I think I saw signs around the office that say "IT Dept Staff and Dogs not allowed". Could be my eyes playing tricks on me. I don't know.

I guess these ang pow were leftovers. We usually don't get these stuff.
BUT FOR FUCK you give me ang pow packet now?

30 Days.....

30 days left to end of contract.
30 days left to my bonus.
30 days left for me to make the decision that will affect my life.

Should I stay on in this job? This is my first job. And it will be my 3rd year in the job this coming March.

The company will be re-contracting me, although the HR hasn't contacted me yet. I know I will be renewed because my boss already scheduled me for stuff beyond my contract period.

Eh boss, I got say I want to renew my contract meh? haha....

I still remember when I was first offered this job, my ex-buddy advised me not to take up the job because it is contract based and I'll be out of job at the end of the contract. But never did we realize that the trend nowadays is to employ contract IT staff and renewing their contract if they are needed. It appears that everyone in my company is offered a new contract when their contract expires.

I haven't been contacting him for 2 years plus, but I heard he had changed a few job, while I'm still sitting on my 1st job. I'm glad I didn't listen to him 3 years ago.

So am I renewing?
It depends on a few factors….

1) The pay increment and bonus
Must see how much money they offering me. Actually, my expectation this year is slightly higher because I see myself doing tougher task this year. I doubt they can meet it.

2) Career improvements
I'm no longer doing the same thing that I'm doing when I came to this company. My job profile has more or less evolved. But still, I wish to see more changes. I wish to do things that have value add to my career. My boss talked to me back in Nov telling me that he is putting me on a new project. I was pretty excited when he told me that. But the latest new is that the director has replaced me with a china guy. Well, no choice, he is more experienced than me.

3) H
This may sound stupid. But I feel that H is also 1 of the deciding factor. Don’t ask me why.

Seriously, I haven't really made up my mind yet. A few colleagues ask me if I'm renewing, and my reply to them is 50-50.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Exercise what you eat.

If you know me long enough, you would know that I'm a sucker for good food. I'll travel the distance for good food. I've been to every corner of Singapore just for the sake of eating. Jessie said before that I always go for good food. And that was before I got my driving license. After I got my driving license, almost every place in Singapore is reachable......

I stayed in Jurong West.
But I've been to Bedok 85 Market for the Ah Balling Tang Yuan.
I've been to Sambawang for Buckaroo.
I've been to Siglap for Cheesecake.
I've been to Fong Seng for Special Cheese prata.
**And the list goes on and on and on**

So long as there is good food, I'll go and try.
I used to be abit fat at 1 stage of my life. But I've more or less trimmed down abit. Someone said that I'll be putting back the weight that I've lost recently with all the good food. But what she doesn't know is that I've been exercising lately.

I still remember one of the fitness talk in Maju during my RT.

The OC was saying you can eat anything you like. Even oily stuff like Chao Guo Tiao. But most importantly, you exercise what you eat. If you eat this much, then you should exercise just as much to overwrite it.

I went for a jog today. Which means I can eat prata at Fong Seng.
1 Special Cheese prata.
1 Mashroom Cheese prata.
1/2 kosong prata.
1 Milo Dinosaur

I'm not afraid of gainning weight.
But I think someone can forget her plans to lose weight lah.
1 Cheese prata.
1/2 kosong prata.
1 Milo Dinosaur
No jogging.

PS to Z: Iris says she wants to go jogging together with me someday leh. You want to join? :D

Monday, February 06, 2006

Words of wisdom

Found this poster above the urinal at Fong Seng Cheese Prata.


Every task has an unpleasant side.......
But you must focus on the end results you are producing.

Indeed words of wisdom....

A little run.....


That day, for no particular reason,
I decided to go for a little run.

--Forest Gump



I was rather surprised when H agreed to meet up to watch Memoirs of Geisha together. She has been rejecting me everytime I ask her out.

Maybe it is because I told her that I'm interested in her.
Maybe it is because she has been rejecting me too many times.
Maybe it is because she is also interested in the show.

This is the 1st time we went out together. It was a nice show.

We went to Boat Quay TCC after the show. All the beanbags were taken, so we sat on the floor. Had a nice chat with her. Everything was great.

While on the way to the MRT, I asked her when will her kickboxing lesson be on next week. She said Wednesday. So I asked if she want to meet up for dinner after the lesson. She said see how first.

Somehow, I got this feeling it is a yes. :)

**This entry was posted on 4th Feb 2006. Reposted because blogger lost the entry.**

The Death Test

The Death Test
According to our research, you'll be dead by
September 2054
at age 74

- probable cause -
heart attack

56% heart attack
24% car accident
13% loneliness
5% drowning of the lungs
2% wounds

Interesting.... Never expect myself to live so long.
13% chance die of loneliness? OMG....

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Brokeback to the future....


First, there was Brokeback Mountain.

Then, there was Broke Mac Mountain.

Now, there is Brokeback to the future.....

Back to the future never look so gayish until today.

**Reposted because blogspot lost my entries on 4 Feb**

Blogger got problem huh?

2 entries that I posted yesterday went missing.
Haiz..... Later repost ba.

Let me see if I can still remember what exactly did I post......

Dinner at NYDC

I met up with DK here for dinner on Thursday. I think he's really trying to ruin any chance for me to slim down... He never fail to bring me to those places to get fat eg. his fav NYDC. DK seems to like eating NYDC alot... and i mean really alot... And the reason I got sick of eating t NYDC is all because of him. Cos every now and then when I meet up with him for dinner, he will say "Let's go NYDC" -_-'''

Anyway, I ordered some salad cos I was in the mood of eating grass that day and he was going... "You trying to eat salad to slim down arh? Forget it lah... It wun help one. Not with the salad here." I thot he was referring to eating salad with the salad dressing will not help in slimming down. But I knew what he really means after the salad was served... NYDC really serves a very BIG portion of salad... as in REALLY BIG... I never know you can get so full just eating salad. He still order a Jedimudster... I think he will be putting back whatever weight he lost recently too... :P

I was drilling him about the new love in his life... hee... Very fun... :D I can be very very bah gwa at times and I will not stop until I get the information that I want... :P DK so when will I get new information from you? ;)

[DK: Added a picture of Z's fork attacking the Jedi Mudster first]


Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ignorance is bliss

When was the last time I go dig for something, only to wish that I didn't know the answer after finding what I'm looking for.....

Its already been 2 months. How much longer do you intend to hide this from me?

Are we still friends? Or who do you take me for?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Monday Morning Test

Got this test from LMD's blog.

I know the title says Monday Morning Test. But no harm doing on a Thursday Night Friday Morning right?

Here is what I got....

Your Score: 9 out of 11
Your Rating: Honor Student

Now Here's the Twist;
Your answers not only can tell your current intelligence,
but the combination can also forcast your upcoming love life:

Your Projected Love Life: Not Bad! Expect your love life to bloom soon!



T forward to me a part of the conversation he had with H on msn today.

T: u also women ma hahah if ppl give u flower i think u will also feel happy
H: hmm it really depends on wat type of flower.. who gave.. the reason.. the occasion.. and the place hahaha

T: Buy flower for her this V-day lah.
Me: Siao, wait she throw in dustbin.
T: Then say earlier mah. Then I don't need to order flowers for my gf liao. Just go her dustbin pick lor.
Me: I think she will step a few times 1st before throwing.
T: Nvm, I msn her tell her don't step.
Me: -_-'''

But seriously, I'm wondering if I should send her flowers this V-day.
Type of flower: 12 red roses
Who give: DK
The Reason: Ask her out for dinner that night
The occasion: V-day
The place: Office

Will this work? Will she accept it or throw it into the dustbin? Still wondering. Should I or should I not? I'm scared I might freak her out.

Haiz.... guest blogger not working. Ask her to help me blog so that I can concentrate more on H. Like that still dare to demand for angus.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Save me

Blogging in office cause no mood to work today. Got 2 item with deadline this coming friday. But somehow I just simply couldn't get myself to start doing them.

No mood not because I've been on leave for the past 5 days. No mood because my mind is filled with question marks. I thought I'm trying to resolve the problem that has been troubling me for the past few months, but your words only gave me more questions. Trying to read back on your reply to make some sense out of it, but it just doesn't make any sense. Somebody save me from this craze.

Coincidently, a phrase in Corrinne May's Save Me best describe my feelings now.
I thought I had it figured out
But you came and turned my whole world upside down

Are you taking me on another roller coaster ride again?

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