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Brains and Brawns


Its nice to go for a jog after doing assignment for the whole day. :)



The swimming complex where I swim at regularly.

Haha.. I lost my discipline to jog. Shiat!

And don't be evil can? Put up so many pics of yummy food. Luring me to sin - Gluttony. Bah!

I also posted alot of pic when i go running. But why you never get affected and go running leh?

It's all in the mind.....

bleah! :P

We choose to see what we want to see mah.

Anyway, I started swimming~ Before work, go Delta Swimming complex.

I'm quite puzzled how does one job with a phone bulking around around. Urgh.


Then you should post pictures of yourself jogging.

Then I'll be motivated. Bwahahaha!!!

shan: I hold the HP on my hand, connect to earpiece and listen to MP3.

You go swimming before going to work? How much exercise can you get? 1/2hr?

StephieD: I think you will be very demotivated if I post pic of myself running. (Anyway, how do I take pic of myself running?)

Anyway, if you look carefully, there are a few people running in the pic. Got count?

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