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Monday, July 31, 2006

Another run


I need to run more often.


Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cooking a pot of soup

Someone was cooking a pot of soup in the kitchen.

Someone walks in and saw the pot of soup. He feels that mashroom will make the soup taste good. So he added some mashroom.

Another person walks by and added ginsheng as he feel that will enhance the flavor.

Another person saw the soup and decided to add some prawns to make a seafood soup. Another person added diced chicken.

Someone added tomato. Another person added milk to make the soup creamy. Another person added pepper.

And another added abalone. Another added shark fins.

In the end, the soup tasted horrible.


Everyone have their ideas. Everyone want to make the best out of the event. Not all ideas are good. Even if the idea is good, it may not go well with other ideas.

Sometimes, a simple mashroom soup is good enough.

They don't teach this in chemistry lesson II

I thought the Mentos Diet Coke Fountain was cool.

Well, someone bought it to the next level.

Fire in the hole!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Darth Maul vs Supergirl???

Some neat stuff. Made in Singapore.

3 years later

A friend MSN me and told me that she has been talking to my ex-buddy lately and ask if meet up some day. Well, she knows exactly what happen and how did that guy from my buddy become my ex-buddy.

It has been more than 3 years already. Whatever anger and whatever hatred should be over already. But then, I turn down her offer to meet him.

I simply cannot bring myself to talk to someone who backstab me. Its better to remain as familar stranger.

Mission Accomplished

Thought this would be some Mission Impossible.

Lightstick are easily available at the Beach Road Army Market. But white lightstick? I don't remember seeing a white lightstick back in army days. My 1st question was, do they exist?

Well, a search on the internet reveal that they do exist.
Anyway, got them at a stall in Beach Road Army Market.

It looks abit blue-ish actually. But that is because of the surrounding light. When we place it into the original package, its pure white.


The white inflatable cheer stick/ Clapper is abit tricky too. In the first place, I'm not even sure the real name for the item. There are actually a couple of names for it. Cheer Stick, Thunder Stick, Clapper etc etc etc.

Anyway, found 1 on the internet, but its rather expensive. So we settle for a cheaper one at Beach Road Concourse.

Start counting down to party.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Singapore Fireworks Festival 2006

Singapore Fireworks Festival is back.

Sat, 5 Aug 2006:
Team ITALY by Mr Francesco AMBRICO of Magic Events.

Tue, 8 Aug 2006:
Team SINGAPORE by Mr Hery NG of Spectaworks Pte Ltd.

Fri, 11 Aug 2006:
Team NEW CALEDONIA by Mr Charles GERMAIN of Inter-Dis SARL.

Sat, 12 Aug 2006:
A Complimentary Musically Choreographed Fireworks Display by the French Team of Singapore Fireworks Festival 2004.

All shows begin at 9pm at Marina Bay.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Don't try this at home in the park.

Evening gown

I went to search for the definition of evening gown after seeing the one wore by Miss Universe Singapore.

From wikipedia: An evening gown or gown is the general name given to a lady's dress worn to a formal affair.

I don't know how did this ever gets classified as evening gown. Its not even formal at all. It reveal too much flesh till a point that it makes the wearer look slutty instead of elegant. Yes, she got good figure, but showing off the figure is during the swimsuit segment. Not the evening gown segment.

What the heck is the designer thinking?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wanted in white

Hunting for 2 things currently.

1) White Cyalume Stick / Lightstick
2) White colour inflatable cheer stick

Both must be white. I need them in large quantity and urgently.
Anyone know where can I get? Thx.

Calculator more accurate than Excel?

Got into a math debate with a colleague today.
Product A cost $0.05 per minute. Find the cost for 15 second.

0.05 / 60 * 15

Using Calculator, she got 0.012499999......
Using Excel, I get 0.0125

So she claims that calculator is more accurate because it gives you more decimal points....

But it doesn't make sense. How could a caculator be more accurate than Excel? And 0.05 / 60 * 15 is also equal to 0.05 / 4 which gives you 0.0125

So why does the calculator give 0.01249999 instead of 0.0125?
0.05 / 60 will be rounded off when you use calculator. Then you times 15 on something that has been rounded, of cos the result will not be accurate.


Don't understand why some people likes the physical caculator so much. There are so many thing that need to be caculated at 1 shot. All the raw data are already in excel and the formula is more or less the same. Instead of keying them one by one on the caculator, why not just use excel?

Besides, excel is 100% more accurate than caculator.

Lesson we learnt today:
Being slow and steady doesn't means you'll always be correct.
Being fast doesn't mean you'll be wrong.

Doing what i excel best

Its been a long time since I was assigned a task that I excel in. Ever since I was transfered to another sub team, I've been doing new stuff that I'm not familar with. The feeling of being unsure of many thing that I do isn't great. Sometimes feel so shitty because I just don't understand how a lot of things work. Can be quite demoralising sometimes.

When I saw the email saying we need to do that task that I excel in, I was kinda delighted. Its been a long time since I'm assigned with something that I know exactly what I doing and feel that I'm in total control. Its sort of like an ego booster.

The task has been completed. The after-feeling is great.

Now, back to the new stuff that I'm not familar with.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Maria is back


Waive the charges

I always thought this is a known fact until I bump into a few people who never knew about this.

It is possible to get the credit card company to waive the annual fee charges. Almost 99.9% chance of getting it waived. I just called up Citibank yesterday to get them to waived that $60 annual fee on my Ready Credit account which I never use. Its simple, just call and tell them to waive it. No questions asked. If they don't (Which I heard some customer service does), just say you would like to cancel it. And they will offer to waive it for you. Even if you never used the card before, they will most likely waive it for you too. After all, they rather you hold the card and use it than earn that mere $60 from you.

Anyone paid annual fee for credit cards? I hope not. But I heard that its harder to get waiver for Gold card and Platinum card. Not sure if it is true.

Anyway, its not only annual fee that can be waived. Late payment charges, together with the interest incured, can be waived too. I forgot to pay the bill for my UOB mini few weeks back. So I called to ask for waiver. The customer service ask why I didn't pay on time and I simply replied that I forgotten. And he waive that $25 late payment charges and interest. OK, this trick only works after you pay your bills.

If they refuse to waive it, just say you want to cancel the card. Simple as that.

2 phone calls to 2 credit card companies and saved me $85. :D

Ganna Spammed Part 2

Ganna Spammed again.

This time, its worst.... 68 junk comments on my blog. Within a span of 3mins.... Obvious its some program. No superhuman can spam at this rate.

I really really don't want to turn on the word verification. I don't wanna make it troublesome to post comment. I don't see why I should take up such measures just because some low-life spammer come spam my blog.

Just like today, I wanted to throw away a plastic bag. I was at the MRT station already. There are no dustbin in MRT station because they scared that terrorist would place a bomb inside. But its troublesome of everyone else. In the end, I have to walk out of the station just to throw that rubbish.

I hate spammer. I hate Osama.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hair for hope

What will you do for charity?
Some people donate money. Some volunteer at old folks home.

But would you shave your head for charity?

609 people will be doing just that for charity. And amoung the 609 people, 99 of them are ladies!!

Salute to all of you for your courage.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Degree in a box

Went to collect my course material for the coming semster. Instead of giving us all the books in a plastic bag like they usually do, they place it inside a nice box with handle this time.

Its like those boxes that they use to put new laptop.

How I wish getting a degree is like buying a laptop. Go to shop, choose model and walk out with a brand new laptop in your hand.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The broken chin up bar

Haven't been doing much chin up ever since the chin up bar gave up on me. Keep asking dad to bring the electric drill from his office so that I could secure the screw on to the wall. But he keep forgetting and I keep forgetting to remind him.

As my ICT is coming, I decided that it is time to swing back to action again. So I finally remembered to remind dad to bring the electric drill back. Tried to drill the screw and nut back to the door frame. But it didn't secure properly. Decide to use a hammer to hit the screw in..... BAD MOVE.

The plastic nut broke into 2 pieces.

I wonder if they sell just the plastic nut and screw alone. Else I'll have to buy a new chin up bar. Argh.....

For the mean time, I have no choice but to use the public chin up bar at the parks.

Managed to find this isolated chin up bar at the Jurong Lake Park. It better to use a chin up bar where nobody can see. Don't wanna make a fool out of myself infront of so many people.

The feeling is just not the same. Its better to have a chin up bar at home, on the door frame of your room. Oh well... better than nothing right?

Jurong Lake Park


Dark and quiet place to jog.
But floor abit wet. Need better drainage.


Lack of crowd control

Wouldn't expect Mediacorp to have such horrible crowd control. Or rather, wouldn't expect Mediacorp to have no crowd control for an event like this.

The whole place is in a mess. No proper queue. No staff to organise the crowd. Everyone crowding around the entrance with no proper ventilation for at least 15 minutes. Luckily, the crowd consist of mostly young people. Would be a disaster if someone faint while waiting to enter the theater.

Its a messy day....

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Window Live only support WinXP

I was wondering why my MSN never bug me to upgrade to the new Window Live. Usually when there is a new version, the MSN will bug me to upgrade whenever I log in. But this time it didn't, and I wonder why.

Thought that Microsoft finally decided not to bug their user to upgrade, I went to download the new Window Live voluntarily by myself...... ONLY to discover that this new version of MSN doesn't support Windows 2000.

OK, you might be wondering.... why am I still on Win2k? I hate WinXP seriously. Firstly, I got a few "legacy" devices that doesn't work on WinXP.
Secondly, I don't like the way that WinXP try to take over task like managing your bluetooth, winzip etc etc
Thirdly, I hate that STUPID popup bubble at the bottom righthand corner which seems IMPOSSIBLE to remove.

I have no choice to use WinXP on my laptop..... but I choose to remain at Win2k on my desktop. Feel that Win2k is the best OS ever by Microsoft. (Well, the BEST OS got to be MacOS Tiger, but I don't have a Mac yet.)

Anyway, I got a message telling me to upgrade my OS before installing Window Live. Upgrade OS just to use your stupid new MSN? I rather stick to the old version.

Why am I still on a Window? I should be using a Mac......
**Look at Apple Store**
iMac from SGD$2188. Anyone buying that for my birthday present? :D

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wanna dance?

**Play Salsa music**

1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8...
1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8...
1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8...
1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8...

Wanna dance?

Friday, July 14, 2006

Nice **insert device name** you have there

This is an interesting tank top design.

Saying "Nice **insert device name** you have there. Mind if I play with it?" has a new meaning now....

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I want that T-Shirt!!!

This is 1 T-shirt that I wanna buy the moment I saw it.

I do hope they will add the famous "Sorry also must explain" phrase at the back of the T-shirt.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Slow but steady

Back to jogging.

The speed is slow. But the pace is steady.

The same distance seem twice as long when you stopped jogging for some time.


Wisma Atria Bluetooth

Was walking out of Orchard MRT station towards Wisma Atria when I saw a poster asking me to turn on my bluetooth to receive an e-coupon.

Feeling bored, I turned on the bluetooth of my K750i and shortly after, a request to send me this picture appear on my HP.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Didn't go for it cause I'm not keen in drinking starbucks that time.

But its an interesting idea..... Esp when most people have HP with bluetooth.

Oh ya, its also a good way to spam those people who never off their HP's bluetooth.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rod Stewart - For The First Time

Rod Stewart - For The First Time

Are those your eyes
Is that your smile
Ive been looking at you forever
Yet I never saw you before
Are these your hands holding mine
Now I wonder how I could have been so blind
And for the first time I am looking in your eyes
For the first time Im seeing who you are
I cant believe how much I see
When youre looking back at me
Now I understand what love is, love is
For the first time

Can this be real
Can this be true
Am I the person I was this morning
And are you the same you
Its all so strange
How can it be
All along this love was right in front of me
And for the first time I am looking in your eyes
For the first time Im seeing who you are
I cant believe how much I see
When youre looking back at me
Now I understand what love is, love is
For the first time

Such a long time ago I had given up
On finding this emotion ever again
But youre here with me now
Yes I found you somehow
And Ive never been so sure
And for the first time I am looking in your eyes
For the first time Im seeing who you are
Cant believe how much I see
When youre looking back at me
Now I understand what love is, love is
For the first time
For the first time

Unrealistic target

Had a meeting today regarding the target setting for our team. The target set by the top management for our team is kinda unrealistic. 1 of the requirement is totally beyond our control. In order to meet that target, we must make sure other team meet their target. If they don't meet the target, their job will affect us and we will also not be able to meet the target. Which is kinda unfair.

But the most unrealistic target is the 1 that says we cannot make more than 3 error during testing phrase. HUH? Testing leh. Of cos there will be error and of cos there will be more than 3 errors. How to you prevent error during testing phrase? If testing is error free, then why in the first place do you need testing?

It is almost impossible to meet less than 3 error per request. All my team mates protested against this unrealistic target set by top management. But there is nothing my teamlead can do about it.

But I calm everyone down by saying "Don't worry. Everyone, including other team, will not be able to meet that target. At least when you ganna scolding, you know you are not alone. The whole entire project will be together"

I guess we can all ignore that unrealistic target.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Maria on holiday again

Maria went on holiday again. This time, she went to france. Her friend getting married to a french guy. Heard that the guy's family is from some noble family or something and they owns a castle. Whatever.....

Whenever Maria is not around, I'll need to be the maid of the house. Do all the washing. Its simple task, throw the dirty clothles into washing machine and hang it out once the wash cycle completes. BUT if its a simple task, they why can't someone go invent a device that picks up dirty clothles from the laundry basket and puts it into the washing machine? Why can't they make it hang the clothles out to dry? And fold the clothles and put them in the drawer once they are dry?

Wait... Someone DID invented that. Just that we didn't employ a domestic helper. But then, sometimes it feel weird to have a domestic helper around. You can't appear half naked after your shower. It just feel weird to have a stranger in your house.

Ok, keep the long post short. Need to go wash the clothles then go out liao. This 2 weeks will be good practice. After all, Maria will be getting married early next year and I'll have to takeover the "Maria" role.

The house just feels weird without a female member.......

Saturday, July 08, 2006

What changes?

Quite a number of people came to ask me if I've decided to stay in my current team or jump to another team.

Actually, I couldn't really make up my mind. Both side have their pros and cons. Its really hard to choose.

But then, a sudden twist of event freed me from the trouble of choosing my fate. One of my colleague has just resigned. There is going to be another major team re-org again. And there wouldn't be a way that I can transfer over to the other team.

Anyway, its also nice to stay at my team. I forsee some challenges for the next few months. Should be quite fun.... I hope.....

Friday, July 07, 2006

Brownless Friday

It just feel weird not reading mrbrown's column on Friday. Do all the bad things have to happen on friday? We have friday the 13, bloody friday and black friday. Now we got a brownless friday.

I re-read the 'offending article' by mrbrown several times. Then I read the letter from MICA. Did mrbrown distort the truth? Or is it someone just simply refuse to accept that this is the truth.

It is a sad day, not just for bloggers, but for all Singaporeans. Once again, we proven to the world that we are a country without much freedom of speech. We are already at 147th in the index of press freedom ranking. At this rate we are going, we will take over North Korea's title in a few years time.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I am Singaporean


Inspired by Molson beer "I am Canadian" commercial (this is the video from Youtube) and following call from mrbrown in the wake of yet another fare hike.

Here is my version of "I am Singaporean"


I’m not a white horse, or a PSB Scholar, and I live in a HDB flat, drink Newater and take MRT. And I don’t know George, Vivian or Balaji from Singapore although I’m feel they’re not doing a good job.

I have an elected president who has never been voted. I speak English, Mandarin and mostly Singlish, and I pronounce it “Ang Moh”, not “Eng More”.

I cannot hang my country’s flag after August. I call it fare hike, not revise; Casino, not Integrated Resort; and the merlion must be a cross bred between a fish and a lion.

A peanut cost 600k, A strong mandate is 66.6%, and PAP really stands for Pay And Pay.

Singapore is the smallest country in South East Asia. Lions will qualify for World Cup 2010! And no upgrading for opposition constituency.

My name is DK! And I am Singaporean!
... Thanks hor.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Teamlead asked me into the meeting room today morning to discuss something. He need to transfer 1 staff to another project and asked if I’m interested in going over.

The project is rather new. Although I’m not very sure exactly what they are doing, but they do require C programming which I’m not using currently.

Actually, I’m quite ok with programming. After all, I’m quite good in programming modules back in poly days. Just that I haven’t been using C for quite some time already and need a bit of refresher. Which I’m quite alright with. The new team should promise new challenges for me. Something that I can’t experience in my present team.

The only concern I have is with changes. I just changed to a new subteam sometime in March and starting to get the hang of the task required. It’s kinda sian to transfer to another team again now. I like working with my current team, although sometimes I don’t like the way my sub teamlead handle things. But overall, it is still a nice team to work with.

Should I leave the comfort of my current team to venture to something new?

I have until Friday to revert....

Monday, July 03, 2006

My birthday is 3 month away

Must thank SAF for reminding me that my birthday is 3 months away. They send me a SMS reminder telling me to pass my IPPT before my birthday or they will send me a big birthday gift.

A 2 months free access to Maju camp for workout. Not something everyone wants for a birthday present.

I really need to get that stupid chin up bar back. I really need to jog more.

The drilling is killing me

The fever has gone down.
The headache isn't as bad as yesterday.
The giddiness is still there because I slept too much.

But all these are alright.... its the damn drilling that is killing me now. The drilling by the workers for the lift upgrading. They have been drilling since 9am. I don't know what the heck are they drilling. Got so much things to drill meh? When are they going to stop?

Dad's famous phrase when we complaint about the upgrading:
"Who ask you all to vote yes for the upgrading that time?"

But then, our 1 vote don't make much different when more than 95% of the resident voted for a yes. Argh.... have to endure the noise and pollution.... Wondering how long more do they have to take.

Feel like taking my laptop and go out. But feeling abit weak and get tired easily. See how later.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Haven't been falling sick for a long time. Sort of forgotten the feeling of having a fever and feeling weak. The feeling is terrible. Wouldn't wanna go thru it again.

Well... at least I have MC for a day. :D

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