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I am Singaporean


Inspired by Molson beer "I am Canadian" commercial (this is the video from Youtube) and following call from mrbrown in the wake of yet another fare hike.

Here is my version of "I am Singaporean"


I’m not a white horse, or a PSB Scholar, and I live in a HDB flat, drink Newater and take MRT. And I don’t know George, Vivian or Balaji from Singapore although I’m feel they’re not doing a good job.

I have an elected president who has never been voted. I speak English, Mandarin and mostly Singlish, and I pronounce it “Ang Moh”, not “Eng More”.

I cannot hang my country’s flag after August. I call it fare hike, not revise; Casino, not Integrated Resort; and the merlion must be a cross bred between a fish and a lion.

A peanut cost 600k, A strong mandate is 66.6%, and PAP really stands for Pay And Pay.

Singapore is the smallest country in South East Asia. Lions will qualify for World Cup 2010! And no upgrading for opposition constituency.

My name is DK! And I am Singaporean!
... Thanks hor.


2010, not likely.
Maybe 3010.

Why not? Mr Mah say will means will mah. MIW won't make empty promise 1. lol....

(the most spend billions buy the entire Brazil national team over)

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