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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Stand by me

Feeling sad and demoralised now.

Wish that you could be by my side now.
Holding me, comforting me, encouraging me.

Will you be there for me? Will you stand by me?

I need you.

Staring at my error

My worst nightmare came true. Made an error in that request.

As expected, if I am a small mistake, the impact will be very big. And this time, it is huge. Very very huge. I'm still in office extracting the records that have error. Look like the extraction has to run overnight. No point for me to stay back. Only thing I can do now is to stare at my error.

Can't believe I made such a careless mistake. How am I going to explain to my boss tomorrow?

Is this the final straw?


I'm lost. I'm desperately finding solutions to the problem.

"You are lost. There's a huge dense jungle surrounding you and you are desperately trying to find your way out of it. But you don't see light... anywhere..."


Platonic friendship

Do you believe in platonic friendship?

Its funny that I do. Esp after my first gf broke off with me and go into a new relationship with her close friend shortly after. I knew they were close friends. They meet every weekend. I didn't mind them meeting. Anyway, he is not the only reason why that relationship failed.

But how come I still believes in platonic friendship?

Because I was in 1 before. Her name is Rachel. Although we already lost contact, but I'll never forget this platonic friendship we had. We were great friends. I call her my buddy. Most guys' would have male buddies, but mine is a lady.

Is it possible to keep a platonic friendship even when both are attached? Yes, it is possible, but difficult. It requires a lot of factors. Firstly, both friends have to draw the line clearly. There are some things that friends shouldn't do. There are some things that friends shouldn't say. There are some things that friends shouldn't think about. These things must be clear.

And it also requires a lot of trust by their partners. Trust that their partner will not cross the line. Trust that their partner's heart is always with them. Trust that their partner and his/her friend is purely platonic friendship and nothing else. End of the day, it boils down to whether they trust their partner or not.

And how to gain trust? Trust cannot be built up within days. It need long term assurance thru speech and actions. Most importantly, never lie to your partner. If you are going out with a friend of the opposite sex, then be truthful about it. Never lie about it. Let your partner know where you are going and assure him/her that is just a friend meet up. Let your partner knows your activities and be contactable via handphones. Basically, be truthful and never attempt to hide any details.

As partners, you have to accept the fact that it is already 2006 and it is common to have close friends of the opposite sex. If your partner is truthful about his/her platonic friend, then it means that he/she isn't doing anything unfaithful to you and has nothing to hide from you. Since he/she isn't hiding anything from you, then you shouldn't restrict his circle of friends. If you disallow them from meeting, he/she might end up lying to you so that you don't know that they are meeting. Isn't that worst? So long as he/she is truthful and doesn't hide anything, there shouldn't be anything regarding the friendship.

But if you feel that there is something wrong with the so call platonic friendship, then its time you sit down and talk to your partner about it.

Platonic friendship is possible if both party is committed towards each other.

When is your farewell party?

I told T and LH about this today afternoon during kopi. Never go much into the details with them. Perhaps I should do it here.

I feel like quitting my job.

Ok, this is not the 1st time I'm saying this. But the feeling this time is rather strong.

Change of sub team
There has been a re-org in my team lately. I've been posted to another subteam. Doing "almost" the same thing, but quite unfamilar with the things I'm suppose to do. I don't like the feeling. I've been quite strong in the stuff that I used to be doing. Now I'm transfered to another subteam and have to start over again. Relearn some stuff and built up myself again. Its like starting all over again.

Me is no like.

Boring task
The thing about this subteam is that the task are all simple task. Those that close 1 eyes also can do. But tedious because every small request u do, u need to update tons of document. End up, I find myself doing more documentation than programming. And I hate documentations although I'm the ISO coordinator. And there is no big request at all. All the small small request that doesn't value add yourself in the team.

Me is sianz.

Lack of trust
Then the sub teamlead of the new team doesn't really trust my job. Firstly, I'm new in the subteam. 2ndly, the person whom I took over is very careless and made alot of errors. Because of that, the sub teamlead is very scare of things done by other. I don't mind if you check my work. In fact, I love it when you check my work. But he is scare until he wants me to do some stupid preventive measures to prevent SIMPLE ERRORS.

For example, the previous person made an error once when she didn't check the insertion log. There was actually an error in her insertion but she didn't notice. So the sub teamlead expect me to keep a log of all the insertion. But hell. I've been in the company for 3 years already. Inserting got error, I would had seen it. Why is there a need to include my insertion log for you to double check? And I'm only inserting 8 bloody lines. 8 lines only!!! Would I be careless to miss error msg?

Then there was once the previous person forgot to commit update sql statement. Thus the changes were not commited into the server. So the sub teamlead started checking to ensure that the SQL script have commit command. BUT I usually don't put the word commit in my SQL file. I prefer to commit MANUALLY. Besides, if I don't have the commit statement in the script, I can still rollback if there is an error. AND HEY, I been working for so long already, do you think I'll make careless mistake as not to commit the changes I made?

I know the previous person did alot of careless mistakes. But if you want me to work for you, you have to trust me. Without trust, how do you expect me to work well with you?

Me is pissed.

Big request
Our team have this big request coming. It is, in my own word, mother of all request. The whole request is very huge. Impacting many teams and expecting to take a few months to finish. It is a request that allows you to show your abilities. The request was assigned to my previous subteam. I had a chance of doing some initial studies on the request before I was transfered. It is huge. I keep saying that the request is tedious and killer. But deep down inside, I wanted to do it badly to show my bosses my abilities to coordinate such big project. It is a great chance for me.

But now that I've moved to another subteam, I will not be so involved in the request. Although the request will also impact my subteam, but my role has greatly been reduced.

Whenever I chat with my ex sub teamlead, I would ask her about the request. She jokingly ask me today if I'm interested in the request, and if I am, she can request that I be assigned to do it. But I decline saying it is a killer. But DEEP DOWN INSIDE, I really wish I could take up this request. But it isn't nice to take it up. After all, I'm being transfered to another subteam already. This is no longer my subteam's project. It is not nice to go request from my teamlead to take up this request.

Me is tu-lan.

Moving office
Office is shifting to AMK in early May. I live in Jurong. It will take 1hr plus for me to travel to my new workplace. This is sickening. And to make thing worst, the table assigned to me is the worst among my team. Right infront of the meeting room door. Everytime people walk out of the meeting room will see my montior and what am I doing. Totally no privacy.

Me is sick.

I think I'm almost to the brim already. I was telling T and EH that if I wanna resign, it would be before 4th Apr. Why 4th Apr? Because we are moving to the new office on 4th May. We need 1 month advance notice to resign. If I want to leave, I'll leave before moving. After moving, I think I'll stay for a few months before deciding.

So when is my farewell party?
I'm trying to endure now. If another thing/person pushes me again between now till 4th Apr, I'll just submit the letter. If after 4th Apr I haven't throw the letter, that means I'll be staying, at least for a few more months.

So how? Any colleagues reading this? If you hate me, just throw some Sai Kang to me and I'll be gone.

Me is tired.

Monday, March 27, 2006

This semester is tough

This semester is tough. Instead of the usual 1 year semester, it has been reduced to 1/2 year. The workload is still the same. Just that everything squeezed together. Esp assignment. 1 assignment due ever 2 weeks compared to 1 assignment due every 1 mth.

Can hardly breathe.

I just submitted an assignment that is confirm flank 1. I under estimate the module. I thought it would be easy. I skipped a couple of lesson. And I'm stuck with the assignment. And the lecture notes and course material doesn't make sense to me.

I just tried to savage as many marks as I can.

Its not easy studying and working at the same time. Esp when I didn't put in much effort to revise my school work. I've been idling too much. Time to buck up.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The day the chin up bar gave up on me

The chin up bar gave way. Not because I gain weight.

I've been expecting it to give way 1 day. The screw is too short. Not deep enough to hold the bar and a human weight. It will give way sooner or later. And it give way today.

So I landed on the ground with my kneecap. OUCH.

Think I'm going to have black blue / black green / whatever.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Budget dinner, Budget entertainment and the whole garden

Went to company dinner last night. 1 word best describe everything, BUDGET.
See the menu and you know why.

Sweetcorn soup with shredded crabmeat? Wah Piang....

Oh ya, someone keep complaining that they didn't even give us peanuts before the dinner is being served. You know, usually when you go wedding dinner, they would give each table a plate of peanuts. We got none. They saving on peanuts too?

Suddenly I feel worried for my rice bowl. The is the worst Company dinner I've ever been in 3 yrs. Is company really doing that bad? Is it time to hit the panic button and start sending out resume? I wonder.

Oh, the door gift is a remote control holder. -_-'''
I'm thinking of putting soil in it and grow plants.

Budget dinner always comes with budget entertainment. When you are on a tight budget, there are 2 things you can do:-
1) Get a talented staff on stage to perform.
2) Get the big boss on stage and sing a song.

The organising committee did both. 1 of the organising committee happen to know how to play the piano. So he went on stage to play a few tunes on the piano. Not bad, but not my kind of music. Then they invite our big boss up on stage to sing with the piano as background music.

As you would know, his singing is abit the eerr... you know lah. Usually, if the performance sucks, I would just go to the rest room. But this is different. You can't leave your table when you big boss is performing. Even if you need to visit the rest room urgently, you still have to endure until he finish the song. After he finish singing, every clapped and cheered loudly. Bunch of hypocrites. Everyone claps because it is politically correct to do so. Nobody dare to walk out of the room during the performance. Nobody dare to jeer.

Well... who dares anyway. Nobody wants to receive a letter from HR first thing next monday morning right?

The lucky draw isn't that fantastic too. Only 22 prizes. Argh. Like that where got chance? Anyway, Xuanz won the 1st prize, which is a iPaq worth around $2000. I remember we used to have better 1st prize in the past.

The dinner ended at around 10:30pm. Could had finished earlier if not for some boring games and low budget magic show by the MC. But salute to the organising committee. This must be one of the hardest company dinner ever to organise. The budget is too tight. Everyone can feel it. Guess they already tried their best to work with the tight budget.

Went Amara Hotel with some colleagues for a drink after dinner. It has been a long time since we sit down for a beer and a nice chat. Everyone has their personal commitment and couldn't meet up for a drink. I miss those days when we would sometimes go for a drink on friday night after work. Now that everyone is married or drives a car, we hardly have time for drinking session. Even if there is 1, the guys won't drink much.

I drank the whole garden. I mean Hoegaarden. Been wanting to try out Hoegaarden since reading about it from Fireangel and Suanie.

Great beer. Very light, very smooth.

We ordered 1 pint each at first. The glass was huge. Feel so shoik when holding the glass.

Well, we had a good chat. But we didn't drink much. Cause 1 is driving and married, 2 married and another one is getting married soon. Cannot drink much cause scare wife will nag. I had 2 pint while the rest had either 1 pint to 1 1/2 pint. Wanted to go for another pint actually. But gave up the idea cause the rest didn't drink much.

Oh ya, Amara Hotel is having this promotion when you spend $100 and above. All you need to do is to take the receipt and flyer to the Alfa Romeo car showroom and test drive their new Alfa GT and they will give you a $50 dining voucher.

Hmmm.... maybe I should go have a try. Even though I can't afford the car.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Long overdued X-mas present

Met up with Jessie tonight for dinner. She is my ex-gf. We broke up for around 4 years already. But it is nice to still keep in contact and meet up once in awhile for dinner. We last met in Oct 05.

We had dinner and a good chat. We seem to have endless topic to talk about. Talk about friends and work and her soon to be husband. Oh, she is getting married this coming Oct.

The funniest thing we talk about was the event that trigger her to sms me today to meet up.

She need to log into some old system in office today and was searching for the password. She finally found the password written in some book. And the password is actually our name combined together. Goes to show that they haven't been using that thing for more than 4 years. Haha.

Then I told her about this box that I have in my drawer for the past 4 years. It contains many memories of the times when we were together. I sealed it up few months after we broke off and kept it in the drawer. I came across it during spring cleaning and open it up for a peek. There are a few interesting things inside the box. Like the movie ticket stud for our first movie date. A keychain she gave me. Some paper hearts with wording inside. Actually I wanted to return the box to her, since that I have no more feelings for her anymore.

Then there was this X-mas present that I got for her back in 2003 but never got the chance to give it to her. It is a wallet card holder. Remember she was saying that she need a wallet to hold card back then. So I got her a wallet with alot of card slot. Almost similar to the one that I got her while we were together.

We did meet quite a couple of times after X-mas 03, but I keep forgetting to bring that present out. So we left our dinner place and drove home. She waited for me at the carpark while I went up to get the present.

"Merry X-mas", I said to her when I passed her the present.

Ya, Merry X-mas, 2 year and 3 months late......

Thursday, March 23, 2006


When a gal tell the guy that he has no chance, she will usually tell him not to wait for her too.

I can promise you that I won't wait for you.
But I can't promise that I can control my feelings towards you.

So where do we go from here? I don't really know.
We'll just take each step as it comes.

It takes a lot of 勇气 to take the next step.


张震岳 - 勇气






Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Running with a hangover


You only get pain, pain and more pain.


My Favorite Things

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad

Siglap Cheesecake cafe.
Coffee bean.
Handle bar Fish & Chips.
NYDC Mudpie
Special Cheese prata from Fong Seng
Dark Chocolates
Palm TX
Speeding along straight deserted road
Chill out at Boat Quay TCC
Blasting loud techno/trance/progressive/dance music on headphone
___ ____

What if.....

What if the only person that can make you happy is the same person that make you sad in the first place?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Sis called me today to check something. My 2 1/2 yr old nephew wanted a share of the conversation and so I entertained him for a while before talking to his mummy. We hang up the phone when everything is settled, only to have my sis call me again in less than 30 sec. It is my nephew saying goodbye to me.

Sis say he cried because she hang up the phone without giving him a chance to say goodbye to me.


Forgot to go ATM machine today. Left with just 40 cents in my wallet after lunch. I was sitting next to a school children while on the bus to SIM when something interesting pop into my mind. That child sitting next to me actually have more money than me now.

And I'm actually a working adult.....


Pitstop cafe is having a Ice Cream buffet every Thursday for the month of march. Always been wanting to go visit pitstop cafe. The ice cream buffet is like an added bonus. But somehow, just can't seem to find any company.

There are 2 more thursday left for March. I don't mind going on non-thurs too. Anyone???


I should be doing my assignment now. But the questions are killing me. Question 1 says write a 600 words report. Question 2 says write a 1000 words report. Hey, I'm a programmer!!! Not reporter....

Give me programming or give me death!


Back to manual

Dad's business hasn't been doing well for many years already. I'm amazed that they still manage to drag it for so long. Sometimes, you reached a point where there is really no chance of making a comeback. And that is the time to give up.

Anyway, one of the salesman resigned and the car that they lend him is left in the company. So my dad decide to sell away his current car (while it still have value) and use that car. Sound fine to me. I don't mind downgrading car. But here is the problem..... its a manual car!!!

OMG..... I really cannot remember when was the last time I drove a manual car. Its have been so long. I've been driving auto car ever since I got my license. I'm too used to the comfort of a auto car. I don't know how am I going to survive driving a manual car.

Imagine doing a parking using manual car. Or moving off from slope.

Grrr..... I hope this is a nightmare...... someone wake me up please.....

Warm night


Its a very warm night.
Sweat a lot.


Monday, March 20, 2006

杜德伟 - 放一颗心

别怕我爱得太多 爱你我很快乐
你尽管放心接受 这样温柔 和我
我不怕任何结果 珍惜这一刻
就算是有一天你突然 想走

Sunday, March 19, 2006

周华健 - 不愿一个人




Handle Bar


**Long overdue posting.**

Went Handle Bar with ZhenZhen on Wednesday.

When we go Handle Bar, it can only be because of 1 thing. Fish and Chips!!!!

Well, ZhenZhen owes me one fish and chips cause she bet that I'll pass my IPPT.

I've mentioned many times that Handle Bar serves the best fish and chip I've ever tasted. They have 2 kinds of Fish N Chips, Beer Battered and Breaded. Both taste just as good. The Fish is so soft that you can actually eat without using the knife.

The fish and chips comes with a huge servings of fries. We actually wanted to order another plate of cheese fries. Their cheese fries are great too. But the waitress told us that the fish and chip itself has a lot of fries already. She suggested having the cheese on top of the fish and chip's fries. Cool. Next time remember to ask them to put cheese on the fries. Make it taste even better.

Still craving for more......

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Face Recognition

Tried playing with the Face Recognition just now. Its a website that lets you upload your picture and see which celebrity looks like you. Saw alot of bloggers playing with it and have very interesting results.

Here is my results....

Marion Jones, an American athlete. 61%
Who is she anyway?

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Queen Consort of George VI of the United Kingdom. 58%
WOW.... Queen's mother. Wah.... If only I'm born into the Royal family.
BTW: Do I have a female face? How come all woman?

Ephraim Kishon, an Israeli satirist, dramatist, screenwriter, and film director. 56%
Finally a guy. but also don't know him. Can give me someone more famous or not.

Tony Leung Chiu Wai., Hong Kong movie and ex-television actor. 53%
ok.... finally someone whom I know.

HUH?!?!?! WAIT A MIN!!! Tony Leung? *Roll on the floor laughing*
I got so yan dao meh? Hahahaha....

Sorry to all those Tony Leung's fans out there. But I look like Tony Leung? Hahaha.
Tonight cannot sleep liao.

I look like Tony Leung..... no joke....

Keeping things this way

When your paltoon mate call you on a Saturday afternoon when you are having alert manning, only one thing could happen. So before he could said anything, I just told him "See you later".

I could had taken Taxi to the mobilisation centre. But I decided to save money and take the MRT. Wearing my Number 4 uniform with my full battle order, I had the chance to look around me and see what am I defending.

As I stood in the train, I saw children playing.
Couples holding hands and sitting side by side.
A young mother carrying her baby with the father beside her..

As I look out the window, I see HDB flats, houses, roads and parks.
I see cars traveling on the expressway.
Teenagers cycling in the park.

And its nice to know that I'm doing my part to keep things this way.....


This is a Mobilisation Exercise. Service personnel assigned with the following codeword: "Lim Peh", "Saturday Afternoon", "Ganna Burned", "Wah Ciao" are to report to their respective mobilisation centre immediately.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Was chatting with zhenzhen few days ago while having dinner/supper. We haven't met for few weeks already. So we just briefly update each other of whats happening.

As usual, the topic will move to H somehow....

Oh well, after hearing my story, she conclude that it is better to be a woman. In fact, if given a choice, she would still want to be a woman next life. The problem with being a man is that you need to find the right time to propose to the gal and ask her to be your gf. And the timing is very important. The timing can sometimes determine your success or failure.

You see, if I were to ask H now, the answer will 100% be a no. In fact, I don't even know if it would be a yes if I ask her few mth later. Everything is uncertain for now. It all depends on what lies ahead of us.

什么时候说 is very important. Everything has its time. And spotting the right moment is the guy's job even though it is already 2006. Equality just doesn't count when it comes to being 主动. And its never easy. Perhaps that is why ZhenZhen choose to be a gal. So that she can just sit there to wait for the guy to do the work.

Come to think of it, actually its not bad being a gal too. If I can choose, I would like to be a gal in my next life too. But I want to be a chio bu with good figure. And I don't want menstruation and pregnancy. I also don't want to be worried of zao geng. I don't wanna be afraid when walking alone at night. I don't wanna be touched by those old uncle on crowded MRT and bus. I also don't want to waste time putting on make up every morning. I don't want the risk of having breast cancer. I don't want bad hair day. I don't want to wear bra everyday.

Damn..... Come to think of it, I'll stick to being a guy.......

Walking in a minefield

I'm amazed that the internal auditor didn't find any errors during the 4 hours meeting. There are so many errors, yet he sees none. It is quite amazing. Its like walking in a minefield. One wrong step and you'll die of horrible death.

But he did bring up something that both me and my teamlead find it a non-issue. You see, we have a document during the initial product study. The document will contain the scope that we are covering in the request, expected schedule and estimated man days. Man days are number of days required for us to complete the request.

The keyword is, estimate.

You see, when we finish the developement of the program, we will generate a form and the form will have the actual man days we took to develope it. And obviously, the man days in the form will defer from the estimated man days in the document. Here is the problem. The auditor say the difference cannot be more than 20%. If the document say 10 man days, the actual man days can only be plus or minus 2 days. Anything more, to him, is considered failed.

Of cos it look ok on paper. But it is not practical at all. Scope and design changes during developement phrase. How can the estimated man day be accurate up to 20%? And lets take for example a program that is estimated to be 2 man days, but turn out only need 1 man day to complete. That is 50% different!

So, we tried to explain to him the meaning of estimate.

es·ti·mate: to judge tentatively or approximately the value, worth, or significance of

He tried coming out with many "preventive measures" that we can take to keep in this 20% range. But all of them have weakness and were quickly thrown out by my teamlead and me. It is just not possible to keep within that 20% range. We are on the ground level doing the work, we know it is impossible to keep that stupid 20%. You audit stuff, what do you know about sudden changes of requirements? The idiot who come out with that 20% never done developement before.

And most importantly, it is just an estimate!

Anyway, we finally come to a conclusion that if the mandays is more than 20% different, we will have to note down the reason somewhere in the final form. Argh, more thinks to document = more place to make errors. Whatever. I just hate auditor.

Anyway, this is just the internal auditor. External auditor will be coming soon. Another torture......

Well, at least I've settled the internal audit and survived. Guess I should reward myself with something sinful.

How about Fried Mars Bar from chippy.

Utterly sinful. It melted quickly in my mouth. But taste shoik. One is not enough. Serious!!!

Follow by a nice cup cafe mocha from starbucks. I guess that is the only drink I like in starbucks. All the other drink are too sweet for my liking. Oh ya, I'm on Singnet wireless hotspot now. Given to me FREE for 2 months because I was being forced to sign that stupid contract.

Oh well... since I'm already on it, why not just make full use out of it?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Breaking down.....

One more push and I think I'll break down.

Auditors are coming. I'm the ISO coordinator. The documents are in a mess. Big mess. Not a single document pass the standard. And I have to clean up the whole mess.

I was being transfered to another sub-team due to some stupid management re-org. The things that I'm doing now are totally different from what I was doing. Everything seem so unfamilar.

School workload is very packed. Need to hand in 1 assignment every 2 week. Just submitted one. Another one coming. I'm going crazy.

Dad has been paranoid lately with the corridor lights. He keep complaining that the lights outside our house is dimmer than other and want me to call the town council. The lights are very fine. I even stood at the ground floor and look up, every light seem the same brightness. When I explain to him that the lights are alright, he face turn black and say if I don't want to call, he will call. He just refuse to listen to me explaining that the light are perfectly fine. If it is not fine, how come nobody else complaint about it? Why is it my 2 sis, my bro-in-law and me didn't find anything wrong with it? Will call town council tomorrow to try to explain to them a problem that does not exist.

T been pissing me off lately. He said I did something that make him angry. When I ask him what did I do wrong, he just don't say a thing. Come on, if you don't tell me what did I do wrong, how am I suppose to fix it? Take yesterday for example. He ask me a question. As I was busy with some stuff, I gave him a quick reply with checking. The answer was wrong. He didn't tell me. All he did was to piss me off. Until few hours later then he finally told me that the answer I gave him was wrong. I don't mind read. How would I know I did something wrong until you tell me what is wrong?

Grrrr....... One more push and I'll break down......

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I met her thru one of the online forum. I remember we didn't talk much in the beginning. I can't remember when and why we started going out together. I don't have the habit of meeting online friends in the past. All I know is, it was the beginning of a platonic friendship.

We had lots of fun while together. She just finished her diploma and is doing stage production. I was in the army, waiting for ORD. We had all the time in the world. We meet up pretty often. We would just laze around at Coffee Bean. Or go watch a performance. Or eat cheese prata at Simpang Bedok. It was pretty fun going out with her. I had lots of fun then.

Maybe you don't believe in platonic friendship. But I do, because I've been in one before. A lot of our forum friends thought that we are a couple. But we are not and we knew that we can't too. Although we are pretty close to each other, we knew that our ge xin is abit different and will sure crash head on if we were to be together. Anyway, there is no spark or chemical reaction. I think we are better of as friends.

As times goes by, we all have our stuff to do. I ORD from army and found a new job. She finished her stage production and found a full time job. We were both busy with our job and our personal life. We started to drift apart. We've lost contact.

Today is Rachel's birthday. I sms-ed her and wished her happy birthday. But there was no reply. Could she had change her phone number? Where is she now? What is she working as? Is she still with her bf? Or has she found another guy? Or is she leading a carefree life? Maybe I'll give her a call someday. I hope she haven't changed her HP number yet.

If you are reading this, Happy Birthday gal.

Will the real DK please stand up....

This feels weird.
I thought my nick "DK" is quite unique and most likely nobody will use the same nick as me.

I was wrong..... There is another DK commenting at cowboy's blog.

It just feel so weird. I'm not that DK who commented on that topic.

I'm not saying that DK is a nick reserved for me. But I'm just worried that people might mistook him for me.

The stateless door

The door is neither open nor closed.

It is in a state where its hanging in the middle, waiting to transit to a fixed state. It is in a stateless state.

And I want you to know that it is alright to let it remain stateless. At a state where nothing is fixed. And there is no need to worry about how long it will remain stateless.

Don't give it a state just for the sake of having one. Give it a state only when your mind is set. Don't rush into it. Take your time. Cause this state you give will last a lifetime.

In the meantime, just let it remain at this stateless state until your mind is set.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Customer Loyalty

I switched to Singnet from Pacnet around 1 1/2 years ago because I'm sick and tired of the stupid Pacnet customer service. My 1 1/2 year with Singnet was fine. Until my contract with Singnet expired. I was on 1 1/2 yr contract with Singnet.

You see, when a customer's contract expired, the company will try many methods to woo the customer to renew the contract. Singnet is no exception. They have some special rates and offer for customer renewing their contract. But still, their offer was not tempting enough. I decided not to renew the contract. BUT neither am I intending to cancel my account. I decided to remain contract-less until a good promo comes along.

So when you are on contract, Singnet will give you a special rate. I was on 1500kbps. The monthly subscription was $68. I was expecting the rates to revert to normal non-promo price. So I went to check Singnet website and was surprised that Singnet actually reduced the rates for 1500 broadband. The rate is now $58 per month. Cool.... I thought I'll be getting the new rates at $58 per month. I was wrong. VERY WRONG.

When my first non-contract-term bill came, i got a rude shock. They charged my $80 per month!!! This must be a mistake. I re-check the web and confirmed. Promo price with contract is $43, usual price is $58. Where does the $80 come from? Even if I'm not eligible for the $58, they should be charging me $68 mah.

So I called up the customer service today and got the answer.
$80 was the usual price when I sign up with Singnet. So when my contract is over, I'll resume the usual price when I sign up, not the current usual price.

And I ask the customer service 1 question which she has no answer for me.
"Is this the way Singnet retain loyal customer?"

There was a dead silent.... for at least 5sec......

Anyway, I see no point finding trouble for the poor customer service officer. After all, she is not the person who comes out with such "loyalty schemes". Whoever come out with these schemes should be shot in the head.

So I renewed my contract, and managed to get them to make adjustment to my bills so that I'll be paying $68 for those non-contract terms.

I'm on another 12 month contract with Singnet. But its not a happy renewing process. I feel like I was being forced into a new contract. Never have I seen a company increase the charges just because the customer is staying on but doesn't want to renew the contract. I could had cancelled my account and switch over to Starhub. But I didn't do it because of the hassle.

I renewed my contract with Singnet today. But I'm not a happy customer, not anymore.

This blog is not ISO certified

Please excuse me while I rant abit a bout work.
The auditors are coming. I was being arrowed the ISO coordinator and have to go thru all the stupid documentations to check if they are viewable to the auditors.

WARNING: This blog is not ISO certified.

Let me post you this question. If a company is not ISO certified, would you still use their service/products? I’m sure the hawkers at the food centre are not ISO certified. Same goes to the person who sells you fish and vegetable at the market. Do you avoid buying things from them just because they are not ISO certified? Look for a product that you are using which the company is ISO certified. Now, imagine if the company is not ISO certified, would you still buy their product? Do you see people checking if the company is ISO certified before making purchase? Not that I know of.

Imagine if the transport system like SMRT and SBS are not ISO certified. Would you still use their service?

So what the heck is ISO for? To tell others that we have a process for everything in our company? Yes, we have a process for everything. Every company has a process. Even the fishmonger has a process from getting fish from Jurong port to selling in the market. But do we need to be audited by the auditors every few years to proof that we have a process? Or to proof that our process is correct? We are the person at the ground. We know better which process works better and which doesn’t. Why do we need an auditor who knows nuts about our business to come in and audit our process and tell us what is right and what is wrong? If our process has a problem, the product itself will tell. There is no need for all the ISO and audit crap. They are just waste of time and resources. They are just things that increase the operating expenses which most companies will pass that cost to customer.

Its time we wake up from these ISO scam. Auditing process doesn’t do much. Look at NKF for example.

Why bother about ISO? Our company can simply throw away that ISO certificate and still have a competitive edge against our competitors. Consumers don’t look for ISO certificate. They look at our products, our pricing and our service. If we be our own police and ensure everything is going according to process, then why the heck do we still need to pay money to auditing firms to come in and check us? The savings can be passed down to customers. Isn’t that even better?

Are we trying to get ISO certified because it can really help improve the quality of our service/product? Or just simply because every respectable company out there also have one? If it is the latter, then why not everyone choose not to be ISO certified? Save the money and pass the savings to customer or employees.

If every CEO thinks like me, I think all the auditing firms can close shop already.

I'm back....


Its nice to be back....


Brain Teaser

Wanted to post this on friday, but forgotten all about it.

We went team building on Friday. Well, teambuilding is like playing group brain teaser, trying to solve problems with intelligent way.

But the best brain teaser was found during lunch time.

How do you eat rice with fork and knife?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Commonwealth Day 2006


Does anyone knows that today is Commonwealth Day? I guess most Singaporeans don't know about it. Guess we are only interested in Commonwealth games where we see our foreign talents get medals. (I do hope the local talent can outshine the foreign talent. Nothing beats seeing home grown Singaporean fly the flag up high)

Anyway, Commonwealth day is not a holiday for most commonwealth state. Therefore, not much public awareness. Life still goes on. There isn't any mentioned of this day although we are also part of the Commonwealth. The Queen's message wasn't even boadcasted in news. Are we still part of the Commonwealth? I wonder.

This year's theme is "Health and Vitality: The Commonwealth Challenge" Nice choice. Esp when we got bird flu spreading in some countries and the neverending HIV/AIDS battle.

Here is the Queen's message:

Health and Vitality

There are few feelings more satisfying than waking to a new day with a sense of wellbeing. Good health is a precious gift.

Yet many do not share in this. Some forty million people today are living with HIV/AIDs, well over half of whom are Commonwealth citizens. Half a million women die each year in pregnancy and childbirth – and the death of any mother has huge consequences for the rest of the family. Yet very many of these deaths are preventable with adequate healthcare. Ignorance and lack of understanding about these issues sometimes breed uncertainty, even fear and the inclination to turn from those who are unwell. But we know, for example, that someone who is HIV positive can, with proper support, lead a full and rewarding life.

I am pleased that Commonwealth governments are playing their part in tackling disease and improving health for all.

Polio, for example, used to cast its shadow across many countries. Today, thanks to concerted international action, just a handful still need to eliminate polio. The same approach and commitment to other global scourges, such as malaria and tuberculosis, can achieve equally impressive results.

There is also much we can do through non-governmental organisations and especially as individuals. Poor health is sometimes linked to the way we choose to live. But many of us can often take steps to eat better food or take more exercise. We can also as communities work to improve our surroundings to make them cleaner, safer places in which to live.

The importance of good health is so wonderfully exemplified on the sports field. Sporting events can be the spur to extraordinary human achievement. Sport also demonstrates the value of co-operation and team-work, and the importance of mental and physical control. In Melbourne, in just a few days’ time, I will be opening what are known as "The Friendly Games". Commonwealth athletes will gather once more in a spirit of goodwill and fellowship, and will strive to achieve new heights of excellence. As we watch our finest sportsmen and women compete, we will see clearly what exercise at the very highest level can contribute to both body and spirit.

There is a traditional proverb which says, ‘He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.’ This year, as governments search for new ways to tackle these important challenges, we as individuals can also play our part so that, in pursuing health and vitality for all, we bring hope to the world.

Elizabeth R.

13 March 2006

Its time to resume my IPPT training.....

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Lack of focus

I really need to focus on my assignments.

This semester has been a tough one. There was a change in the study plan. Instead of a full year semester, they are reduced to 1/2 year. The lesson are pack more closely. The assignment due dates are closer to each other. Everything is jam packed. Sometimes, I need to breath.

Couldn't get myself to sit down and do the assignment when I just submitted one assignment 2 weeks ago. And after this assignment which is due this coming thurs, there will be another 1 that will be due 1 week later.

The mind and the heart just simply refuse to focus. I couldn't get myself to concentrate on the assignment. I spend most of my time trying to get myself to do the assignment than doing the assignment itself. My mind and heart just refuse to listen to me. They want to rest. They want to relax and take a break. They just refuse to study.

I really need to do something about it. I need to buck up. I scored 73marks for my previous assignment. I don't want this assignment to drag the score down. I must focus.

I think I'm going SIM to do my assignment after work tomorrow.

Turn around, look at me

There are 3 people who searched for "Turn around, look at me" and landed on my blog lately. I guess they must have watched Final Destination 3 and got infected by this song.

I was also infected by this song. To the extend that whenever someone said something eerie, I'll sing this song. I send the song to a friend and she deleted the file after listening to the 1st phrase. Got that scary meh?

But its funny how they managed to use a love song in a scary movie. I'm not kidding. It is really a love song. Go read the lyrics.

Maybe love is scary..... that why a love song can be the theme in a scary movie. haha.

Friday, March 10, 2006

I have enough of it

This is not the first time already.....

Why is it that you have to make a joke out of it AGAIN when I'm trying to help a gal? Is it an offence for me to be nice to a gal? Why is it just me? Why am I always your target for this kind of jokes?

She wanted a glass of plain water and I merely walk over to the waiter and ask him for 1. Is there anything wrong?

Why again do you have to make a joke out of it again? And infront of everybody, INCLUDING her.

I have enough of it.

What do I have to do to stop you from doing it again? I've already spoken to you and it is not working. Do I have to throw my temper at you to make you stop?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I can't say sorry hard enough....

We make mistakes sometimes.

It hurts to make a mistake. It hurts more when you can't do anything to make up for your mistakes.

Everyone knows I like to clown around with friends. I like to joke around. But I'm not a professional clown. I don't know when the curtain came down. I don't know where is the limit. Sometimes, I crossed the limits without knowing. I didn't mean to do it. I just didn't notice that the joke was just too much for you.

I'm sorry.

I was just joking with you. I didn't know that I've crossed the limit. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. We have been friends for almost 9 years already. I'll never forgive myself if I lose a friend like you. Please forgive me.

It hurts a lot when I can't say sorry hard enough for you to forgive me.

I still check my email while on leave

Just in case my boss is actually reading my blog and saw the previous posting about how I wasted my 1/2 day at work, I've decided to tell others the good things I do while on leave.

I do check my office email while on leave. Believe it or not. I was clearing my leave few weeks ago to do my assignment at home. I had my office email open. 2 of my colleagues are on MC, leaving nobody to do work when the China side mess up. As usual, China side mess up, and I have to email here and there to help them resolve the problem. Someone even emailed me and say he thought I'm on leave.

In fact, my office email is open on the other window now as I blog. Its great that the company invested in a good web based IMAP email software. It allows those no-life-employees-who-has-nothing-to-do-while-on-leave to check email.

I replied my boss's email yesterday while surfing net at NYDC with a cup of hot manhattan mocha. Somehow, I feel that it was the best email I ever drafted. Its a relaxing place to reply email. If only I could have my office table at NYDC or coffee bean.

Oh ya, talking about office email, I just saw a stupid office newsletter today. The company is having a competition and ask us to nominate 3 out-side-standing staff. Their outstanding stories were posted in the intranet and we can vote to see who is the best employee blah blah blah. In short, it is a good chance to "pai ma pi" (bootlick). Esp when the nominated staff consist of 1 director and 2 managers.

And no price for guessing that the director is currently leading. I shall not join in this bootlicking competition. It is not my style. Besides, they not my direct boss, I lick also no use. Just sit back and see how other lick the boot.

Strange, how come the Junior Officer who always OT till late never get nominated? (I'm not refering to myself HOR)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Decaying links


Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer Quiz.
Seriously, is there a difference?

Real Life Simpsons
If only they can make Marge's hair taller.

1/2 day at work

I don’t like to take 1/2 day leave. I never applied for 1/2 day leave before except once when I overslept until 10am.
End up I have to take 1/2 day leave. As a result, I got another 1/2 day leave for me to clear.

So I choose to take 1/2 day afternoon leave today, since I’m on leave tomorrow and having teambuilding on Friday.

I hate working 1/2 day. You simply cannot accomplish anything. Since most of my on hand stuff will take at least 1 day to complete, I decided not to do anything at all.

So here is how I spend my morning.

8:30am: Suppose to start work, but I’m late for work. In fact, I’m still waiting for bus.
9:20am: Finally reach office, clear some emails.
9:30am: Went downstair for coffee break.
10am: Back from coffee. Check email. Got 1 small issue
10:10am: Issue solved. Surf net.
10:50am: Nothing much to surf cause SPUG is down. Email colleagues to chit chat.
11:15am: Teach a colleague some stuff. Almost puke blood.
11:30am: Back to surf net.
11:50am: Pack bag.
12pm: Leave office.

My boss will sack me if he sees this post. What a waste of time.
I’m glad I never need to work on Saturday.

Bukit Timah Market Fried Carrot Cake


Bukit Timah Market is full of great food. I've talk about the chicken cutlet few weeks back. Today, I'm going to talk about the famous Cai Tao Kuey (Fried Carrot Cake).

The carrot cake stall has been at Bukit Timah Market before the renovation. It is so famous that there are alot of copycats out there. In fact, the carrot cake is so successful that you might even find some fried carrot cake stall that say they sell "Bukit Timah Style Carrot Cake".

Anyway, after the Bukit Timah Market renovation, there are 3 stall selling carrot cake. So which 1 is the original Bukit Timah Fried Carrot Cake stall?

Easy, just look for the word "Original". Haha.

Simply the best carrot cake in Singapore.
Instead of the normal messy carrot cake with eggs, they make it into block. This way, it taste more crispy.


Been on holiday mood lately. Clearing my leave. Went back to work today but rot the whole day in office. Not much work done. Will be on 1/2 day leave tomorrow. I guess nothing much will be done too.

Oh ya, someone passing her job scope to me tomorrow morning. Damn... more SK (sai kang)


I wonder how many of my friends are reading my blog now. Few weeks ago, I discovered that Reika have been reading my blog. And I finally got her blog address. Today, I discovered that Gina also has a blog and has linked to me.

Guys, can you all at least drop a note in my shoutbox to let me know that you have found my blog? At least I'll be more careful and not say bad things about you.


Been MSN-ing H a lot lately. Went for a movie with her and 1 of her friend last sunday. Had a great time together. She knew I'm interested in her, but she told me not to harbour too much hope. I think she is afraid that I might misunderstood her actions and thought that she is also interested in me.

Well, I know we are still far away from there. We still don't know each other well. But I'm just glad that I'm given the chance to know you better. And I really enjoyed myself on Sunday.

We won't know what will happen in the future. Maybe in the end, I might not like you, or you might like me. We'll never know. Whatever it is, I'm just happy that I get to know you in this life......

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Starbucks reply

Remember the complaint letter I wrote to Starbucks?

I got a reply from their operation service manager. The reply was fast. I send the letter to them on Friday night, they replied me on Monday morning. (I assume that they don't work on weekends)

Well, the reply was more or less the standard customer service reply. I suppose they teach such reply in business school. But then, when a customer complaint about your company, there is really nothing much you can do but to agree with the customer, say sorry and let the customer know that actions has been taken to prevent such incident from happening again. I suppose that is the only right thing to do. And I'm glad they did just that.

Well, maybe they got me on my moody day. I flank my IPPT test the night before and was looking for a sanctuary. And there they are hammering and drilling while I'm drinking that too-sweet-for-my-prefrence mocha ice blended. Of cause I buay song and write a letter to their customer service. If they do that to me on a better day, I might just walk out of the stall with my drink and ignore them.

Well.... just their luck.

The operation service manager also offered a service recovery and left me his contact number. It's nice of them to do that. But then, seriously, I don't need it. I'm still thinking how to write the email to reject their kind offer.

Clearing leave....

I don't know about other countries, but clearing leave seems to be a trend in Singapore workplace. Are we really that busy until we don't have time to take leave? And we are forced to take leave because HR regulations say we cannot bring forward too many unused leave? I wonder if this is just happening to Singapore or is it a common thing around the world.

Anyway, I'm clearing leave today.
And half day leave on Wednesday.
And another 1 day leave on Thursday.
Friday is teambuilding day for my company.

Which means, I'll be working 1 1/2 days this week.

Now... what should I do while I'm on leave?
Suddenly got a cravings for Sakae Sushi Buffet. But nobody else willing to take 1/2 day for this madness reason. Come on, you don't take leave now, you'll end up like me being forced to take leave and have nothing to do at home.

Don't waste your leave.... Sakae Sushi Buffet is calling you.....

Oh ya, I always thought that The Election Dept is the only one that fail their Geography. Sakae Sushi also fail.

Lot 1 and Westmall Sakae Sushi is somewhere in the Live Firing Area? Wow.. those army guys can go during exercise leh.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

There is someone walking behind you

Is it common for people to laugh while watching Final Destination 3 when the person get killed in damn 夸张 ways?

Doesn't seem right hor? I mean, people are killed in horrible ways and my friend and I were laughing when they die. Are we sick or what?

Anyway, Final Destination 3 is a nice show. Don't worry if you didn't watch part 1 or 2. There isn't much linkage. Just the usual Final Destination trademark way of killing people.

The song in the movie still lingers in my head.....

The Vogues - Turn Around, Look At Me

There is someone walking behind you,
turn around, look at me.
There is someone watching your footsteps,
turn around, look at me
There is someone who really needs you,
here's my heart in my hand.
Turn around, (turn around,) look at me,
(look at me,) understand,understand,
That there's someone who'll stand beside you.
Turn around, look at me.
And there's someone who'll love and guide you.
Turn around, look at me.
I've waited, but I'll wait forever for you to come to me.
Look at someone (look at someone) who really loves you,
yeah, really loves you. Turn around, look at me.

Oh ya, I finally got my Kenny Rogers. :)
Wonder when will I get to eat Fish N Chips. Hope soon. *hint* *hint*

Crush Calculator

I know these quiz stuff doesn't really work. But I'm trying for the fun sake.

Crush Calculator

Give it a try.

DK on drugs huh?

If you didn't visit my blog on Saturday, you will be shocked by the number of blog entries I've posted.

Actually I got even more things that I wanted to say, but I was busy MSN-ing.

Will blog rush again next time. I'm pretty tired.

The lines are drawn.....

Whoever drew this map fail his geography back in sec sch.

Can someone explain to me why is it that:-
Some part of Jurong is under West Coast GRC instead of Jurong or Hong Kah GRC.
Some part of Clementi is under Holland - Bukit Timah GRC instead of West Coast GRC.
Some part of thomsom is under Tanjong Pagar GRC instead of Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC.

There are really a lot of stupid stuff when you see the map carefully. Just that nobody bother mentioning it. Oh ya, how come Hougang SMC totally surrounded by Aljunied GRC?

Oh well.... I guess elections are coming soon. I wonder if how much money I'll be getting thru the progress package. Saw this on the newspaper few days ago....

Ya right, we believe you Sir.......

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Reason to buy 2 packets of Ruffles

No.... make that 4....

Chin-up Bar Withdrawal Syndrome (CBWS)

I think I'm having Chin-up Bar Withdrawal Syndrome (CBWS).

It has been 2 days since I fail my chin-up during my IPPT. I haven't mount the bar since then. Ever since I've installed the chin-up bar, I've been doing chin-up whenever possible. I use the chin-up bar everyday.

The chin-up bar is at my room door. So whenever I pass by it, I'll try to do at least one or two chin-up.

But now, after failing my chin-up, i got no mood to do anymore. I've been training for IPPT since Nov 05 when I went for RT. At the end of phrase 2 RT, I still fail my chin-up. I didn't give up. I bought a chin-up bar to train at home. I trained for 2 months until I finally feel that I could have passed my IPPT. Only to find out that all the training I had was wrong. My elbow wasn't straight enough.

But how straight was straight anyway? Is there a standard angle that my elbow must be? My elbow may not be fully straighten, but also not ridiculously bent. I went down quite far before going back up. I roughly estimate it to be at 170 degrees angle. Is that not allowed? Must it be 180 degrees flat?

This is crap. I've been training so much over the past 2 months. If you touch my hands now, you can feel those harden blisters. And they have all gone to waste.

I'm staring at that chin-up bar. Really lost the motivations to mount the bar again. I've failed IPPT many times before. But never had I been so depressed over the results. This is the 1st time I've trained so hard for IPPT ever since ORD. Yet this is the kind of results I get.

I've lost faith in everything. Feel like surrendering. Feel like giving up.

Maybe I'll just use the chin-up bar as clothles hanger from now on.

Crossed the line.....

Sometimes, I feel that I cared too much for my friends. Esp those closest to me. Until I reach a point where I interfere with their life, choosing what I feel that suits them better and insist that they do it.

I remember once when a friend of my was out with one of her friend. She wasn't feeling well that day too. They were at Jurong East central when it started to rain heavily. Those who have been to Jurong East Central would know that there is a road between Jurong Entertainment Centre and Jurong East MRT and there is no shelter. The rain that night was heavy. Very heavy. I sms her to check if she has an umbrella. As expected, she don't have any. The rain doesn't seem to be those kind that will stop within the next few hours and it is already 10pm plus already.

So I called her and told her that I'm driving over to send her home. But she rejected my offer saying its too troublesome. When I said its not troublesome, she say her friend is also with her. I offered to send her friend home too. But she say her friend feel paiseh blah blah blah. And we had a short arguement over this, with me insisting on going over and she insisting that there is no need to trouble me.

In the end, I drove over and pass them 2 umbrella. Feeling sad that she refuse to let me send her home dispite the fact that is is raining heavily and she is not feeling well.

Looking back, sometimes I ask myself, why do I even bother so much until it affects my mood? I can offer my help, but if someones feel that they don't need any, then its ok. After all, its their life, not mine. I have no rights to dictate what they should do. Maybe to me, that options is the best. But it doesn't mean it is the best option in everyone's point of view. Even if it is the best option, sometimes, there are some other factors in life that make someone choose other options over the best options. I can't force people to take choose the best options if they refuse.

Sometimes I can't even be sure that it is really the best options.
I can offer my help. I can give advice. I can be there for someone if they need me. But if they turn down the offer, I should just accept it. And not cross the line and insist they choose what I feel is best for them.

Why am I bringing up something that happened nearly 4 months ago to talk about?

Well, recently, I saw another friend landing herself in some trouble. Or rather, I feel that she might land herself into trouble if she carry on walking down that road. So I talked to her about it and we had a sort of mini argument. I think she is a bit pissed off when I go poke my nose into her personal life. Perhaps I crossed the line, to a stage where it seems like I'm trying to control her. But I'm not. Its just that I care for her.

Thinking about it..... I'm in no position to control what others want to do. As a friend, I can only advice based on my own personal point of views. I do sense trouble come back again. Maybe it is just me being over senstitive as usual. I don't know.

But all I can do is to just give advice. I can't control the path they want to choose. I'm in no position to do that....

I just hope she doesn't get hurt again......

Search me more....

I thought "Starz + DK + universal" is the weirdest search item that will land on my blog.

Until I saw this....
"I'm a waiter attracted to a customer who comes into restaurant with her boyfriend"

Huh? Who would want to search such a thing on a search engine? And how come will land on my blog?

Search me.....

Mission Accomplished

I've just completed the biggest arrow project I've ever done in the past 3 years that I'm with my company. I did most of the stuff, although my sub teamlead did the solutioning and documentations. All the coding and testing are done by me alone.

This project is so huge that it took 3 months to finish. And the total effort is the biggest in our team. I'm glad its finally over.

Then comes the sleepless nights for the next few weeks. What if I made an error? (CHOY!! Touch wood!!!)
What if something goes wrong? The project is so huge that it affect all customers. If I made a single mistakes, all the customers will be affected.

Hope everything is correct.

Chippy's Beer Battered Fish again


Went Far East Plaza for a walk after work today. Decided to go CHIPPY again for dinner. There was a small crowd outside the stall. But I don't mind waiting for good food.

Didn't try anything new today. Ordered the Beer Battered Fish (BBF) again. Come to think of it, this is my 2nd Fish and Chip for the week. There are 12 pieces of undersized fish and some oversized chips. As a result, you can't really tell which is fish and which is chip until you bite into it.

Guess which is fish and which is chip? Can't tell the diff right?

The BBF still taste as good as before. I should try something new next time I visit CHIPPY. The Fried mars bar look very very tempting......

Email titled DK

Sometimes, I just simply love my director.
He send out this email few days back.

Email Title: DK
To: *The sub-teamlead of T team*
cc: Me, *my sub-teamlead*, *colleague SC*, *my teamlead*
DK will be assisted you to support *blah blah blah stuff* with immediate effect. Thks

(Replace my nick "DK" with my actual name)

I emailed my sub teamlead and ask him what is this about. He say he has no idea.
Then I ask SC if she knows what is it about, she also don't know. She don't even know why is she in the loop.
My Teamlead is on leave.

So I guess the only person who knows what exactly is happening would be the sub-teamlead of T team. But he is away for meeting.
Few hours later, when he came back from meeting, I ask him if he knows what is happening. HE ALSO DON'T KNOW.

I guess only person who knows is my director then.

Anyway, we later found out that there is going to be a re-org. Not just the team or the dept. The whole company is going to have a big big re-org. I'll talk more about this re-org thing next time.

All I can say is, I'm going to handover the things that I've been doing for the past few years and pick up something new. I don't know if I'm going to like this arrangement. We'll see how.....

Another reason why I prefer coffee bean over starbucks

I think I mentioned a couple of times that I prefer coffee bean over starbucks. Firstly, Coffee Bean's drinks taste better. Their cakes taste better too. Their Roast Chicken and Mushroom Fusilli is great. And they got a customer loyalty reward card too.

Don't really like Starbucks much. The only good thing is that they have Singnet WIFI. Their cafe mocha taste not bad. But most of their drinks are too sweet. Still prefer coffee bean. Well, Starbucks gave me another reason to choose coffee bean today.

Wanted to blog at Raffles City Starbucks today. But shortly after posting the first entry of the day, my peace was being disturbed by a group of workers carrying out renovation works. Renovation works during operating hours!!! What the heck?

It is still 11pm. The store closes at 12midnite. And the workers are moving the equipments and started drilling and hammering. There is even 1 worker climbing up a ladder to paint the celling while customer are just few feets away, drinking their coffee. And the drilling and hammering sound is driving me crazy.

What kind of crap is this? Even the neighborhood kopitiam don't do renovation when customers are around. I can't believe this is happening at Starbucks.

Since I lost the mood to drink coffee and blog, I decided to write an email to the Starbucks customer service telling them what happen and asking them if such service is acceptable. I even attached a photo and a sound file to let them know how messy the whole place was.

Wasn't expecting much from them anyway. Maybe just see see what PR email reply will they send me. After all, my evening is already ruined. My blogging mood is gone. The coffee taste horrible. The sofa seat not comfortable.

I still prefer coffee bean.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Another coffee, another lesson skip

Skipping lesson again.

Just me, my laptop, my blog and my coffee.

If you are reading this now, I'm at Raffles City starbucks blogging.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

No Count * 4


Me: **pull up once**
PTI: 1
Me: **pull up again**
PTI: No Count
Me: ?????
Me: **pull up again**
PTI: No Count. Straighten your elbow
Me: *Straighten elbow, pull up again**
PTI: No Count. Straighten elbow.
Me: ????? (Like that still not straight enough?)
Me: **Straighten more. pull up again**
PTI: No Count no count. Your elbow not straight.
Me: **release ALL the way, then pull up again**
PTI: 2

By then, I have no strength already. So I came down from the chinup bar.

Must be as straight as a ruler meh? Nvm.... I try again.

Me: Can try again?
PTI: No. 1 try only. Next.

Bloody hell.

I can understand if you say my elbow not as straight as your ruler. But why cannot try again? I'm already no strength already. I doubt I can even pass with the 2nd try. But BLOODY HELL, not even a 2nd try?

Already feeling very shitty that I fail my Chin Up. Feeling worst that they don't even give me a chance to attempt it again. Bloody hell.

Anyway, doubt I can pass even with a 2nd try. Whatever.....

Owe LH 30 cup of kopi. (30 * $0.50 = $15)
Starz owe me 1 Handle Bar Fish n Chips ($14)
Total lost $1....... and motivations, ego, morale, confidence and faith....

Feeling shitty now.....

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Search me

I enjoyed looking at my webstats4U and extreme tracking. Its always nice to see how many visitors are there. Which country they come from. Which ISP they using. How they come to my page. etc etc etc.....

Recently, I have this new hobby of looking at what keyword do people search in search engine to come to my site.

As all of you know, the T gal from N school is rather hot in all search engine lately. She is still the top search for item in Technorati. I did not mention the T word nor the N word. In fact, you can see that I purposely avoided those words because it will generate tons of unwanted traffic. All I did was merely mention the device that she lost and the file that is spreading on the internet, and I got at least 11 hits from some desperate losers who are searching for the file. Bloody hell! Get a life lah! (now I have to avoid typing that device name and file name to avoid those idiots)

Ok, other than the T gal from N school, I also got 4 hits from people searching for the vertical marathon. I'm still thinking if I should take up the challenge. Hmmm.... Maybe not.

Someone searched for 'the decay of dk" and bump into my blog. Hmmm.... I also wonder how would I decay 1 day when I die. Wonder if he got the answer.

But the most interesting search item is this. "Starz + DK + universal".
What is the person searching for?
Starz? Me? universal? huh?

Why would someone wanna search for this?
Search me....

Tom Kitchen Chicken Cutlet


Whenever I think of Fish and Chips, I'll think of Handle bar.
Whenever I think of Chicken Cutlet, I would think of AMK S11's Rasa Sayang.

It is simply the best chicken cutlet I've ever tasted. Everytime I go AMK, I'll have the Chicken Cutlet. Don't ask me what is a Jurong Westerner doing at AMK. :p

Anyway, I found a place that can fight with Rasa Sayang's chicken cutlet. Its at Bukit Timah Market. The stall name is call Tom Kitchen.

The cutlet taste good. Below the cutlet is some black pepper sauce. Its interesting that they choose to put the black pepper sauce at the bottom instead of pouring it over the cutlet. It sort of ensure that the cutlet is still crispy and not soggy when you eat it.

The chicken cutlet comes with the usual fries. I think they sprinkle some curry powder over the fries to make it taste nicer. The home made mashed potato taste fine, but the serving is too small. There is also a piece of tomato. Grilled tomato to be exact. Think they grilled it over the pan for a few sec before serving.

The cutlet taste great. Should try it again someday.

The IPPT Bet


I'll be taking my IPPT tomorrow.

This is the 1st time I'm taking my IPPT voluntarily at those allocated IPPT test centre. In the past, I'll try not to take IPPT if possible. But as a NSF, you need to pass IPPT every work year. I take IPPT only when necessary (ie Officer/CSM/Sgt say take, then take). After I ORD, I always take my IPPT during ICT. No need trouble myself go book IPPT. See, my reservist unit take good care of me.

But I book for IPPT this time because I think I can pass. After 2 month of RT at Maju camp and 2 months of self training, I finally break my 0 chinup record and managed to struggle 7 chinups. I just need 5 to pass.

It has been 3 years since I last pass my IPPT. And to think that my physical fitness was quite good back in NSF times. My IPPT results were so good that I ALMOST got a Gold award. Missed by 2 chin ups.

You see, chinups has always been my killer station. I can run, I can jump and I can endure. I just don't have enough upper body strength.

LH heard that I'm taking IPPT tomorrow and issued me a challenge.

LH: Your last IPPT is when?
Me: Dec last year.
LH: How many chinup did u do?
Me: 0
LH: You how heavy?
Me: 78kg.
LH: I confirm you this time still fail ur chinup.
Me: I've been training lately leh. (show blisters on hand)
LH: I've been IPPT conducting officer so many years already, never seen someone like your case will pass.

So he bet with me that I would fail my chinup station. If I pass, he will treat me 10 cups of kopi. If I lose, I have to treat him 30 cups of kopi. (Odds 1 is to 3)

I will win this time.

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