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Was chatting with zhenzhen few days ago while having dinner/supper. We haven't met for few weeks already. So we just briefly update each other of whats happening.

As usual, the topic will move to H somehow....

Oh well, after hearing my story, she conclude that it is better to be a woman. In fact, if given a choice, she would still want to be a woman next life. The problem with being a man is that you need to find the right time to propose to the gal and ask her to be your gf. And the timing is very important. The timing can sometimes determine your success or failure.

You see, if I were to ask H now, the answer will 100% be a no. In fact, I don't even know if it would be a yes if I ask her few mth later. Everything is uncertain for now. It all depends on what lies ahead of us.

什么时候说 is very important. Everything has its time. And spotting the right moment is the guy's job even though it is already 2006. Equality just doesn't count when it comes to being 主动. And its never easy. Perhaps that is why ZhenZhen choose to be a gal. So that she can just sit there to wait for the guy to do the work.

Come to think of it, actually its not bad being a gal too. If I can choose, I would like to be a gal in my next life too. But I want to be a chio bu with good figure. And I don't want menstruation and pregnancy. I also don't want to be worried of zao geng. I don't wanna be afraid when walking alone at night. I don't wanna be touched by those old uncle on crowded MRT and bus. I also don't want to waste time putting on make up every morning. I don't want the risk of having breast cancer. I don't want bad hair day. I don't want to wear bra everyday.

Damn..... Come to think of it, I'll stick to being a guy.......

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