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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tick Tock Tick Tock...

Tick tock tick tock... Ringgggg!!!!!

This is Miss Z posting on dk's blog for the moment... He today kuku already... Think kanna pressed too much abt gf by his relatives, so came up with the idea of guest blogging... He want me to ruin his blog for him? No prob~! :P

Ai yo... Miss Z here is super poor thing... Every weekday morning have to wake piggy dk up from his bed. SMS him first, wait for a while, no reply??? Must give him a call liao... Arh bo confirm + chop + guarantee, he will confirm be late for work. If he sway sway that day I fell asleep on the MRT b4 I wake him up, he confirm chiam... But then again, even if i wake him up on time, he is STILL late for work everyday. So what's the diff??? Hmmm... got... the difference is that he dun have to take cab to work... I told him he must give me a treat to Angus House with all the cab fare he saved... :D Yum yum... Angus here I come... dk dk... Don't forget my Angus hor... I think I have accumulated at least 1 or 2 Angus treat with all the cab fare I helped u save... ;)


Monday, January 30, 2006

The beautiful talking alarm clock

Feeling bored. This is the 1st time that I'm home so early on the 2nd day of chinese new year.

Z is also online tonight. Being bored, I ask her to do some guest blogging for me.

In case you don't know, Z is the beautiful alarm clock that wakes me up every morning if I overslept. :D

Z is a very sweet looking lady I met in forum. We met during one of the forum outing to Ai Qin Hai. She also has a personal blog, but it a private 1. It is rarely updated, so don't need to visit often too. :P

Ok, passing the blog to Z. Me go back to eating the new year goodies. I have alot of kums and new year goodies this year. Chim liao. All my relatives says I lose weight liao. Look like I going to gain it back soon.

**Will be giving Z the keys to my blog for 1 week 2 weeks. (cause she say she busy this week) Hope she updates this blog more often than her personal blog.**


Using laughter as cover up

Went my aunt's house in the evening today. My aunt house is like a warzone on the 2nd day of chinese new year. Children running around, adults playing mahjong and black jack. The only good thing about my aunt house is that you just need to stand 1 corner, reach out your hand and wait for ang pow. LOTS of ang pow to be exact. This is 1 stop that cannot be miss every year.

Perhaps it is because my aunt house is like a pot of gold to unmarried people, thats why my cousins like to bring their bf/gf there too. And I sense trouble the moment I step into the house. 2 new faces. Girl somemore. Damn, my 2 cousin, 1 same age as me, 1 two years younger than me, brought their gf along this year.

I sense "sha qi". Somehow, I feel that my default FAQ is not going to work here. Got to use something more power. Somemore its not just 1 aunt that comes "attacking" me. Its 3 to 4 of them surrounding me and striking together. (I have 6 aunts..... or is it 7?? damn... lost track liao)

Q: How come never bring gf along?
A: They never say this year bring gf along mah! *point finger at my 2 cousin*
Q: This kind of thing need to say 1 meh?
A: Need mah. Somemore must say earlier then I can go find 1. Nobody says that this year trend is bring gf along. Alamak, I old fashion already.
Q: Hahahahaha....
A: Hahahahaha....

I thought over already. No lor, some come ask more question.
Q: So no gf ah?
A: Don't have lor. They never say earlier.
Q: This kind of thing don't need to say 1 mah.
A: Ok ok, I go find 1 then next year bring 1 along. No no no, I bring 2 along to make up for this year.
Q: Hahahahaha.....
A: Hahahahaha.....

And the questions keep coming in.....
Q: So next year must bring gf along hor.
A: Ok ok. I go find 1 then next year bring. If cannot find gal, I'll get a guy ok?
Q: Hahahahaha.....
A: Hahahahaha.....
A: (To my cousins) So next year you bringing your gf along or not?
Q: Hahahahaha.....
A: Hahahahaha.....

Damn....... must really use laughter to cover up..... The feeling is not good. Not good at all......

Ang Pow

Lost $25 on black jack this year.

Maybe I should stick to collecting ang pow instead.

The new polymer $2 notes


Face it, Chinese like to gamble. Everyone gamble abit during chinese new year. Not because we want to make a fortune. But gambling sort of bring relatives closer and remove the generation gap. Everyone, young and old, sit around the table to play card and chit chat. That is what chinese new year is suppose to be.

We played black jack just now. Since we are just playing for fun, we placed small bet per round. We usually bet around $1. To signal to the banker that you want to bet $1 for this round, you just place a $1 on the table.

If you don't have $1 coin, you just fold a $2 note into a triangle like this.

Usually when the banker see this, he will know that you are betting $1. We never had any problem, until the new polymer $2 notes came along. These new notes are durable. They are so good that they cannot be folded!!

No matter how much strength you use to fold them, they will still return to its original shape. Argh. Whoever invented the polymer notes never play black jack before. Heard from my dad that is also quite hard to put these new polymer $2 notes into smaller size Ang Pow. Good luck to those uncle who queue up for hours to exchange these new polymer notes.

Damn. Lost $28 tonight. Tomorrow night go aunt's house recuperate.

The cycle goes on....

Okie, as expected, all the relatives sure ask me about gf and when I getting married.

Things were a little easier when you have a gf last year. At least when they ask you when you getting married, you can refer them to your gf. This year, no people to refer too. Haiz.

And my old excuse of "must wait for older sister to get married first" will not be valid next year. In fact, I don't even dare to use that excuse this year. Cos I know sure ganna shoot back if I were to use it as my excuse this year. Damn.

So have to think up of those lame excuse.

Q: Why no gf?
A: Waiting for you to intro lor.

Basically, just answer anything lor. Entertain them abit. You see lah, relatives ask these questions bascially because they don't have much common topic to talk with you. Let them ask lor. Ang pow got give me can liao.

I guess when they are at our age, their relatives also ask them the same set of questions. That why now is their turn to take revenge. When we reach their age, it will be our turn to take revenge. And the cycle goes on......

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Kum Conspiracy


新年快乐!!! 恭喜发财!!!

Hahaha.... Today is the 1st day of chinese new year. I'm at home waiting for Ang Pow to come. Chinese New Year is full of customs. For example, before chinese new year, we need to do spring cleaning and buy new clothles. It is considered unlucky to wear old clothles on CNY. Then there is the ang pow and the Kum (mandarin oranges).

Have you ever wondered, why do people exchange Kum on CNY? Traditions say that the word "Kum" sound like "gold". And exchanging Kum is like exchanging gold. BUT, why do I want to exchange gold with someone? I take 2 gold balls, exchange with your 2 gold balls, I end up still having 2 gold balls. Maybe I might get better looking, bigger and heavier gold balls. But what the whole point? I don't gain anything right?

And have you ever wondered, Why kum? Why not other fruits? Pineapple for instance is called "Ong Lai" which mean something like "Luck come". Isn't exchanging luck better than exchanging gold? Or maybe some other stuff. Why must it be kum?

Does anyone likes to eat Kum? Or rather, does anyone buy kum besides during CNY? I don't think so. I am beginning to think that all these exchanging of kum is just a conspiracy thought up by some kum farmers long time ago. Look, without this tradition, who would still buy their kum? Maybe some people will, but not many. And look at the way people buy the kum during Chinese New Year. Carton by carton. Some people give kum as gift before CNY. Everyone would buys extra kum just incase some of them are spoilt.

These nasty fruits are the fastest decaying fruits I've ever seen. They decay within 2 weeks!!! Kum farmers must find a way to sell their kum fast or they will just rot and spoilt in the marketplace. And since these kum are usually harvested around January, why not start a tradition of exchanging kum during chinese new year?

Excellent plan! Now the kum farmers can continue to grow kum and still manage to sell them before they start to rot. And we chinese will be having a headache on how do we settle the kum after chinese new year.

And I tell you, I have alot of kum this year. You see lah, we need some kum as offering to the god. Some for exchanging with relatives and friends. And some extra in case these nasty-decaying-fruits decide to rot before the guest come. Usually, we get 1 carton of kum. But this year, my dad's trying-to-be-good friend decided to give us 1 more carton of kum. HORROR!

Guys and gals, point to note. Never ever ever give one carton of kum as gift during CNY. NEVER. Most people would had bought their own kum already. Next time, try giving ba kwa or spring roll or something-that-doesn't-decay-so-fast.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to settle these kum after CNY?

Yeap, all these kum are at my house now. No photoshop. And no, my dad doesn't sell fruits.
What to do with kum after chinese new year?

BTW: I posted similar question in forum and these horny guys and gals are using the thread to talk about "Cum" instead of "Kum". You guys very ham sup leh. I got a big issue here and all you all talk is who "Cum" on who.


Chinese New Year

Whoever come up with the idea of doing spring cleaning before chinese new year really deserved a broom shoved up his ass. Been doing area cleaning for the whole day. I'm so tired now.

If I have a time machine, I'll go back in time and tell the folks that it is UNLUCKY to do spring cleaning before chinese new year. That will save me alot of trouble.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!! :D

Friday, January 27, 2006

Random Rant


Keep over-sleeping lately. I'm immune to my alarm clock. Good thing that Z would call me in the morning if I didn't send her a good morning sms.

Maybe I need a Blowfly Alarm Clock


Webstats4u is a good counter. It gives you the visit count, the ISP of visitor and how they come here. I like to see how visitor comes to my blog. Mostly thru links. Sometimes, visitors come via search engines.

I'm still wondering who is the person who search for "decayonnet" in google.


Sometimes I feel that there are alot of people born in late Sept and early Oct. Which is actually quite logical. 9 month before late Sept/ early Oct is late Dec/ early Jan.

Holiday season. Dads and mums must be feeling naughty.....


School starting on 1st Feb. Was going thru my class list and found 2 classmates from last year in the same class with me this year for one module. I also saw a name that look like a poly course mate. Should be him. Although I haven't see him in SIM before. Can't really remember how he look like already.

But I remember his name. Strange huh?


One of my tutor's name also look freaking familar. After some deep thinking, I finally remember who is she. She was my poly final year project supervisor. DAMN! I've been trying very hard to forget this woman. Got a 'B' all because of her. Could had been an 'A'. What to do? Quarrel with her on the 2nd meeting. She insist that I do her project while I got my own ideas and refuse to take up her project.

Hope she don't remember me. Damn.....


Another tutor of mine already started emailing everyone to welcome us to his class. Quite surprised to receive the email. He seems quite friendly from his email. I think I'll enjoy his class. Did a google on his name. Wow. This is not a simple person. He had written quite a few article to Computer Times. I even found his personal home page. No pictures of him yet. Just photos of his jeep.

And he doesn't blog.


The rest of the classmates are taking turns to reply that email. The usual PR stuff like happy new yr blah blah blah. They also included their MSN email. Still wondering if I should add them. Maybe after a few classes. Haven't seen them yet leh.

Still thinking if I should follow the rest and write some PR email. Maybe wait till 1st day of class then do a proper intro lah. Use email intro, who will remember?


Went Casuarina for prata today. Been a long time since the JR gang meet up. The prata shop has moved closer to the carpark and have Aircon now. Cool. The curry taste a lot better than before. Prata still as good as before. They say the price increased abit. But I can't remember what was the price before the renovation. Who cares anyway? So long as it taste good.

They've removed the large Goh Chok Tong's photo. I guess we won't be seeing peanut prata anytime soon.

Online banking and their gals.

I was using online banking to pay my bills just now. Chinese New Year is coming. They say not good to own people money over the new year. That why I go pay my bills. Haven't been using UOB online banking for quite some time. They've changed their website. Added a model at the login page.

Funny, why do banks like to use picture of female model using notebook on their online banking login page? Why female? Why notebook?

The trend was started by DBS. UOB is following now. I pop by OCBC to check. They don't have any beautiful model on their login page. Not yet. But I'm sure they would put 1 so as not to lose to the other 2 banks.

But then, the UOB model not as chio and stylo as the DBS one.

I always pause for a few sec to admire her when using DBS's online banking. Maybe its her tank top. Maybe its the way she tie her hair. Maybe its the way she sit. Maybe its the iBook (minus the Apple logo). Or maybe its her look. She is just plain gorgeous.

UOB cannot fight lah.

And someone should tell the UOB model that there is no WIFI connection at the beach. Even if there is, the sunlight is too strong for you to see the screen clearly. And get a life. You are out at the beach and you still check your online banking? Wah ciao.......

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Decaying Links


How to brew a perfect cup of coffee with expresso machine.
Pitstop cafe talks about the formula to the perfect brew.
I want an expresso machine too!!!

Surviving a Shower in a Cambodian Border Town
Popagandhi teaches us how to shower in poor conditions.
Damn, she is more giliat than some army guys.

Paul Graham on Blogging and Open Source
Paul Graham discusses about what business can learn from open source and blogging.
Got this podcast link from mrbrown. Very nice. Listened to it 3 times already.

mrbrown podcast studio
mrbrown gives us a peek into his studio.
Don't pray pray ha. His studio also got zhng before.

Hottest Dogger
Kennysia talks about dog.
Hot dogs I mean. If only Singapore got such tasty hot dogs too.

Not all cherries pop
minishorts debates about bleeding cherries.
Not those cherries you find on ice creams.

Oh ya, the beautiful fireangel has her own blog now.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Crappy template fixed

Finally found the culprit that cause my template to go haywire.

The problem is cause by doing italic text on words in blockquote. The template go back to normal after I remove the italic.

Finally resolved......

Osama endorse Book

Author's sales jump after Osama mentions book

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An unexpected endorsement from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has resulted in a huge jump in sales for a book by a critic of U.S. foreign policy.

William Blum's "Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower" was ranked 209,000 on's sales list before bin Laden mentioned it in an audiotape released on Thursday. By Friday, the book was No. 30 on the list.

Bin Laden said al Qaeda group was preparing more attacks in the United States but also told Americans, "It is useful for you to read the book 'The Rogue State.'"

Read more here

Rumors say Osama will also be endorsing sliming pills and massage chairs next month.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

To Parc Oasis and back


Tomorrow confirm body ache.



No matter how many countless rejection the guy received, he will continue to try and try and try. Just for a simple meal with the gal whom he has the SLIGHT interest in. And we are talking about a gal whom he has only slight interest here. Not a crush or lust or love. Just have slight interest in. Just wanted to use these chances to get to know more about the gal.

And this guy will keep trying to ask her out no matter how many times she rejected him. I told T before that all guys are Fan Jian. Because deep down inside their heart, they knew they going be rejected. Yet they still wanna try.

All I pray is for that ONE chance. Just one. No matter how many rejections I get, I keep seeing myself trying and trying again. Its like banging yourself against the wall. How many times do you think the head will win against the wall? Told myself to stop. Told myself there is no chance. But I still try, cause I think she would say yes one day. Perhaps I just refuse to admit to the fact that sometimes, that yes will never come.

Why do I keep banging my head against the wall?
There is a time when the signal is pretty clear. I guess it is now.

Monday, January 23, 2006

21 days to go......

Valentine Day. Who invented Valentine day anyway? If he is still alive, I hope he knows he is an idiot.

Those who are single dread this day.
Those who are attached need to go thru the hassle of planning something special.

I still remember last year when I was totally stucked. Wondering how to make it special for my other half. End up, I decide to just do the usual. Spend a fortune on the daylight robbery red roses to the office and a dinner. Problem is, she was having night class that day and her project team mates decided to have discussion after lesson. Its not unusual for them to have discussion after lesson. But that evening's discussion was extra long. In the end, we had dinner at 11:30pm on Valentine day. 30 more minutes and it Feb 15. Almost lose my anger because of the ruined evening. Almost.....

But maybe it would be better to have a chance to lose my anger than having nobody to spend with this year. I received a Spam SMS from the florist whom I ordered the flower last year. I wish they have a option for me to unsubscribe to their spam. Having a gf last year doesn't mean I'll still have a gf this year. grrr.....

I'll be on some coordinator duty in office after Chinese New Year. Basically, its 2 weeks of staying back after work to coordinate some jobs. Usually need to stay back till at least 7:30pm. Sometimes even up to 8:30pm or 9pm. I thought my duty will last until Valentine days. Great. That will keep me occupied. But I was wrong. My duty is from 30 Jan to 12 Feb. 12 Feb!!! Why can't you extend 2 more days so that at least I can stay in office and do my duty instead? For the 1st time I wished I could serve my duty slightly longer. Coordinator duty is not a pleasant thing to do. Lots of blood to puke. Lots of table to bang. Lots of wall to knock. But I'm still willing to do 2 more days. Just spare me from that dreadful Valentine day.

Ok, nevermind. Then I thought Matthew is going to be the coordinator on 14 Feb. Intend to tell him that I'll help cover him for that day so that he can go have a nice evening with his wife to be. Sound "Wei Da" right? BUT it turns out that Matthew isn't the coordinator on 14 Feb. Its a new gal from another dept whom I totally don't know. I STILL haven't figure out how to pronounce her name. Still wondering if I should drop her a email and tell her that I can help cover her for that day so that she can leave early to be with her other half. But what if she doesn't have a boyfriend???? And wouldn't it be malu to REQUEST to cover someone's duty just to hide yourself on that idiotic day?

HOW? Go straight home after work, shower and go to bed. Cover the blanket over my head and pray that this day is over too. Or even better, take a day leave and stay in bed for the whole day.

Or maybe I should ask her out for dinner that night. NO, I'll surely freak her out by doing that. How about Z? Nah. She most likely have alot of guys dating her. Even if there is none, I won't be in her list. Not a chance.


Argh. Ok.... I know how. I'll just follow what some singles are doing here, here and here. Ask if any blogger out there wants to spend Valentines Day with me.

Wait. I saw some similarities between the 3 of them that I don't have. They all wear skirt, have sweet smiles and look beautiful.

I don't. ARGH......

Happy Chinese New Year

I guess the best way to wish your customer a Happy Chinese New Year is to not increase the price during the festive season.

Yeap, EC house still charging $10 per cut. Isn't that nice?


Goodbye my faithful Sanyo washing machine.

Nobody in the house remember when did you start serving us. Cause it has been too long. My rough guess is 17 years. Maybe more. Thank you for keeping our clothles clean all these years.

The new panasonic washing machine started working shortly after reaching our house. Maria was eager to test if it can do the job as good as you. I guess we still need to fine tune some minor issue. The pipe is too short. We have trouble communicating with it too. Will read up the instruction manual when I have time. Something which I usually don't do. Who still reads the instruction manual nowadays?

Anyone has any good server to post video? I got a video of the new washing machine in action. Hahahaha....

Saturday, January 21, 2006

SPCA's 3rd "Lazy Sunday" Wine Tasting

Anyone interested?

SPCA's 3rd "Lazy Sunday" Wine Tasting
The Wine Company
26 Evans Road
12 Feb 2006
2 to 5pm.

I've always wanted to go for some of these wine appreciation events. But always missed the chance. Don't think I would want to go alone. If anyone interested, we can go together.

Please record your message after the tone *BEEP*

I don't know why suddenly Singtel gave me the voice mailbox service. I didn't request for it cause I didn't see the need. My handphone is on 24/7. If someone calls me but I didn't pick up the phone, my caller ID would tell me who is looking for me and I will call back the person asap. Nobody uses the payphone nowadays and those people who subscribe to Caller Number Non-Display doesn't deserves my call back. You can try calling me again later or cancel that stupid service.

I also have the caller alert service which will SMS me the telephone number of the missed call if I off my hanphone.

Caller ID and Caller Alert has made voice mailbox obsolete. Who still need voice mailbox nowadays? And 1 thing I've notice, people sound weird when talking to the machine. REALLY WEIRD. They don't sound natural.

And the worst thing about voice mail box is, people don't know HOW to use it. Really.

Some people couldn't decide if they want to leave a message in my voice mailbox or not. I often go into my voice mailbox to listen to 1 second of the background noise follow by the hanging up of the phone. And I have to call the person after listening to my voice mailbox.

My dad is famous for using my voice mailbox. 9 out of 10 voice mail came from him. And all 9 of them are redundant. He still don't know how to use the voice mail box despite me teaching him the concept of voice mail box ever since the days of pager.

Here are some of the voice mails that he put in my voice mail before.

"Are you coming home for dinner tonight?"
"Where are you?"
"Why you didn't pick up the phone."
"You want a ride home? I'm near your office now."

And the most famous one is......

"Call me."

In the end, I still need to call him after listening to the voice mail. Redundant right? Nowadays, when I saw a miss call from my dad handphone and a SMS saying there is a new message in my mail box, I'll give my dad a call instead of listening to the mail box.

I've just called up Singtel to cancel that useless voice mailbox service. Will not subscribe to the service again unless they start teaching children how to use the voice mailbox in school.

Elections is coming.... Really!

Apologies for my Nov posting regarding elections might be coming. My predictions was wrong. Way wrong.

Was predicting a late Dec 05 election. Look like the elections is going to be around March period. What we saw in Nov is just the tip of the ice berg. The warm up session before the bigger goodies are coming.

Nevertheless, let me list out the goodies we had and those that are on the way now.

#1: Ministerial committee calls for S$1b package to help low-wage workers (12 Jan 06)
#2: Buangkok MRT station finally opens amid fanfare (15 Jan 06)
#3: COEs for all car categories drop below S$10,000 (19 Jan 06)
#4: Panel recommends financial incentives for NSmen (Exact figure will be announced on budget day, which is Feb 17)

Election is really coming. Better check if your name is in the register of electors

I'm in Jurong GRC. Got 80% chance of voting. Cause the opposition party likes to come here. (Maybe because my GRC don't have any heavy weight ministers) My GRC gets to vote for the past 2 elections. I'm so exicted. This coming election is going to be the 1st time I get to vote. I missed the last election cut off age by 1mth!!! Hope they don't terkan me this year by not coming.

And also, Dr Chee, if you are reading this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't come to Jurong GRC again. I rather my GRC walkover so that I can sleep at home during election day than go to the election centre to VOID MY VOTE.

On the side note, SM Goh said PAP's election theme may be 'Grow the economy, share the fruits'

Sir, we want the peanuts, not fruits.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Crappy Template

Something is wrong with my template.

why my side bar drop to the bottom of the screen?
Hmm.... Lazy to debug. Maybe do it during the weekend.

FOUND - Cross Maltese & Bichon

Searching for the owner of this cute little doggy found at Clementi St 13.

Not I found 1. I'm just helping to spread the words. (to the small group of roughly 20 people who is reading my blog daily. Who are you guys anyway???)

The Libra in me....

Iris send me a link about horoscope just now. She said the whole horoscope is like describing me. Almost everything in the horoscope is true about me except the 2nd last paragraph which is totally not me. Its quite scary to read a horoscope that is so "Zun". Especially the last paragraph.

You are especially infatuated with love and relationships, and dream of finding your soul mate. This is probably your most important life mission, as you have so much to give another person. Once this aspect of your life is resolved and you meet that special person, your life will become greatly satisfying, no doubt.

Source: 12 signs of the Zodiac - Libra

I'm still on that mission, looking for my soul mate. The horoscope also explains why I'm on that mission. Because I have so much that I want to give her. If only she is here......

Or maybe she is here already, just that I don't know if she is really the one. Could it be her? Or is it another person in my life? Or is she still far away from me?

Sometimes I wonder where is she.....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I'm serious when I said I'm going to pack my Full Battle Order just now. For those who don't know, Full Battle Order (FBO) means the fullpack, the bra SBO and helmet. The fullpack will contain things like uniform, sock, torchlight, lighter etc etc etc. (Cannot say too much about the contents. Wait terrorist know what we have in our fullpack)

I'm not packing my FBO because that Pavin fellow pissed me off. I pack my FBO because I'm on Alert Manning this week. In short, mobilisation. You know, when your TV flash a logo of a army man standing and got some code word 1. Ya, if this weekend got army man logo on TV, 90% is me going back camp.

Mobilisation exercise is usually done on weekend. If you see the army man on tv during weekday, you can be sure something bad happen. Anyway, we reservist are going to be the 2nd or 3rd line of defence. The NSF will be the first to chiong. We go in later to collect body help out.

Sometimes I wonder if there is really a need for such mobilisation. War nowadays is not like World War 2 during Hitler times where he can declare war on you and within few hours, his troops already at your doorsteps. Things has changed.

Nowadays, country will always KPKB at United Nation first (take the recent USA vs Iraq as example) While KPKB-ing, they will also move a lot of troops to the border and get ready. Then choose a good day to move in. See, we got more than enough time to prepare a welcome party for any foreign troops who wants to come in and play punk. So why need the mobilisation exercise?

Anyway, its always good to be on alert. We never know when we might need to pick up our arms and defending ourselves.

I'm ready. But tolong tolong, this weekend don't mobilisation hor. I haven't done my area cleaning yet.

Ungrateful fellow

Reading this forum letter to the Straits Times make me angry.

Jan 18, 2006
Let those who intend to emigrate opt out of NS

I REFER to the Insight article, 'Doers & dodgers: Time to heal the rift?' (ST, Jan 14).

I share the same sentiment as Mr Paul Wong, feeling no allegiance to Singapore and not being able to assimilate into Singaporean culture even though I was born and raised here.

As a child, I grew up watching classic American movies and cartoons, and listening to American-genre music like country, southern gospel and classic American oldies.

My paternal aunts and uncles are Ivy League students and speak with a slight American accent and use American grammar in speech. I was influenced by them.

Because I am the child of a Thai father and a Singaporean mother, I am a citizen of both Thailand and Singapore. I hold a Singapore passport and will have to serve national service next year.

I do not intend to live in Singapore and, in fact, have made serious plans to emigrate to the United States in future.

Many friends of mine who have gone overseas to study intend to settle down in their host country after serving national service.

I do not support the evasion of national service but I appeal to the Government to make some changes to the policy.

For those who do not intend to live in Singapore, there is no purpose in serving national service. It is a waste of resources for the Government and a waste of time for those affected.

In my case, I will renounce my Singapore citizenship at age 21 and take on Thai citizenship. The US will be my home in future and if a war breaks out between Singapore and the US, God forbid, obviously I would help to defend the US and fight Singapore if need be.

Therefore, I do not see the purpose of training men who might 'turn against' their country in unforeseen circumstances.

Perhaps the Ministry of Defence could come up with a policy to permit those who intend to emigrate to opt out of national service but if they do not leave by a certain age, then they would be drafted.

Patriotism and loyalty cannot be forced. It is ultimately up to an individual whether he wants to serve the country.

Pavin Limanont

Pavin, I know you are not a chinese, but here are 4 chinese words for you.


It means when you drink the water, think about its source.

From the day you are born, Singapore has given you a lot. Do you think your parent's hospital fee is enough to pay for the expense to deliver you and bring you to this world? No, Singapore subsidise the medical fee.

Do you think the school fees that your parents pay are enough to give you the good education you are receiving now? No, Singapore subsidise school fees for all Singapore citizen.

Singapore provided you with a good environment to grow up and a comfortable home for you to stay. Are you staying in a HDB flat? Your HDB flat is also subsidised by Singapore. Have you ever thought about it? Singapore provided you a safe place to live. Are you able to enjoy such safe haven in other country? Maybe you can. But remember, Singapore was there for you the day you were born.

Now, all Singapore ask of you is to pick up a SAR21 and defend the country. National Service has already been reduced from 2 1/2 year to 2 years. The welfare in the army has greatly improved over the years. Why are you scare of serving the army?

Yes, we understand that you want to emigrate to another country. But before you leave, think about the newater that you are drinking now. Singapore provided you so much, is 2 years of paying back too much to ask for?

KNN.... Lim peh go pack my full battle order now.

Everyone is talking about this

Everyone talking about this

Sense of direction

50 days to the end of my contract at work. The company will renew my contract. But I don't know if I want to renew or not.

Another knock on my head by her to remind me that we could just be friends and nothing else. Why do I keep seeing myself banging my head against the wall when I know it impossible for anything more than friends between us?

Friends are drifting further and further away. I can't seem to find anyone with similar interest as me. Can't seem to find someone who is willing to sit down and have a nice cup of coffee or cheesecake. All my friends don't understand why I wanted to buy a iBook even when I already got a Thinkpad 1/2 yr ago. They just don't understand that iBook is iBook. Its totally different from a notebook. Nobody understand me.

Blogging day in day out. I also don't know why the heck I bother to blog. What is my purpose? Read the forum everyday. Took part in the discussion. But all we can do is talk. Powerless over many things. What can we achieve via blog and forum? Nothing. Then why am I still doing it?

I seem to lost my sense of direction. What am I doing now? Where should I go from here?

Where is my big dipper? I need you to show me the way. I'm lost. Really lost.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Decaying Links


Sexual Harrasment at work
Teach you how to date the gal in your office without getting a lawsuit on Sexual Harrasment.

Man Solves Rubik's Cube in 11.13 Seconds
How the heck did anyone managed a 11.13 Second? I can't even do it within 11hr 13mins!!!

Cooking with Lava
Where is the nearest active volcano?

Darth Jobs
Steve Jobs turns to the dark side.

No form


No form also must run.


mrbrown show

It always pays to check out mrbrown's blog everyday. You never know what surprise he have in store for you. mrbrown posted another podcast today. Rather surprised to see another one so fast. The previous one he did with Shelley Leong was just 2 days ago. Its also nice to note that mrbrown zhng his podcast server and the downloading time is much faster this time. Thanks a lot.

The latest mrbrown show was an interview with The Suns. I've never heard of them before, but after listening to the mrbrown show and the zhng my car 5 make me feel like popping by their performance one of these days. I feel that the 2 podcast with the suns were the best mrbrown show ever recorded. Maybe its also because of the MA18 rating. Afterall, must have restriction rating then nice mah. PG and G rating is so boring.

The story of the suns tell us one thing. No matter what mistake you made in Singapore, be it scold 4 letter word on stage or AWOL for many years, so long as you make it famous outside, Singapore will still welcome you with open arms. Even if you are not Singaporean also never mind. So long as you can play Ping Pong or badminton well, Singapore will also welcome you. Ah. Lame right?

But I think the banning of The Boredphucks is really ridiculous. They just said ‘Kaninabuchowcheebye’ on stage only what. What is the big deal? How come got people so bo liao go lodge complaint?

Anyway, its nice to see local talent whom had completed their National Service to come back. I'm still thinking if I should go for their concert this coming friday at Sembawang Park. That place is so ulu. The last time I went there was last Oct with Z for Buckaroo. You know, the place that serve wonderful buffalo wings from hell. Maybe if I go for the concert, I'll pop by Buckaroo to da bao the wings back. This time I'll try level 3 spicyness.

Go download the mrbrown show with The Suns. Its one of the greatest ever cause its MA18.

Just wondering.... Would The Suns still dare to say ‘Kaninabuchowcheebye’ again this time?

Monday, January 16, 2006

I have a dream

Dear Sir

How are you doing in heaven? I hope you are doing fine. I first read about you in secondary school when browsing my CD encyclopedia. I was attracted by your “I have a dream” speech. Your charisma drew my attention and fueled my interest to read up more about you. I suppose children in America study about you and your work at early age. But children in Singapore weren’t given this chance to know more about you. You weren’t on our textbook. I was a history student. I spend 1/4 year studying about the history of America. We study about the great depression and World War 2. Sadly, the ministry of education didn't include Martin Luther King in our syllabus.

Sometimes I wonder if I would have known you if not for that encyclopedia of mine. I must say, your vision and courage inspired me greatly.

I’m not sure how bad things were back in the day when you made that speech on August 28, 1963. But inequality and racism still exist, not only in America, but all over the world. Singapore, despite being a multi-racial society, also has its share of racism and inequality. Last year, 3 racist blogger were brought to court and received their punishment for posting racist comments. But they are just the tip of the ice berg. Racism still exists in this tiny dot of South East Asia.

Last month, a Singaporean was attacked and robbed in Johor Baru, Malaysia and require several stitches on his head. Yes, the robber is wrong. But what follow was a bunch of racist comments by my fellow Singaporeans against our neighbors. Is it required? Maybe the crime rate at Johor Baru is higher than Singapore, but does that mean all Malaysians are criminals?

During New Year Day countdown, there was a big party along Orchard Road, Singapore’s downtown and shopping district. There were few female bloggers who claim that many Indian foreign workers use spray foam to blind their eyes and molest them while blinded. Some call for the banning of foreign workers to such New Year Day party in the future. But the problem is, it is not just the foreign workers who are behaving rowdy. Some locals are also behaving in a disorderly manner. But why did everyone target the foreign workers? I guess it is because of the colour of their skin.

Racism exists in every part of the world. People just couldn’t stand another different race. I admit making nasty comments about other races sometimes, but I don’t have any ill intentions. Perhaps those were just words of frustrations. But the situation in Singapore is not as bad as other parts of the world. We don’t have racial riots like the one that took place in Australia beach last month. We only have people who make nasty racist comments. Most people in Singapore still live in harmony with friends of other races. Maybe it is just a few black sheep that is making us look ugly.

Sir, it has been nearly 40 years since you had that dream. I often told my friends that someone had a dream 40 years ago and it is still a dream now. Your dream of one day where people “will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” is still, sad to say, far from reality. Perhaps until one day when humans are being threatened by another alien race will we finally be able to put down our differences and stand together as one united front.

Sometimes I wonder if this dream will ever come true. But it is a good dream. It is a good dream worth working towards.

Happy Birthday Sir. May your dream come true one day.


Sunday, January 15, 2006

My Lappy and me.

I keep bringing my laptop out when I go shopping alone recently. Some people might ask me, why the heck I bring my laptop out for when I'm shopping alone?

I suppose I'll feel tired from shopping and want to find a nice coffee place to sit down and have a nice cup of coffee. But it would look weird sitting alone drinking coffee. That is why I bring my lappy along. He is my excuse for drinking coffee alone, I suppose. You look weird sitting alone drinking kopi. But nobody will find you weird if you drink coffee alone and stare at a laptop. (pretending to check office email and look busy, machim like some mobile warrior. But actually I'm updating my blog and bloghopping)

My Oasis is gone. The WIFI network there is almost non-existance and the place is always crowded lately. Moved my fat ass to wheellock place kopibean. The problem with wheellock place kopibean is that the WIFI network is quite unreliable. And the place is rather small, thus finding seat is rather hard. Everything depends on luck when you are out alone. You never need to worry about finding seats if you have company.

I was at wheellock place kopibean last friday. Found a nice table at a corner. Next to me were 2 bloggers whom I've visited their blogs before and seen their photos. But I fail to recognize them. Just find her..... eeeerrr..... familar. Got a feeling that she is a blogger. JUST cannot recall who is she.

*Slap forehead*

Spring Cleaning

2 more weeks to Chinese New Year.
1 Big messy room to clean up.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Siglap Cheesecake Cravings

I'm having cravings for Siglap Cheesecake.... again....

Damn Brian for bringing up the cheesecake topic in forum.

My last dose of Siglap Cheesecake was on 20 Nov. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! I need my peach cheesecake with jelly..... NOW....

**Update @ 2:30pm**
Still can't find any Kakis for cheesecake. No car also. Argh. I'm going crazy. Maybe I'll just settle for something less.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th.

Has anything unlucky happened to you already? I haven't. :)

Rain has ended....

Sometimes it would stop raining
long enough for the stars to come out.

And then it was nice.

--Forest Gump

Thursday, January 12, 2006

One lonely Road


1 lonely runner.
1 lonely road.


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Name the Budget Terminal

Few months ago, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) held a contest to name the new budget terminal. Guess what name was selected for our first budget terminal.

Budget Terminal!!

I'm serious. Talk about creativity.

I don't know. Its actually kinda hard to name a budget terminal. You see, firstly, you cannot name it after a famous person in Singapore history. Imagine calling the new budget terminal as Raffles Terminal. Wouldn't it be insulting to the founder of Singapore?

Then you cannot name it after the place where the airport is located. Simply because the budget terminal is also located at Changi and the name is already taken by our famous Changi Airport. We can't name it Paris Ris Terminal because it is NOT in Paris Ris in the first place. And who is the joker who suggested naming it Orchard Terminal? Wake up your idea. Changi and Orchard is so far away!

Then you cannot name it Terminal 3 simply because we are already building a Terminal 3 already. Cannot name it Terminal 4 because Terminal 3 not open yet.

So how about naming it Terminal 2.5? Just like those GPRS Handphones are sometimes called 2.5G. Errr.... Don't think so.

So what can we name the budget terminal as? No idea. I'm not good at giving names (except bad names for people). That why I didn't take part in the contest. I thought someone might do a better job and give it a wonderful name. But to my horror, someone actually dares to submit such lame name. Budget Terminal. Well done...... Well done.....

If I remember correctly, there was a contest to name the Bukit Panjang LRT system too. And the winning entry is...... "Bukit Panjang LRT"

Well done. We Singaporeans are simply good at these naming contest. Next time if there is ever such naming contest again, I think I'll take part. Just name the thing as it is lor.
If naming Polar Bear contest, call it "Polar Bear".
If naming expressway contest, call it "Expressway".
If naming Navy Ship contest, call it "Ship".

I think I'll stand a chance to walk away with a cash prize of $2,000 and a 3G mobile phone too.

Ok, I got an idea. Maybe we should name the new Budget Terminal as "Durai Terminal". Reason: Because it cost peanuts to use it. REALLY!

The Mighty "Neh Neh" Mouse

Someone told me to go get the Mighty "Neh Neh" Mouse after reading that my mouse gave up on me.

The Mighty "Neh Neh" Mouse looks good. Nice curves, can squeeze the side and have a nice "nipple" scroller. Will look good when placed beside my IBM Thinkpad which has a red "nipple" in the middle.

Which guy doesn't like nipples cool gagdets? But here is a problem. It comes with a $88 price tag. And its not wireless. How am I suppose to throw it on the ground if it fails me few years down the road?

Decided to give it a miss. Maybe I'll consider if Apple comes out with a Wireless Might "Neh Neh" Mouse. In the meantime, I got myself a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse. No fancyful Nipples. Just a scroll wheel that can go 4 direction. YAWN.... so boring....

But it's wireless :). Can throw on the floor if it fails me. Hahahaha......
(Hanging the cold lifeless body of my previous mouse next to the new mouse...... you better behave or you will end up no better than him..... *evil laugh*)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Remedial Training phrase 3

The OC at Maju Camp keep saying if you fail phrase 2 RT, there is no phrase 3 for us.

He is wrong. I've just enrolled myself into phrase 3 RT. I wanna pass my IPPT....

Selamat Hari Raya Haji

I always wonder this question during religious holiday. Why is it that people always say things like:-

Wishing all Muslim Selamat Hari Raya Haji.
Wishing all Christian a Merry Christmas.
Wishing all Buddhist a Happy Vesak Day.
Wishing all Hindu Happy Deepavali.
etc etc etc.....

Why can't it be everyone? Singapore is a multi-racial country. 1 religion holiday, everyone get holiday. Everyone celebrate together. So why just wish the muslims only?

So I'm not muslim, I cannot have a Selamat Hari Raya Haji lah?

Ok Ok..... I know I sound naggy today.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji everyone. :)

Strange feelings.....

Don't know how to describe my feelings now. Its just some strange feelings that I've never encountered and don't know how to use words to describe it.

Jessie SMS me all of a sudden after being MIA for nearly 3 months. Its quite common for us to lose contact and suddenly for no reason SMS each other again. We been doing that ever since we broke off more than 3 years ago. We still meet up once in a while.

I've always thought that she was the person I loved the most. That was until when I met Z when I suddenly ask myself, was it really love that I had for Jessie when we were together? The feelings I had for Z is totally different from the one I had for Jessie. The way I treat Z and the way I treat Jessie is different even though I'm not attached to Z. I see myself doing things that I would never had done for Jessie few years back. Perhaps that is why she left me.

Anyway, the conversation between Jessie and me would always revolve around the same few topic. She will always ask me if I got new gf while I'll ask her when she getting married. Kinda expecting her to get married soon, since she set her friendster status to married. But what shocked me was, she broke up with that guy whom she went steady with few mth after breaking up with me. After a couple of SMS, she reveal to me that she had a new bf, someone whom she knew for roughly 2 years. They been together for a few month and he has proposed to her. She has accepted. They will be ROM-ing in Oct. Congrats. :)

I was speechless at first. The feeling was kinda strange. I have no more feelings for her already. I'm sure. But I was kinda expecting her getting married with that guy, but it turn out to be another guy. Someone whom she is together with for mere few months. Somehow, I just don't know how to describe the feelings inside me now.

Isn't it strange? You been together with a guy for many years, but turn out, another guy whom you are together with for a few mth sweep you off your feets. Love is strange isn't it? Perhaps it is not the length of time you are together, nor the special things you do for the person. Perhaps it is just some chemcial reaction inside the body that matters. Cupid's arrow? or just meeting Mr Right?

Which make me wonder, why do I bother being extra good to the person I have interests in? If the chemical is correct, I don't even need to lift a finger and she will be falling in love with me. If the chemical is wrong, no matter how many stars I shoot down for her, she will still treat me as the person on the other side of the ladder.

I think I've been taking the wrong approach in chasing gals. Which explains why I keep failing and failing when it comes to love. Isn't it funny? It takes me 25 years to discover that.

Perhaps I should start about doing something about myself rather than doing something for the person I'm interested in. Change my dress sense, change my style or whatsoever. Don't bother about those special little things that you think will touch her heart. Even if you manage to touch her heart, it will still be those "friendship" way of touching. Why bother?

Perhaps it is time I change the person in the mirror. 2006 seems a good year to change myself. Coincidently, my MP3 is now playing "The Reason" from Hoobastank.

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is you

Monday, January 09, 2006


A phrase from Jessie's sms keep echoing inside my ear.

"Chance is to be grabbed, not give one"

When was the last time I grabbed a chance? I stare at my so-called new year resolution. I ask myself, am I still keeping it or have I already given up just merely 1 week into 2006.

If everything last this long

The washing machine is due for retirement already. We've overworked him. The washing machine has been with us for so long, I can't really remember when we got it. I only remember playing inside the box that comes with the washing machine. That is damn bloody long. Although it is still working, it create loud noise sometimes. Maybe it is complaining that it has already pass the age of retirement. Maria say she saw a 7kg washing machine selling at $438. I think I'm going to foot the full bill since Maria is getting married end this year. No point asking her to share the cost. She won't be using it anyway.

My computer monitor is giving problem. It requires some "warm up" before it shows anything on the screen. And the warm up time ranges from 10 sec to 30 minutes, depending on its moods. I have no complaints here. After all, this philip monitor has been with me for 5 years already. My previous monitors never last more than 3 years. Maybe it is due to my heavy usage. Its about time I let the monitor retire and get a new one. Still thinking if I should get a 17 inch or 19 inch LCD monitor. 17 inch cost $449. If I add another $50, I can get a huge 19 inch.

Then my wireless mouse decide to give me problem. It has been showing problem few days ago when the scroll wheel go haywire. It will scroll by itself!! But after a few knocking, it went back to normal. Today, it decided to give more problem. The buttons go haywire this time together with the scroll wheel. So I get auto scroll and auto click.

Maybe it has been influenced by the monitor. After all, they are sitting side by side. But 1 thing that the mouse forgot is that, unlike the monitor, it is small and wireless. There is nothing I can do to the monitor when it decided that it need more warm up time. The monitor is so big and has wires. But the mouse is different. Small and wireless. Got so fed up with it that I threw it on the floor and took out my laptop mouse to use.

Never play punk with me if you are small, wireless and replaceable.

If only everything last half as long as this lightbulb. 104 years and still counting.....

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mock Surprise Exercise

Still remember 4 years ago while I was still a NSF. My unit, like most active unit, will be assigned to perform Alert Red duties. Alert Red means your unit will be the first to go eat bullet front line should anyone tries to attack singapore. One company will stay in camp 24/7 including weekends. This company is suppose to move out within 7 minutes when the alarm goes off. The rest of the units will carry a oh piang pager when booking out.

This is how prepared we are in defence.

There will be a test to see how prepared your unit is. The top will activate the unit for an exercise and we are suppose to deploy at some area. This exercise is suppose to be a surprise. Yeah, right.

There can be no surprise when it comes to mock exercise.

Those who are involved in planning the mock exercise will leak out information regarding the date and time when the exercise is supposed to be held. Once the information reaches those involved in the exercise, they will put in extra effort to prepare for the exercise to ensure that they don't fail the test. Welcome to SAF.

Our unit got the info about the date and time of the exercise more than 1 week before hand. Everyone spend the week preparing for that "surprise" exercise. It look so articifial. On the day of the exercise, everyone were told to wake up earlier than usual to have breakfast. We draw our arms from the armskote earlier than usual and change to our number 4 uniform earlier than usual. Everyone was in full gears before the alarm was sounded.

So everyone was ready, sitting in their bunk, with the pager on the table..... waiting..... waiting..... waiting.....

Finally, the alarm sounded, the company who is supposed to move out within 7 minutes got fall in faster than usual. All our pagers sounded and we all cheered. We are activated for a "surprised" mock exercise.

This is how "wayang" things are...... And I guess things are still the same 4 years later.


Exercise Northstar V was conducted over the island today morning. It is suppose to be a surprise mock exercise. But I bet all the personnel involved in the exercise were already in full gears before the first "bomb blast" went off.

What is the point?

Strings & Serenades - Corrinne May in Concert


Feb 12 2006, Sunday @ 7.30pm
NUS University Cultural Centre Concert Hall

Corrinne performs with an 8 piece string section and her band. Featuring new songs and favourites from both Corrinne's albums. Tickets @ $30, $40 and $50.


Tempted..... Anyone interested???
Wondering if there is any Angel in Disguise who will give me a free ticket.... :D

Saturday, January 07, 2006

May You Always Experience This Kind Of Love

Someone posted a very interesting poem at Iris's blog. Just want to share with everyone.

If I could speak in any language in heaven or on earth
but didn't love others,
I would only be making meaningless noise
like a loud gong or a clanging cymbal.

If I had the gift of prophecy,
and if I knew all the mysteries of the future
and knew everything about everything,
but didn't love others, what good would I be?
And if I had the gift of faith so that I could speak to a mountain and make it move,
without love I would be no good to anybody.

If I gave everything I have to the poor and even sacrificed my body,
I could boast about it;
but if I didn't love others, I would be of no value whatsoever.

Love is patient and kind.
Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude.
Love does not demand its own way.
Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of when it has been wronged.
It is never glad about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out.
Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

Dr. Howdy


Z sms me today asking where am I. Told her I'm at Orchard. At first she thought I was out with H. But she was wrong. I'm alone, as usual.

Come on lah, how lucky can I get? I'm aleady very lucky that I didn't countdown alone. Don't expect too much. Don't think will be that lucky again. H has been rather cold towards me lately. Maybe because she knew my advancement and is trying to get away. Or maybe its her nature. Maybe she is avoiding me, or maybe she is playing hard to get.

Whatever it is, she is driving me crazy lately.....

Sometimes I wonder if she is a train to my destination or just a roller coaster. I really hope she could bring me out of singlehood and to the destination I'm been looking forward to. But it is beginning to seems like she is just another roller coaster ride. Full of ups and down. End of the day, you go back to where you start your ride.


T was asking me why I recently keep talking about getting attached/married stuff. He say it doesn't sound like me. He say I am beginning to sound like J. Perhaps it is because I've reach the age when J start talking about getting attached/married stuff. He is 1 year older than me. Perhaps the age to start worrying about being single is around 26 year old. Maybe it will end at around 30 ba. By then, its either you already gotten attached/married or you already given up hope.

I'm still considering if I should get a vietnam bride if I pass the age of 35.


Singapore Blogsphere is going to be rather quiet for the weekend. Quite a handful of celebrities bloggers are in Malaysia now attending Cowboy's Wedding. They are stuck in a hotel without WIFI!!!! **HORROR** A blogger's nightmare.

Anyway, congrats to him. :)


Walking alone orchard road. The drizzle didn't stop me as I continue to walk on the streets without umbrella. Seeing couples sharing an umbrella, how sweet.

Wanted to have a nice cup of coffee at coffee bean, But couldn't find a seat. Would be nice if I'm not alone. At least someone could chop a seat while I go order the drinks.

Wish you could be there......

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Armchair Critics

Don't you just hate it when you got 2 armchair critics in your home while you are trying to get something done?

AC: You need to use the screw to secure it lah.
Me: I already told you many times that I've lost the screw. Got any other option?
AC: Nope.

Me: **Turning the thing**
AC: You need to turn the thing more to get it out.
Me: You so good you try lah. **Pass it to AC**
AC: You do better.

AC: Not straight lah.
Me: Yes, I can see not straight. Can't you see I'm trying to straighten it?
AC: **Cont sitting at sofa looking at me struggling**

AC: Its sliding down.
Me: I know, I'm trying to tighten it?
AC: **Still cont sitting at sofa looking at me struggling**

AC: Like that cannot work lah.
Me: You come do lah.
AC: I'm just telling you cannot mah. **Still sitting at sofa**

Its already very annoying that the whole damn thing doesn't work. The last thing I need is 2 armchair critics commenting on everything that I'm doing. I also have eyes. I know it is not stright. I know it is loose. Can't you see I'm trying to fix it? Its either you come help, or just shut up.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

One car every 48 sec.

Wow, she is fast. Damn fast.

DOUBLE-CROSSING motorists, watch out for Sergeant Kaleswari Palani.

She dishes out traffic summons faster than a fast food outlet serving hamburgers.

On the afternoon of 17 Feb last year, she issued a total of 50 traffic summons in just 40 minutes.

That's one booking every 48 seconds.

Source: New Paper

While article mentioned that a lawyer claim trial but lost, everyone fail to address one critical issue.

Why were there 50 offenders in a mere 40 minutes?

There could only be 2 possible reason.
1) Singapore drivers has no regards for the double white line.
2) There is something seriously wrong with the road design.

You decide.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Universal Hand Signal

Don't you just hate it when those new toilets use hand-free-sensor tap instead of traditional push-for-water tap? Somehow, you can never find the exact spot of the sensor. You can put your hand at the basin, move left and right and still no water come out. And if water come out, you need to remain in that position else water will be cut off again.

Yah, high tech toilet huh? They don't even know when to give me water to wash my hands. Why can't they just stick to traditional taps?

Something must be wrong with these hand-free-sensor tap. Perhaps we are using it the wrong way. Perhaps there is a secret password or something. Maybe you need to say "Open Sesame" or insert a token or something. Anyone got the instruction manual?

Or perhap you need to use the universal hand signal to get water.

Ah.... finally there is water. Another example of how useful the universal hand signal is.


Still having hangover from New Year Eve Countdown. No joke. Woke up these 2 days having those floating feeling and a headache. I keep trying to recall how many glasses I've drank that made me had a 2 day hangover. Seriously, other than coke and mineral water, I don't remember drinking other things.

You can get hangover without drinking alcholic drinks too.


Xiaxue is targetting the Aerosol Form shooters. What is X-mas eve and New Year eve without these fun spray? I got myself 2 cans for New Year eve countdown. Gave 1 bottle to H. She decline in the beginning, saying she scare spray on someone that we don't know. I reassured her that it is perfectly alright to spray at stranger on X-mas eve and New Year eve. We finished the 2 can before the actually countdown. Damn, should had bought more.

We don't specially target on anyone. Actually it was more of spraying into the air and see who is the lucky person. And since everyone is screaming and jumping around, the lucky person wouldn't even know he ganna from us. Right? Anyway, New Year eve will be boring without the spray. Don't bother having a petition to ban it lah.


After the countdown, we went Clark Quay. The party was still on. MOS's queue is still long. We just walk along the streets of Clark Quay and see which pub willing to accept this bunch of fellows we were broke after buying the $19 entry ticket to the canon countdown. The place is rather crowded. I walk behind or behind H most of the times. I always prefer to walk behind at crowded place so that I can be on a look out for people who try to be funny. I'm gald nobody tries to be funny.

The Ang Moh were rather rowdy. They are already rowdy during normal chionging day. Their rowdiness doubled during festive season like new year eve. While most of them were partying among themeselves, got 1 group of 3 Ang Moh aren't. They were walking and dancing on the street, disturbing anyone that walk by. I sense trouble the moment I saw them. We tried to avoid them. But N wasn't fast enough to avoid one of the guy who took her hands and wanted to dance with her while she tried to break free. I stood a few step away, waiting to rush in to break up the fun if it gets overboard. Luckily N was able to break free.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

5..... 4.... 3.... 2..... 1.....

And 2005 is over.....

I look around me, all strangers except H. Wisper into her ears, "Happy New Year". And she smile back and wish me a Happy new year too.

What a good way to start the new year.....

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