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FOUND - Cross Maltese & Bichon

Searching for the owner of this cute little doggy found at Clementi St 13.

Not I found 1. I'm just helping to spread the words. (to the small group of roughly 20 people who is reading my blog daily. Who are you guys anyway???)

Thanks man for helping! :)

Acutally, I was quite touched when I heard you saying that the finder intend to put up ad on classified.

How many people will do that if they found a dog? The most I see is people putting up notice and calling SPCA/AVA. Seldom see people willing to fork out money just to find the person who lost his/her dog.


Small advertisement won't help.

Try buy the whole page... but it's expensive..ahahah...

if not.. still better call SPCA for help

whole page? U must be kidding....

The ad in CATS is free for lost and found :)

As for a whole page, doubt anyone will do that cos it is going like a couple of thousands dollars. I believe word of mouths by kind hearted souls will be more effective.

Losing a dog is like losing a son/daughter, and at least the child can still talk or with fingerprints to trace but with a dog that cant talk (at least not that we know what it is talking about) .. the chances are just not there.

I saw the lost and found poster near my house.

And my house is Jurong West lor. Salute for the effort.

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