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Last blog entry

It is never easy to stop blogging. But after several weeks of considerations, I’ve decided to stop blogging here. It has been fun blogging at Decayonnet. But sometimes, you reach a point where you tell yourself that it is time to stop. I think I’ve reach that point quite sometime back. There are too many things that I couldn’t blog about here. Too many hate comments. There is nothing I can do to prevent these. Sometimes I’m just sick and tired of them.

I started blogging at Decayonnet since 23 June 2005. This is not my first blog. Before Decayonnet, I have several other blogs at blogspot and multiply. But Decayonnet is the longest, most linked and most visited blog I’ve ever written. To a certain extend, it took me quite a while to decide to give up on it.

Thank you for all your support over the years.

I love to blog. Blog is like my diary where I store things that are happening around me for future retrieval. It’s a place where my friends get their updates on what’s happening to me. It’s a place where I blast out my anger and share my happiness. It’s a place where I release my sorrow and cure my boredom. It is my online space.

It is not easy to let go. But I'm letting go now.

I guess those people who hate me are happy to see this blog entry. I’m sure they are celebrating now. Funny thing is, I never understand why they keep coming even when they hate me so much. Oh well. Whatever lah.

But for those who loves to read my blog, not to worry. You can still find me at See you there.

PS: Please help update your hyperlink. :)
PS2: All comments on this blog has been disabled. Please continue your comments in the new blog. :D

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