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Going to Geylang with Jean, 2 nights in a row

When Jean has the sudden urges for something, it takes more than one night to fully satisfy her desire. And the only place where you can satisfy her desire is at Geylang, land of the neon lights. You’ll find Hotel 81, Fragrance Hotel, and a whole chain of other smaller hotels at Geylang. But her urges cannot be settled at the hotel. She need more excitement than going hotel.

She has cravings for Soya Beancurd in the middle of the night. It’s Tou Hua, not Tou Fu hor.

Got a MSN message from Jean late Saturday night saying she feels like having Soya Beancurd. It’s like those pregnant women who for no reason have some sudden desire for food at some far corner of the world. And I knew that if a gal doesn’t get her cravings cured, all hell will break loose. So together with Ridz, we went on a mission to settle the lady’s craving in the middle of the night by bringing her to Geylang You Tiao Da Wang.

Only to discovered that the famous You Tiao Da Wang at Geylang Lor 9 is no longer there. I even drove round the place twice to confirm. We Couldn’t find it. Either they closed down or moved to a new location.

So we went over to Princep Street for Tou Hua. The Tou Hua is cheap and good. We managed to buy the last few bowl of Tou Hua, You Tiao and soya bean drink before they close for the day. It may not be as good as You Tiao Da Wang, but at least it can hold back Jean’s craving. The

The next day, I did some googling and discover that You Tiao Da Wang has moved to Geylang Lor 27A. No wonder we can’t find it that day.

So we went on another Tou Hua hunt last night after a session of bluff at Starbucks. This time round, we have Jean, Alice, Miccheng and Tian Hong. Ridz didn’t come because he wanted to sleep early. And the strangest thing is, his twitter message last night is almost the same as NTT’s. Take a look at these (Check out the timing of the twitter too):-

Ridz: gone to bed. my neck is killing me. good night world
NTT: needs a good nite sleep.. :(
Ridz: argh. i can't sleep.
NTT: is unable to sleep..

Hmmm.... How come they the same thing at almost the same time? Are they together? Oops.... Sorry, I digress.

It wasn’t hard to find Geylang Lor 27A. The road system at Geylang is very systematic. If you travel along Geylang Road, the left side will be all the even number Lor while the right side will be the odd number Lor. Odd number Lor is where you find all the good food while even number Lor is where you find all the *cough* action *cough*.

Oops... Sorry, I digress again.

The standard of the Tou Hua seems to drop a bit, but it is still better than most Tou Hua in Singapore. And like bloggers always do, we spend several minutes taking photo of the food before eating.

Oh well, at least I managed to satisfy Jean’s craving, after visiting Geylang with her 2 nights in a row. Let’s hope her next craving isn’t at some remote corner of Singapore.

PS: This entry is written in response to Jean's entry. Please do not poof me in for being misleading. :P

haha. jean always got craving for ....

Tianhong: What does 4 dots means? :P


This comment has been removed by the author.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Wah next time when your wife gets pregnant, I know you will take good care of her.

Bo Jio loh! Hmmpz! I wonder if I got craving will DK come all the way to SK to pick me up or not... hahaha!

Youth Olympic coming so they able to taste the vast varieties of foods from all the Lor!

hmmm...i smell sumthg btw them is going to happen...hahahaha...

Claudia, I also wonder the same thing. May be anonymous is on to something.


Sigh~~ Tao Huei~~ *slurp*

ehh... pick me up when you pick claudia up hor.

wah. why never jio?!?! geylang sooooo near!

precious: Ya, good practice now.

claudia: Hhhhmmm....... Let me consider. :P

Henry: You be their tour guide lor.

anonymous: You need to get your nose checked. Such a big group, how to have thing happen? :P

precious: You got Nic liao, still need me help you satisfy your cravings meh?

HJ: How to jio?

Musicbox: Need tissue? You drooling liao. :P

vandalin: Saturday got jio you hor, you busy partying with other gals.

nadnut: Thought you were at your boi boi house? :P

i tot u went on 2 diff days. the next day lah dey! lol

Nadnut: eeerrr..... eeeerr.....
OH, the next day my car full liao. No space. Unless you don't mind sitting on on of the guy's lap.

(Driver's lap also can. :P )

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