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There is someone walking behind you

Is it common for people to laugh while watching Final Destination 3 when the person get killed in damn 夸张 ways?

Doesn't seem right hor? I mean, people are killed in horrible ways and my friend and I were laughing when they die. Are we sick or what?

Anyway, Final Destination 3 is a nice show. Don't worry if you didn't watch part 1 or 2. There isn't much linkage. Just the usual Final Destination trademark way of killing people.

The song in the movie still lingers in my head.....

The Vogues - Turn Around, Look At Me

There is someone walking behind you,
turn around, look at me.
There is someone watching your footsteps,
turn around, look at me
There is someone who really needs you,
here's my heart in my hand.
Turn around, (turn around,) look at me,
(look at me,) understand,understand,
That there's someone who'll stand beside you.
Turn around, look at me.
And there's someone who'll love and guide you.
Turn around, look at me.
I've waited, but I'll wait forever for you to come to me.
Look at someone (look at someone) who really loves you,
yeah, really loves you. Turn around, look at me.

Oh ya, I finally got my Kenny Rogers. :)
Wonder when will I get to eat Fish N Chips. Hope soon. *hint* *hint*

Dude, I saw the movie too and I'm trying hard to forget that song. Didn't expect someone to post it. Haha.

Btw, thanks for visiting man.

It's stuck in my head, too. I fear the dark now. No, but really, that is how I found this, I'm looking for that song to get it out of my head.

Yeah , I saw Final Destination 3 it's realy good movie and the song not bed :)

Oh shit, I thought I was the only one lol. I Googled the lyrics and came to this site. OMFG WE'RE GOING TO DIE.

im still trying to find that music video code so i can put it on my xanga...i love it.and it did rock in final destination far no luck........

Hey man, i want this song in mp3... do you know where can i found it?

Try iTunes man.

but i cant pay for it! :-D

dude!!! i saw the movie and i dont forget this song lol lol i dont kwon why bun its funny i think jajaja

I watched the movie ad I think it rocks. I also wanted to find thet song.

I'm so fkin weirded out by the fact that no one can forget that song, maybe it is like if ya can't forget it it's gonna turn around, bite ya in the ass and kill ya somehow, we are going to die but i don't care as long as i die like one of them fokes in the movie.
I need the mp3 but without paying for it!

when i saw the movie right away when the song played it was in my head for days n still is lol im in the shower freaking mysleft out lol so i google it and foud this site lol funny to know that this song stick in our heads .. theire probably sombody behind us..

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

this song still lingers in my head too...

it's terrible..

i saw this movie yesterday..

and this song...argh

i'm brazilian..
my english is terrible..

i'm just try to find the letter of this song and i found your blog..

there is someone..walking behind you..

i can't forget it..


yeah ! ...the song isn't so good...but the movie's like WOW destination for ever !!:P:P...omg how much i luv that movie, woohoo !!!!^^
*ain't i crazy*

*there is someone.....walking behind you...* ....---> so tUrN aRoUnD !!!;)^^lol ...ok

heya freaks out there!! i've got the song!!
freaks me out to!! :p
love the movie though :)


hey m8 i laughed at there deaths as well i jst watched it today with my gf nd tht song totally fraeks me out nd she sings it all the time

i saw the movie more than 3 months ago :P and it's still in my head ^^ does anybody know where i can get the free mp3 of the song :P me and my friend '' dig it' in holland

Man I effin Love that show--Don't worry me and my friends were crackin up when watched them die too..It was hillarious--Anyways after I got done watching the show this song was stuck in my head--I was just wondering if it's a reaL song or did they make it up just for the show..Cause I've never heard of it before?

when ever im in the car and this comes on my ipod i scares the crap out of me!!

Yeah, you will never forget that song.. it's in my head all the time now. Nooo! I'm.. like.. scared of it =P

what the hell was wrong with that movie??! it kinda made me sick, the way they all died!
i swear something is so wrong about this song too. basically we heard 10 seconds of the song, but it's stuck in our head! random i'd say!
i got so annoyed when 'J' died!
Lv ya xXxX

My wife and I just finished watching the movie and I had the song totally etched in my brain.

Loved the movie.....and like the song.
For you guys who have never heard that song's an oldie but goodie.
I was born in 1945 and the song was popular when I was a teenager.

It's probably the first song written about a stalker. lol

As soon as the movie was over I went into the other room and turned on my keyboard and started playing and singing it.....and I couldn't remember the second I googled it. Here I am.
Do a further word may find it on a sound track.

I googled the Lyrics, too lol !

The World is so small ... love the Song

I found the song on Rhapsody, under "The Lettermen" According to the soundtrack, this is the same song.

wow didn't think you all be searching that song to, hey maybe that guy was right we're all going to die :P just kidding, i just need the name of the song i'll download it from limewire

It has been more than a year since I've watch that movie. But I can still remember the tune clearly.

Hi youngs,
it s really a nice song. How can i get the tablature for this Song.
you must be careful because there is someone..... :-)

hey guys , for all of u trying to find the song it's called "turn around look at me" pretty obvious yeah , and it has been played by the vogues, bee gees, lettermen and glen campbell all in all the bee gees version is the creepiest sooooooo hope that helps ya as for where to find it , well , dunno, itunes maybe.........
turn around look at me........... love it !

Haha.. I love all these movies.
But I also love the gorey movies... which is sorta weird, I know.

And whenever my friends get scared, I start singing this song.. and I actually like this song.. so I'm getting it now. :]

Thanks for posting them.

Just saw the DVD today and googled the lyrics and this blog came up. I found this commercial in my archives using the song but lyrics adapted to suit the product. Enjoy

fuck, i was looking every where for that song!
i love you @_@
thanx for posting it!!
turns out the Bee Gees, The Lettermen, Glen Campbell and the righteous brothers did that song too...O_O
only on limewire <33

init. did ne1 get hooked on love rollercoaster by ohio players. dat got me gud 2 .lol. its lyk dey r mekin us obsessed.:S o wel lol. n den ders da song on the credits which was gud. evryfin about da film is jus stuk n i first saw it a yr ago n its still der. lol. freaky

o n im downloadin it nah. lol. o n if ya want 2 no hu actully who sog the version on final destination 3 it by lettermen.:P yer o my god da film is gr8 became obsessed. propa lvd ian mckinley lol alvo lewis n frankie wer fair fit until dey all died:(:( :P neways lv yall.xxxxxxxxxxx

im Lisa ;]

Oh that song is amazing...
My english is terrible but I'll work on it ;)

Well... I couldn't forget that song... I watched Final Destination 3 about 10 times in this month, and always after film i'm singing that song... Well... I mean, i'm trying to sing or maybe I'm trying to kill someone who will hear it ;]
Never mind :P
It's weird that everybody can't forget that song... maybe it means something ;]
I googled the lyrics too ;]

Well that all ;]
See Ya :)

Googled the lyrics, came here...and then looked up youtube for the video of the song....

Next, gonna play this song at 2AM on my bro!

Theres a downloadable mp3 version on Myspce , on one of the music profiles for The Vogues . Its an older version , but its free . And yes I laughed at the deaths , mainly bcause they were so over the top . The sunbed scene was cool though , pretty nasty for Final Destination.

haha i just watched that movie and i wonder if the band would be very happy if they that in this movie everytime the song comes on someone dies...

i always thought it was "look and see" but whatever. i love that film!

That song is pain in my we're all gonna die!!!xD There is someone...OMG. I'm a sick bastard.:D

It was funny when the girls in the tanning bed got burnt like fried chickens

Movie was very good, and I sing quietly this song every day. I don't know why, but this song sitting in my head. Very deep...
"there is someone, walking behind you............."
But I'm not dying:)

i like this song and the movie. it's hard to forget this song.

i watched final destination 3 a couplee weeks ago and i cant get this song out of my head!

i kinda likee it tho :)

hahah im gonna start playing it too my friends to freak them out :D

God, i thought i was the only person to have this stuck in my head.
Glad im not [:

Awesome movie, all the Final Destinations are!
And it's an awesoe song, even though it creeps me out a bit.

yeh man its ffffrrreeeaaaakkkky if i heard it in a movie that wasnt scary, i wouldnt not have been so freaked out a dah but lol scary!

Youre not the only one laughing at it.
It was so funny when that guy got his head splatted in the excercise machine!!!

Zomg. I downloaded the same version of "Rollercoaster (of Love)" and today when I was listening to it, I was starting to get really hot. I was like full freaking out! Ashley and Ashlyn cursed this song!

No way
i watched the movie tre time
and i can't stop sing that's song
I liked man

Thanks,you are the best!!!

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