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Back to manual

Dad's business hasn't been doing well for many years already. I'm amazed that they still manage to drag it for so long. Sometimes, you reached a point where there is really no chance of making a comeback. And that is the time to give up.

Anyway, one of the salesman resigned and the car that they lend him is left in the company. So my dad decide to sell away his current car (while it still have value) and use that car. Sound fine to me. I don't mind downgrading car. But here is the problem..... its a manual car!!!

OMG..... I really cannot remember when was the last time I drove a manual car. Its have been so long. I've been driving auto car ever since I got my license. I'm too used to the comfort of a auto car. I don't know how am I going to survive driving a manual car.

Imagine doing a parking using manual car. Or moving off from slope.

Grrr..... I hope this is a nightmare...... someone wake me up please.....

Someone complaining about car being manual!!??! You are so pampered leh! Think I will really give thanks if I can have a car to drive around, be it manual or auto.

It's not a nightmare. It's a pleasure. :)

Imagine doing a parking using manual car.
clutch in and out.

Or moving off from slope.
depress your brake
release clutch till biting point and then switch your foot over to the accelerator.
(you can always use handbrake) :D

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