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Cooking a pot of soup

Someone was cooking a pot of soup in the kitchen.

Someone walks in and saw the pot of soup. He feels that mashroom will make the soup taste good. So he added some mashroom.

Another person walks by and added ginsheng as he feel that will enhance the flavor.

Another person saw the soup and decided to add some prawns to make a seafood soup. Another person added diced chicken.

Someone added tomato. Another person added milk to make the soup creamy. Another person added pepper.

And another added abalone. Another added shark fins.

In the end, the soup tasted horrible.


Everyone have their ideas. Everyone want to make the best out of the event. Not all ideas are good. Even if the idea is good, it may not go well with other ideas.

Sometimes, a simple mashroom soup is good enough.

ur ang mo no swim sia... Got such thing as mashroom???? Mushroom???

Forgot to use spellcheck lah!! Wah ciao.

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