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Ang Pow

My director gave me ang pow today. Not 1, but 10 ang pow.
To be exact, my director gave me 10 new ang pow packet. No money inside.
I don't really expect my director to give us ang pow with money inside. Afterall, our team is rather big.

My company will print ang pow packet and give to customer every year. Usually the marketing dept will have tons of these ang pow. They would distribute to customer and also take some for themselves.

We low life beings at IT dept seldom get the good stuff. Unlike marketing side whom always got Ang pow, bak kwa, dumplings, mooncake etc etc etc...... I suppose IT dept staff not quite human.....

Sometimes, I think I saw signs around the office that say "IT Dept Staff and Dogs not allowed". Could be my eyes playing tricks on me. I don't know.

I guess these ang pow were leftovers. We usually don't get these stuff.
BUT FOR FUCK you give me ang pow packet now?

Keep it for next year loh... Make lanterns also can..

But don't you find it stupid? After chinese new year liao then give us.

Just like giving calendar in June like that....

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