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SanDisk Ultra II SD plus


Look ma, I'm a SD card.

Look ma, I'm also a USB Thumb Drive

I think the card reader is going to be out of job soon.

Finally found the SanDisk Ultra II SD plus at Harvey Norman. I knew I want it ever since I saw the card online 1 year ago.

Its "an SD Card" not "a SD Card"

I am being anal here...

Its "an USB Thumb Drive" not "a USB Thumb Drive"

I am being anal here.... Again..

Why SD Card is "an"?
yes.... u r anal.... who cares. :P

I thought it is also a USB Thumb Drive? Like a universal rule or a unique thing?

I'm being anal too... :p

Read today newspaper...

RRP: 155...

haaa... buy buyb buy

I love those Ultra II cards.
I do not have the one with the usb drive, but I still enjoy the speed on my Nikon D50 camera.
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