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iPod vending machine

Isn't it cool? It seems that everything can be sold in a vending machine nowadays.

We got soccer ball sold in vending machine. We got Handphone sold in vending machine. And now, we got iPod sold in a vending machine.

This iPod vending machine was spotted in Atlanta airport. Nope, not Japan, the land of the vending machine. Cool huh?

Imagine buying a iPod before boarding your plane to impress the gal sitting next to u. Open the package and wait a minute..... There is no songs in the iPod. Okie, no worries, maybe you got a laptop to upload new songs to the iPod...... BUT, the batt level is so low, it can only last you the most 1/2 hr.


thats exactly the problem I see as well. However, the vending machine concept already was enhanced to cell phones with prepaid SIM contracts and would theoretically even work for Palm:
What do you think?
Best regards
Tam Hanna

May I ask you for a link to TamsPalm(
Best regards
Tam Hanna

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