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Never understand why some people like to criticize others on their blog. Why can't these people just move on? If you don't like it, don't read it. I've already stop reading a few blogs that I personally don't like. OK, I admit I'm guilty of scolding them once in a while, but I won't keep attacking the person. It's just pointless. It only increase my blood pressure and the person doesn't even lose a hair.

I've been on the receiving end before. My old blog was a target of some bloggers who oppose to the subjects that I post in my blog. I was merely posting what I feel at that time, so what is wrong with that? Which till today, I can't understand why such reaction. If you don't like me, why do you keep coming to my blog?

So I've decided to place more personal matters in another blog, only giving the url to my friends. But, so long as you put it online, someone will bump into it. So be it. Who cares anyway. There is a time when one should move on.

Looks like the critics didn't move on, but chewonit has... I love that blog as much as I love the comic on the sunday Straits Times. I don't know exactly what happen that cause him to close down such wonderful blog, but I respect his wishes. I've enjoyed reading his every post for the past 1 month. Wish him all the best.....

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