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RT 2 days after...

Went for RT again. Today was 2 days after the guy collapsed and die.

Anyway, instead of the usual warm up, we were told to gather for a briefing by the encik. 1 hour briefing! Ok, he is famous for giving long talks. The good thing is, his talks are always entertaining and inspiring. The bad thing is, he can keep talking all day and you don't need to go home.

Anyway, he didn't say what exactly is the cause. In fact, he didn't make reference to the case at all. All he said was, we should had know that matter by now. And he goes on talking about safety stuff. From the way he said, it seems like the guy was sick that day as the encik keep saying if we are not feeling well, we should not carry on. I'm not quite sure exactly what happen.

It seems like many people have this misconceptions that RT is very xiong. I'll like to say is, it can be rather relaxing if you want it to be. As mentioned previously, the PTI only encourage you to put in your max effort. If you don't they also won't push you. But if you don't put in any effort in training, you don't gain anything.

Things are alot better as compared to BMT 5 years ago. RT is really a physical training and not terkan session. From what I can see, all safety measures are in place. The guys at Maju had put in alot of effort to ensure safety. As such, I don't see why people should be shooting at them. They had done a very good job. But sometimes, accident do happen. We can't prevent all accident from happening, but we can reduce the chances of it happening.

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