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All I want for X-mas 2005

Sorry for being 1 week late than last year. Anyway, I don't mind if your X-mas present come 1 week late. 1 month late also nevermind, so long as got come can already. :D

So, here is my X-mas wishlist for 2005. Hope it can help lessen your burden when choosing X-mas present for me. :) (See, I so good to you all. Hee hee)

1gb Thumb Drive
512mb DDR RAM
SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus USB 1GB
Black 4GB iPod Nano
17 inch iMac G5
12 inch iBook G4
Baby Blues 2006 Day to Day Calendar **Chop Already**
Espresso Machine
USB Powered Air Dart
60gb Portable HDD
Sena Case for Palm TX
Ministry of Sound - The Annual 2006 CD
Bean Bag Sofa
Sony PSP
Laptop Bag

Will update when I can think of more. :D

PS: **Chop Already** means someone going to buy it for me liao. Xie Xie. :D

"You"?! What kind of Christmas present is that?! Don tell me you want any Ah Kao, Ah Neow to be your Christmas?!


You lor.

Tie a ribbon over your head. :)

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