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Me Computer Geek

Bought a Belkin 4 in 1 PDA stylus pen from someone online. Met him at Yishun MRT after work today.

This is the 2nd time I'm meeting online seller at Yishun MRT this week. Don't know why I like to buy things online lately. And don't know why they all choose to meet at Yishun. Well... Since I'll be passing by Yishun on my way home, why not?

I've always wanted to get a pen with stylus. Although I don't know why exactly I need a pen with a stylus. I guess that is what makes me a computer geek. Somehow, I just find it cool to have a pen with stylus.


Anyway, the pen is kinda cool. Other than a PDA stylus, it also have a black pen, red pen and a mechanical pencil. I got it at $15.

That guy is also selling this Belkin Quadra 4-in-1 Stylus Pen at $20. Its the same as the one I bought from him, but has additional laser pointer and led light. More geeky!!! But I don't like the look of the pen. The base of the pen looks.... errr... weird.

So decide to be slightly less geeky. :P


Yishun is a nice place ... see all sellers are there. :)

But it's super dooper crowded~
I always end up in Yishun with alot of barang barang... and i'd get pushed around. :(

Didnt know that you like this. I have a few of them as my ex-company makes this as a give away souvenir with company logo on it. Its 4 in 1 too with mechanical pencil, red and black pen and finally stylus.

Err..... you still interested? :)

Izel Ang

Thanks leh. Next time tell me earlier. hahaha...

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