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Friday the 13

I hate friday the 13.

So has anything bad happen to you?
Or are you still waiting for something bad to happen?

i didnt realised that today was Blackfriday until i reached home.. haha.nothing bad happened except that i think i gained 1 kg from macdonalds~

Nothing happened.Except that i didn't receive any msg from the person i like...But that's partly my fault coz i once told him that i didn't like him:'(I MISS HIM!!!

then i suppose its friday 13th everyday for me.

YESSSS...i looked extremely FAT in the pics i took on fri, the 13th!!!!!!!!!!!! s0 freakin horrible caN....

ok..maybe i'm just FAT. =(

Ice Angel: McDonalds can't give you 1kg extra weight lah. The most 500gms only. No worries.

Evolna: Errr.... eeer....

Ping-Ping: Surely there is a day that is more Friday the 13 than the rest.

Glitz: Its your imagination lah.

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