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Haven't been arrested yet

Didn't go online yesterday night because I'm feeling abit sickish.

I haven't been arrested by ISD for bashing the P65 hip hop dancing nonsense. Although I feel that it might be a matter of time, especially after mrbrown quoted my posting in forum.

they are also NOT THAT young lor....
they think its so easy to connect with the youth meh?

youth blog, they also blog.
youth dance hiphop, they also dance hiphop.

come on lah.... u really want to connect with the youth, u just need to open ur ears and listen. don need come out so many pattern and act wannabes.... u'll onli make the youth move further from u onli...

If I don't blog for more than 3 days, please try to bail me.....

OMG! So that was u! Wa ha ha ha... I was wondering if that DK99 is or not. Hope u are free from trouble. LOL


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