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No longer my sub team

Got a query regarding some issue about my previous sub team.

Basically, there are 2 solutions to this problem. Method A is quick and easy but there is no way of tracing back the changes if required. Method B takes more time and effort to do but is tracable if required.

In the past, we would choose method B so that if there is an error or queries, we can still trace back the changes easily. So I told the user that we should use method B. As I'm no longer in my previous sub team, I forward the email to the new sub teamlead for him to take action.

But he came back to me and said that we should be using method A instead of B. Giving many reasons like method B is unpredictable etc etc. Hello, we've been doing method B in the past. There isn't any problem.

Been telling him that method A is near impossible to trace if there is an error or query, but he insist that it is possible.

After 5 minutes of discussion, I decided to take a step back. No point arguing when he doesn't seem to listen. If he decided to use method A, so be it.

After all, its no longer my sub team. If there is a mess, it will not be me clearing up. So why I bother so much? I've already advice you that method B would be better. Its up to you to decide which one to take.

Method A lor.... up to you. None of my business anyway.

Well at least you tried to advise him. So if anything goes wrong you could always say the

"I told you so"


No lah, I won't say "I told you so". But I'll be laughing behind with my colleagues. :P

I think that person is thinking that if he made an error, with Method A, it won't trace back to him ba. lol.

No lah. There isn't any chance for him to make any error. Maybe because method A is simple and faster ba.

i'm conservative. i'll prob use method B. in the long run, i don't have to backtrack so much if i run into problems.

leave him lor. afterall, he's the new lead! he chooses his methods and gotta take full responsibility for it.

Imp: yeap yeap, he is the new sub teamlead now. Up to him lor. :D

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