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Calvin Klein underwear

If you guys notice, I've been putting Calvin Klein underwear in my X-mas wishlist. But nobody gave me that for X-mas leh.

Anyway, I got 1 lately. My first branded underwear.


At first I thought these branded underwear are just good to see only. But I didn't expect it to be so comfortable. Can really feel the difference from my usual 3 underwear in a box.

Not only is it comfortable, it also sort of push my backside up. Suddenly I feel so sexy. As though everyone is looking at my butt. It also gave my tool good support.

Loved the new underwear. I think I'll buy more in the future. They are expensive, but worth the money.

But hor, their size is slightly different. Damn those bloody ang moh. I'm supposed to be 'L' size, but end up wearing your 'M' size. KNN.... *&#%$@

Got photos to show? hahahaha!

Oh my ... look at the size of that guys tool ...

*covers eyes*

Ok, now I know what to buy for the bf :P

DK, thanks for you LOL comment, I just updated it.

hahaha. now you'll never buy anything else by calvin kleins!

I always say, "its not the size of the tool that matters, its the skill of the owner of the tool that matters!!!"

But still, look at the size of the man in that ad!

Paddy: U mean u can't see the picture?

The imp: But CK underwear quite ex leh. Maybe I'll buy a few more pairs. Not rich enough to wear all CK underwear.

marina & iris: I haven't throw away the box. You want?

Dk, i can see the photo lah but I know is not you leh. Got original photo? haahhaha


Seems like all the comments are more interested in the ad on the box rather then... you dk... haha...

Hi dude, you are right about the quality and comfort of Calvin Klein Underwear. I import 100% genuine selling them below retail price in Singapore. If u r interested, pls check them out at You can also email me at for more information

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