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Govt pay hike - No laughing matter

There was an important debate in Parliament today. Actually, there wasn't actually a debate. The bill has to be pass down no matter what. It concern the progress of the nation. No arguement can block this bill from passing down. We are talking about the Government pay hike.

It is important that we pay our government well. If we don't pay them well, the country collapse and we will go from first world to third overnight. Our gals will become maids and guys will become construction workers. You wouldn't want that to happen, would you?

This is no laughing matter. It is a serious matter. Even the asiaone website is telling us that the government pay hike is no laughing matter.

This is the banner on the website in the afternoon.

Apparently, they changed the banner in the evening. This is the latest banner on the site.

See, I told you its no laughing matter. Don't laugh lah!

hahaha, seems like they're all over the place now trying to give the impression that it's all ok and they've got everything under control.

truth be told, they're actually losing it. us folks on the ground can feel it. they can't keep ignoring this and keep making decisions despite this.

now more and more common folks like us understand where the government is coming from. i mean, 'who is serving who' now?

are they the people's government or are we the government's cattle?

haha... it's still funny.

No laughing.

I think AsiaOne should keep the first one though - at least it shows how they really feel about the pay hike ;p

waaahhh! Liddat oso can! Change so fast. No laughing matter. I like that! hehe... haha.... hahahahahaha.....

Oei oei oei.... cannot laugh lah. Told you all no laughing matter liao.

muhahahaha! look at Ah Teo's face!

LOL I just had to laugh! This is way too funny!

Later ISD come arrest you all ah. Say cannot laugh, you all still laugh.

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