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The weather was weird today morning. Some part of Singapore was raining while other parts are having sunshine or just cloudy.
And the folks at the found a new use for the shoutbox. Weather reporting.

jayson_ang: it's raining over here in the north
claudia: raining in the west just now. now gone. waiting for rainbow to appear... tsk tsk
xizor2000: just dark over here in Collyer Quay... no rain.
nadnut: i sneezed. means its gonna rain at Thompson
paddytan: Anyone working in town or bugis area? Still raining?
woonder: tg pagar is clear
xizor2000: Collyer Quay big sun.
dk99: AMK cloudly
hhdkk: cloudy & windy, rain not expected within the next 2 hours at City Hall
xinyun: t.pagar gonna rain again >.<

Thanks leh. You all really bring the shoutbox to the next level.
Who needs the weather report when we got shoutbox?


it's like EDMW weather reporting =)

we should do it more often, at least it's better and much more accurate, compare to the weatherman =P

Xinyun: Yeap yeap. Should do more often. Haha.

Although Singapore is kinda small but the weather these days are freakish.

So better to make use of REALTIME information when out for meetings.

DK!!! you actually did a posting on this!
this is hilarious ...

brought to you by

I need a news anchor ...
DK, can you be my co-host?

hmmpz! u stole my idea!

Paddy: There is another real time weather report here leh.

Ok lah, delay around 15minutes lah.

Jayson: No need lah. Weather report one person can liao. :D

Claudia: Hmmm.... is it wise man think alike or fool seldom defer?

Yeah weather was wet and cold and dreary and just great for sleeping today. Unfortunately I can't with the many things on my plate plus high stress situations coming up next week. Great weather report on ping nonetheless....

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