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Getting ready for the next 2 weeks

It is going to be 2 very interesting week.

I wonder if I'll die without internet connection....

Have fun, mate. Mine's in Nov.

Lol, do come back buffed and tanned. ;)

lol... Very nicely done...

I thought you were brewing some herbs until I clicked on the picture and realized that those weren’t green leaves, it’s a military uniform. *smacks head*

Huh? Reservist cannot book out during weekends meh?

2 weeks only not so back lah. I always go 21 days! :)


Have fun! Just don't bring home any weapons and ammo! :D

dk in uniform??
*lick lips* Mmmm...

Sicarii: Nov? Wah... raining season. Good luck to you man.

Precious: Will you be disappointed if I don't? :P

ntt: Thx. I suddenly got the idea when I throw the uniform into the washing machine.

vesance: Herbs? Haha... Looks more like a pot of vege soup. :P

Paced: Can book out. But I look at the timetable already. Our saturday event packed all the way till late afternoon. Don't know which idiot plan 1. Think can only book out Saturday evening. Argh

Paddy: Aiya... your one relax relax one. Give me 30 days also no problem. :P (Run before ganna wack)

moby: Don't worry. I'm not a fan of SAR21. Might be a different story if they issue me a M16. :P

tstar & UFC: STOP DROOLING!!!!

Yeah, when those uniforms go back into the washing machine after DK's first week there, you can be sure that they'll be brewing some potent soup.

Oh yeah, I heard that if your ICT is at that new Jurong Camp, you probably would get a chance to use the Internet room. Trouble is, they say it's for business use only

pkchukiss: Good idea. You want me save some soup for you when I get back?

Yeap, heard that they got 20 PC. But please lor, 20 PC for a battalion of 600plus plus people?

You think got chance to smell the PC meh?

New jurong camp.. hmmm...

UFC: Why leh? :P

DK your ICT at ITI @ Jurong Camp II ah?

I just went there the other day... for "orientation". They say it's for officers... no?



Andre: Nope. The business centre is for every mother's son. :D

I see I see. 2009 gonna start my 1st cycle. :(


Andre: Still a long way to go.

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