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Bryan Adams - Back To You

Bryan Adams - Back To You

I've been down - I've been beat
I've been so tired - that I could not speak
I've bin so lost that - I could not see
I wanted things that were out of reach
Then I found you and you helped me through
And ya showed me what to do
That's why I'm comin' back to you...

Like a star that guides a ship across the ocean
That's how your love can take me home back to you
And if I wish upon that star - that someday I'll be where you are
I know that day is comin' soon - ya I'l comin' back to you

You've been alone but ya did not show it
You've been in pain when you did not know it
You let me do what I needed to - You were there when I needed you
Mighta let you down - mighta messed you around
But ya never changed your point of view
Thats why I'm comin' back to you

Got copyright or not? BAK2u? hahah

Paddy: I thought I told you to sign Bryan Adams as your spokeperson? :P

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