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I first got to know about Comiqs during popout. Michael Lim (Not Cheng hor) has a small booth where he showed me his latest project. Although it is still at beta, I was already very impressed with it.

Here a simple introduction that I did with Comiqs. Just for fun only.

Hahaha.... Interesting right? I took the cats picture from the library. You can upload your own pictures too. But I don't have good pictures to upload.

What are you waiting for? Quick sign up Comiqs and create your own comic now!! :)

Thanks DK for creating this comic strip! Look forward to more of your great creations man!

Yeah, I'm Michael Lim, the not-so-famous version of the several Michaels.. haha

wow. this is sooo coool

Michael: With Comiqs, I'm sure you'll overtake the other "Michaels". :D

Tian Hong: Yeap. Its a cool apps. Heard that more improvements coming up. Looking fwd to it. :)



No, haha... Doesn't matter which "Michael" is famous, as long as we're all happy with what we're doing. :-)

By the way, DK, you've gone international! some journalist in Poland blogged about Comiqs and used your comic strip!

Oh, welcome to Comiqs tianhong and themusicbox! :)

If you find any problems, please remember to email us. Still beta, so expect a few bugs, but we'll solve it as soon as we can!

Michael: No, it is YOU who went international. Congrats. :)

hahaha! yes -) Guy Kawasaki mentioned Mike, well done!

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