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There's something in the air

Yeap, In about 45 minutes time, Steve Jobs will tell us what is in the air.

Is it going to be a ultra portable Macbook to rival Eee PC?
Is it some new services on WIFI or even wireless USB?

Well, one thing for sure, Apple is good at keeping secrets. Everyone is excited about what is going to be announced later. Apple store is closed as usual. It will be back online when Steve Jobs finish his keynote and it will feature the new products. Will there be a Macbook air?

I'll stay up and watch the keynote.

Macrumors, Checked.
Engadget, Checked.
Gizmondo, Checked.
Mac Observer, Checked.
Theroycast, Checked

Did I miss any sites?

Enjoy ur night! I shall find out what's in the air later in the morning. Haheho!

Claudia: You should check out the shoutbox history. Very happening last night. :)

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