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Over multi-tasked

It's hard to be a employee, blogger, entrepreneur, suitor, son, brother and dreamer all at the same time.

I need more time! Can I buy a time machine on eBay?

See if you can get offer if buy 2. :)

Aint it fun when all these crash altogether?

Well not that easy being a sister, a daughter, a cousin, a blogger, a mummy (to other people's kids), a teammate, a subordinate, a girlfriend, a friend and most of all a bimbo.

But I guess all these gives us purpose in life. If we didn't have all these... who would we be?

If all else fails, buy Time Machine from Apple Online Store lor. *LOL* :p

Paddy: Got bulk discount ah?

Bobo: True true....

Shelly: I knew someone would say that. But I didn't expect it to come from you. :P

* whisper mode*

Pssst..... I've got one to sell. How much you offer?

Cobalt Paladin: I want to test it out before buying. :)

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