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Wrong Side

Took this photo while waiting for a friend. Actually it is quite a common sight. Every Aug, surely got some fellow who hang the flag wrongly.

I still don't understand how something so simple can cock up. Can't you guys just mentally visualise which side the flag is when you are hanging it?

The crescent moon and 5 stars are on the left side of the flag, meaning when you are hanging it, the crescent moon and 5 stars should be on your right side.

Simple mah.... okie, even if you hang wrongly, don't you bother to take a look at your flag when you walk pass your block? Aiyo... National day over liao lah, hope u take it down soon. Don't throw our face. Wait other country people laugh at us say we don't even know how to hang our own nation's flag. What a disgrace.

Next national day, remind me to do a special edition to teach people how to hang flag.

National education should include a module to teach singaporeans how to hang flag. After 40yr of flag hanging, still got people manage to do it wrongly. *Shake head*

that's why our flag should be symmetrical, preferably of simple designs like that of indonesia's.

If you can't climb the mountian, you don't change the mountian, you change the person.

The flag has been with us for so long liao, how to change? The only way is to teach the people to hang the flag the correct way.

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