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Xiao Qiang & Xiao Rou

I hate killing Xiao Qiang.

In case you don't know, Xiao Qiang is a cockroach. Stephen Chow started the trend by calling a cockroach "Xiao Qiang" in 1 of his movies and soon after, everyone start calling cockroach as Xiao Qiang.

Anyway, I hate to kill Xiao Qiang. Not that I'm scare of them. I ok with them so long as they don't crawl or fly towards me. But I don't like to kill them. Usually if they don't get in my way, I'll give them a "life road" and let them get out of my house. It is only when they get in my way will I take out that bottle of Bygone to kill them.

It's not that I'm trying to be a good person and let the Xiao Qiang live. It's that I don't like the idea of using Bygone. It's poison, and you want me to spray it all over the place? Does it have any side effect on humans? What if i spray on the wall, and someone's hand touch that area, then use their hands to touch their eyes or something? The thought of it is scary.....

Then the other reason why I hate to use bygone is that the Xiao Qiang will run like mad after spraying. Usually I'll know where it run to. But there will be sometimes when I'll lose track of it and don't know where the body go. And that is disgusting. Imagine a Xiao Qiang body rotting behind the sofa seat or something. GROSS.....

Was talking about Xiao Qiang to Iris. She was asking what if the cockroach is a female? Xiao Qiang means "Little Strong". A very suitable name for male, but not for female.

So, if the cockroach is a female, we should call it Xiao Rou ("Little Gentle").

If male cockroach = xiao qiang, female cockroach = xiao rou, then baby cockroach = xiao xiao??

Heh, this is funny...

Xiao Gay for those that are not sure what is what. Muhahahah

Xiao Rou! Haha.. I really like this name for a female cockroach!

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