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Friend in need

I seriously don't mind helping friends. But sometimes, I think it is abit too much that they ONLY come find me when they need my help. And when there is nothing, they just disappear without a word.

Is this still friends? Only find you when they need your help. They never call to meet up for a chat or coffee. Or simple SMS to ask how you doing lately? Why is it whenever I see your name on my phone, I knew there is something wrong with your PC?

Sometimes I wonder will you be there if I ever need your help..... I don't want to have a chance to find out.....

tokin about me? fyi, i m yr long lost childhood best fren (those qing mei zu ma kind)

Ya right... and you are posting from Aust.

I know you only when I started working leh. I didn't know my childhood started only when I started working. :P

Did you sms me lately telling me that ur pc spoilt? If you did, then it could be you lor. Haha.

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