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I've moved

I've moved to another other office.

Been pre-warned that we will be shifting office for at least a year. And it finally happened. It actually took them 1 year to plan the big move. Can't really blame them, they have hundred odd people to move and many dept to coordinate with.

I'm surprised that I managed to squeeze all my personal stuff into the small box provided.

The new office is huge. Very huge. Luckily for me, my table is rather close to the entrance. In fact, you would be able to see my seat from the door. And the interesting thing is, I can see most of the office while sitting at my seat. This way, I can know who is at his/her table and purposely ignoring my email. Haha.

Nobody can hide from me.

They said that its about 100m from 1 end of the office to the other end. I kid you not. Just look at the picture.

A very long corridor. If it is really 100m, then we can run up and down 24 times to train for our 2.4km run. Haha.

The only thing I don't like about my seat is that the walkway and meeting room behind me. A lot of people keep walking pass my table and making alot of noise. I guess I'll listen to my MP3 more.

Oh ya.... Did I mentioned that I need to travel 1hr and 15min to reach office now? Argh....

How come the cubicles are like so messy one??

heng ah...lucky i no need to go tis office

1 hr 15 mins? yawn... i been doing it for the past 2 yrs lor...

dk u in capital tower isit. the office furniture very firmiliar.

Pikachu: Nope. :P

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