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张震岳 - 原谅

Can't seem to find the lyrics for this song anywhere on the internet.
So I decided to type them out myself. Spend around 1/2 hr cause there are a few difficult words. Hope there is no error.

Somehow, this song is singing what I feel like saying.


张震岳 - 原谅

我满身的悲伤 慢慢地靠近到你的面前
是我放弃梦想 没有回答 热悉的脸庞

感觉到你绝望 最后的要求 答应我好吗
我低头不说话 还有没有我要的原谅

我不再错了又错 只求你真的接受

Hey, great link.

Thanks a lot.... whoever u r. :D

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