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Was having lunch with a few colleagues when a female colleague found some weird looking thing in her vegetable. She scoop it out and put on the table and ask me if it is a worm.

Took a close look at it, yes it is a worm. But how do I tell her? She already ate halfway. If I tell her it is a worm, would she freak out and spilt everything out? Would she dare to eat the remaining food?

I pause for a couple of sec before answering.

Me: Eeerr... don't think so.... Not sure what is it. But shouldn't be a worm.
She: *took another look* Is it hei bi? (mini dried prawn)
Me: Think so. -_-'''

Why must make me tell a lie? I don't like to tell lies, but sometimes, its better not knowing some things.

tell her it is a 'hei bi' that looks like a worm

geee... DK, please promise me to tell me nothing but the truth when you dine with me...

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