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张震岳 - 爱我别走

I think I'm reaching a point where whatever I say or do is not going to change anything. So should I keep trying or should I give up?

Is this a roller coaster ride or a train to my destination?
Why do I find myself asking the same question that I asked myself 8 months ago?

If this is a roller coaster ride, then I think my ticket should expire already.
If this is a train ride to my destination, then why are we still here.

And the choice is not with me.
Already lost count of the number of times that I'm stuck in such situtation.
Already lost count of the number of times I sing 爱我别走.

Why do I keep finding myself singing this song in life? Am I fated to sing this song forever?

张震岳 - 爱我别走

我不敢想的太多 因为我一个人

我没有你的消息 因为我在想你

如果你说 你不爱我

Things will be fine la.
You are still a young man... So life still filled with hope. :)
But most imptly u gotta talk to somebody... Else such unhappiness will just get into u and u'll fall into some depths of shithell.

Bery concerned friend cum lyric finder


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