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Actually, I already saw it coming.

All the tears has already been shed.
All the beers has already been drank.
All the sleepless night has already passed.

Its funny how calm I am at this moment. When the bomb was dropped, I didn't feel anything. Not because the feeling is not there anymore. The feeling is still there. Just that I already saw it coming few weeks ago. I guess I was mentally prepared for the worst.

But perhaps I was still hopping for some miracle to happen. Refusing to give up until the last moment. Well, at the last moment, I'm still faced with the fact that there is nothing I can do to change the outcome. I guess I have to face the reality.

Thanks for all the happy moments for the past 5 months.

At least there was 5 months of happiness. Some people were not even given the chance to love. Sigh.

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