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Meeting another ex

Met Shan for movie yesterday. She is my 4th Ex gf.

The movie was fine, but the popcorns is horrible.
We went to the Rooftop garden at Vivo city after the movie for a chat until the security came and chase us out as they are locking up the place.

We chatted about a lot of things. From funny people we met at workplace to new perspective about life. It was a nice chat. Took cab to my house where I took my dad's car and send her home.


She MSN me today to tell me about yesterday. Some part of the conversation still echo-ing in my mind.

tink compared to last time u now more charming

Thanks. I think its because of the $30 haircut. :D
Maybe I should keep my hair short. Got a lot of positive feedbacks.

i feel something's different about u
there's an aura, mixture of fake optimism and unhappiness
can't release much of the unhappiness
yet trying to be optimistic at the same time.

She read me well....

Well, things do change from time to time!

It's nice to see that both of you still hv a chance to go out and hv a nice chat :)

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