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Cannot comment on blogger beta?

Just wondering, am I the only person encountering this problem?

Sometimes, I cannot load the comment page from those blog under blogger beta.

Then when I managed to load the page, I cannot post the comment.
Got this error msg.

Could not log you in. Double check your password or try again later.

When I tried posting using Anonymous, it just reloads the comment page and the comment doesn't get posted.

Am I the only person encountering this problem? Or is there a bug with blogger beta?
I'm really going to delay my conversion to blogger beta.

To Cobalt Paladin, The Imp, Paddy, ZhenZhen and many more blogger beta users: I wanted to post comment on your blog 1, but I can't seem to be able to post comment for the past few days!!! :(


Hi DK,

I've switched to Beta account and I did not have problem posting comments in both beta and non-beta blogs. Maybe if you switched, you won't have problem posting comments in blogs too. I understand that you may be worried that others may not be able to comment on your blog if you switch to beta but from what I know, everyone will be forced to switch to beta soon.

If you can't comment in my blog, you can send an e-mail. :)

hey DK, switch to blogger beta. i believe you'll be able to comment then. i've switched to beta. i used to have a problem commenting on blogs that are NOT in beta. now's fine. if i encounter this problem, i'll just hit the refresh button and it should work.

Oops! Sorry for the double post. I received an error saying it didn't go through when I posted the first comment.


Maybe I should convert to Beta...

I was on beta from day one. It has been all right. I know that the codes (esp for loading photos) is being modified every now and then.

I am able to post comments. Just that sometimes it is very slow. I just come back after 1 hour, it's ok liao...

Keropok man: Actually, its ok ever since I converted to beta. haha.

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