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Job interview

After sending out tons and tons of resume, I finally get shortlisted for interview at one company. Finally..... for a moment, I was wondering if I'm really that bad that not even a single company wants me to go for a face to face interview.

Actually, I'm not exactly interested in the job position. But I still agreed to go for the job interview. Think I need to brush up my interview skill. Maybe I can take this as a practice so that I would be more confident when I go for the interview of the job that I'm interested in.

Oh well....

Oh ya... I just renewed my contract with my company for another year. In my own words, its "selling my soul to the company for another year". Guess this will be the last time I sign a contract with this company.

I don't know about you, but for me, I always approach every single interview like I'm desperate for it. Get all the companies to offer you the job and then you slowly consider which one should you go take it up. Get the ball into your court first. Hope that helps.

I view every interview as a practice for my dream job interview. I put in my best to practice, so that I can perform at my best when the right one come. :D

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