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Taking another day leave on Thursday to do my assignment. Still clearing my leftover leaves from last contract. Left with 1/2 day. Don't know when to clear.

Curse myself for taking a 1/2 day leave last Sept. Now I don't know when to take the remaining 1/2 day. I hate taking half day leave. You still need to travel to office and stay in office for half a day. And most of the time, you will not have the mood to work as you are going on leave shortly.

Oh well... Maybe take a half day on a Friday afternoon to go shopping.


Just got an Email from HR. There is a change in policy for contract staff like us. In the past, we only have annual leave. No family leave, childcare leave or study leave like the perm staff. But after recent company survey, they decide to allow contract staff to apply these leaves too. YIPPIE.

I'm going to apply study leave in May to study for my exams. :)

half day leave go shopping? alone? sian lah!

Quick, go find a gf.

You very shiok hor... I permanent staff in my company also nt entitled to study leave... sian...

how many days of study leave u have in a year?

hehe.. kepo :-)

Chio Chio De Aunty: How about I take 1/2 day leave go HK teahouse with you? :D

zhenzhen: Come my company lor. haha

Keropok: they say 1 subject can apply 2 days leave. I got 2 subject this semester. :D

On. When is that?

Errr... don't know yet leh. Either early May or late May. I'll be having my exam in Mid May. -_-'''

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