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Ping Geek Terminal

We are having our gathering at Geek Terminal now.

This place is ultra geeky. High speed WIFI. Powerpoint on the floor. Just plug in the adapter and you get power.

I love this place.
Can I stay here overnight? :D


How much lindens are they paying per 10 mins?

where exactly is this place?

This is Geek Terminal.
It is located at 55 Market Street. (beside Golden Shoe Carpark)

Where are the other photos? Didn't take ah? aiya... you!

I missed it. wailllll......

Uber cool place!

uzyn: Appearantly, none. :P

ZeeZee: 55 Market Street #01-01.

Anon: Shawn?

ccda: Go find KM.

miccheng: Yeap uber cool. Thx for the beer yest. :D

Great shot and reporting, DK.

By the way, I've seen these kind of lines and plugs in a shop in Ikea building. Was thinking of buying them for my next home/office/shop if I ever get it.

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