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tenCube BlogIn

I'm going to NUS later to attend a BlogIn event by tenCube. Exactly... what is a BlogIn? I know BlogOut, but BlogIn? Hhhhmmm....

Anyway, I heard that tenCube has a system than can remotely backup your handphone contacts and stuff. And even delete everything in case your handphone got stolen. Interesting. Will learn more about it later.

Lets home I don't lose my way in NUS.

It looks like an attempt to ride on blogging to showcase their commercial products? Looks similar to Paddy's

Have fun climbing the National University of Steps!

Belinda: Yes, they are indeed riding on blogs to showcase their products. Actually, I like those companies that makes use of the new media. That why I'm going to check them out.

It actually works quite differently from back2u.

tigerfish: Yes, I need some exercise. :D

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